Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Germany - Day 2...

This morning I noticed a CAT5 cable just hanging around on the floor of our exhibition stand. So, I plugged it into our laptop to see what it was, and after a little bit of tinkering... WOOT, a free broadband connection!

A colleague left his digital camera on the restaurant table last night, so I took the liberty of taking a photo down my trousers and returning it before he got back. He then discovered the picture this morning, while browsing through yesterdays photos. LOL

A steady flow of customers have been dropping by the stand, including our Japanese distributor, Kunitaka Fukatsu, who had bought me a traditional vessel of Saki and matching receptical; which was very nice of him.Shall I get him a bottle of Bells from the West Midlands Co-op to present tohim on his return visit? Hehehe!!!
Our Singapore distributor, Glenn Wong, dropped by too and asked for our latest brochure. He then informed me he will be reading it on the toilet, as he does not understand the German papers!

How bizzare. I've just been aproached by a work colleague who asked me to smell his hand, but after he refused to tell me why or where it had been, I politely declined his offer.

Good news. I've found a cafe just opposite our stand that sells 'Shnitzle' (pork escollope) in a crusty roll; a real fave of mine! Phwoar, that's me sorted for lunch every day.
The meal was good last good and I tried [vegetarians look away now] wild boar. Very much like pork, but with a bit more grunt!Get it? Grunt! Ahh.

Tonight, we are all off to a speaker manufacturers party at The Villa Leonhardi. Where?

Today, I'm most angry about: Work mates zooming into the afore mentioned picture and playing guess the body part with the other people sharing our stand!
Grrr-O-Meter: 1/10

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