Saturday, 1 April 2006

Germany - Day 5...

Last night's Steinernes Haus experience was superb and a very German, very eccentric waiter added to it.
When we arrived, it took a moment to adjust to the smell and then we where asked for the booking name which resulted in the waiter physically poking a colleague, before ushering us in the direction of the table. He then returned with huge beers, slamming one down in front of each of us and then telling us what we where all going to eat! Rudeness at its best... Excellent; can't wait to go back. :-)

Today is the last day of the show and fatigue is setting in.
This wasn't helped last night, as the person I'm sharing a room with, effortlessly hit a sound pressure level of a 110dB with his snoring at 2:30am. I couldn't get him stop and he became more and more resiliant to my waking-him-up techniques, which resulted in me being awake for a good while, before I nodded back off in one of the very rare 5 minute windows of silence.
He then awoke this morning and told me he slept very well last night.Grrr. I just scratched a bit and plodded off to the shower, looking like a bloodhound.

The exhibition is full of 'tyre-kickers' today, as it's the weekend, so the place is crawling with leather clad spotty teenagers.

Eeewwwe! A colleague has just informed me that he has just been for his 4th pooh of the day, and when he glanced at the toilet paper, he thought he spotted blood, but on closer inspection realised it was a bit of raddish from the salad he ate yesterday. Niiiiice!

We are all flying back tonight on a late flight (Lufthansa - Boeing 737-300).

Today, I'm most angry about: Somehow loosing or being pick pocketed, a 50 euro note (£30)!
Grrr-O-Meter: 3/10


Sis said...

You have my heartfelt sympathy with last nights snoring! Think yourself lucky because what comes out the other end is worse, and more frequent, than the snoring!!

Anonymous said...

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