Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Car NOT for Sale...

This evening, after work, I popped round to my parents for tea, which was very nice. Sausage and mash… Phwaor!

During Home and Away (don't laugh; I happen to like it) I asked my mum if anything had been happening and she said no, just the usual stuff really, and was then interupted by my mobile going off with a message from Severn Trent about a date for my water meter fitting.
Anyhow, this call triggered a chuckle from my mum and she said it reminded her of a strange phone conversation she had yesterday with some random grumpy old man.

The conversation went like this:

Ring ring... ring ring... ring ring...
Mum: “Hello”
Man: “Hello, I'm calling about the Rover for sale”
Mum: “I'm sorry, I don't have a Rover for sale”
Man: “Yes you do, it's shown right here in the paper”
Mum: “???????”
Man: “Hello”
Mum: Erm, no sorry, I don't have a car for sale”

Man: “Well, why have you advertised one for sale then”
Mum: “I haven't advertised any car for sale, you must have the wrong number”
Man: Well this is 01562 *****0
Mum: No, this is 01562 *****3
Man: “Grunt” and hangs up! How rude?

Today, I'm most angry about: Having to wait over two hours for my car to be fixed, when it should have been one hour!
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 2/10


Sarah said...

I hope that wasn't at DTE garage!

DoGGa said...

OK, i'm prpbably gonna sound dumb here Sarah, but what is DTE?

Stu said...

It's the garage at Hoo Farm industrial estate which took approximate 8 weeks to fix Sarah's car when it should have taken about 4 hours tops.

And when I say "fix" I mean "fill the holes with newspaper and exhaust paste then underseal it hoping we won't notice".

DoGGa said...

Wow... That puts my recent garage experience into insignificance.
Sarah wins! LOL

boo said...

lol@{home & away}, thats cute. cute doggie pics, thanks for visiting :)

Duncan said...

philz, its when you have to go back to the garage more then three times to have the problems fixed ! could be a renault or ford :oP

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