Friday, 31 March 2006

Germany - Day 4...

The distributor bash was a good laugh last night, although unusually tame and I even got to bed before witching hour!
Halfway down the stairs, on my way out, I crossed one of the waitresses from the exhibition who was also working at the venue, so I gave her a friendly smile. She reciprocated with an equally friendly smile and said "Are you leaving already?" with a rather cute German accent and look in her eye. I replied with, "yes, bye bye" and carried on walking. I'm a master with the ladies!

Being at an international show opens a massive can of worms for typos and bad translations.
The best company found, so far, is 'Ningbo Seagull Wipe-less'! Do they sell self cleaning birds?
The best product description, taken from a badly translated Chinese company is, 'The top sound system, can make the compressed signal reach the most clearly and by absolute "silence". What? LOL

Tonight, we're all off to my fave restaurant, ever, ever, ever: The Steinernes Haus, in Braubachstr
[Click 'History' at the top for a picture]
It's not a fancy place at all, in fact it's a bustling eatery in a very traditional building, although extremely dingy and it smells like an abbatoir. I'm not selling it am I folks?
The restaurant serves huge chunks of raw beef, served on a very hot lava stone, allowing you to cut bits off yourself and cook them to your liking. Phwoar.
They also serve beer in 1-litre-difficult-to-lift-with-one-arm-jugs... Superb!

The 'Silver Fox' is returning home tonight, so will be sadly missed by all this evening.

Today, I'm most angry about: Being deffed out, this morning, by the previously mentioned waitress. :-)
Grrr-O-Meter: 1/10


Anonymous said...

Think you missed your chance there bro! You need to act quicker. Us girls are very fickle!!

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