Sunday, 19 March 2006

When Signs Go Wrong...

On yesterdays outing (see Saturdays blog) I came across a group of signs in Carding Mill Valley's Car park that I found rather amusing. Due to the unique illustrations, they could be seen in many different lights.

Sign 1:

A: Is this sign suggesting we have a problem with rabbits littering, and thus the sign has been put here for their benefit?

B: Is this sign suggesting that the local Leporidae population has developed a taste for junk food, so we should be extra vigilant about litter depositors, as so the bunnies do not get a cholesterol level problem?

C: Is this sign suggesting the Long Mynd has employed a group of mafia type rabbits, who will come and 'deal' with you if you are caught littering?

Sign 2:

A: Is this sign suggesting you clean up after you have slung-shot your ill tempered dog into some sheep?

B: Is this sign suggesting you rightfully clean up after your 'gliding' dog? (That's some bodacious air it's catching there!)

C: Is this sign saying, "do not stand in a very mincing way and show some sheep your handbag while your dog gets a aerial view of the lovely scene"?

Either way, the dog does not look best pleased:

Personally, I think the Canadians have got it right, as usual:

Today, I'm most angry about: Microsoft Windows Bugs
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10


Stu said...

I think #1 says that in Carding Mill Valley only the heads of the rabbits have any level of detail. And that you must apply dental floss to their brains.

I have no idea on #2. All of your suggestions sound reasonable.

Phil said...

HaHaHa, took me a minute to work out the head floss bit!

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