Sunday, 16 April 2006

Hoppy Easter Everyone...

Now this made me cry with laughter... once it clicked! Genius...

Bonus Blog:
I've just done my Easter bunny duties by driving to Bewdley (Sister #1) and Stourport (Sister #2) to hand out choccy eggs to my Nieces and Nephews. It all went smoothly, until naughty children ATTACKED.

I bought my youngest Niece one of those Lindahl bunnies, just like the ones pictured above, and only being 3 years old*, she thought the gold foil wrapped bunster, complete with little bell tied around its neck was great. And so did I come to think of it!

Not being able to enter my sister number 2's house, due to me being highly allergic to cats and her owning the largest Persian moggy on earth, means we have to converse on the doorstep.
So, while this was happening, the kids had gone suspiciously quiet. We then both jumped when my bro in law Tim gave out one of those short and sharp Dad shouts, as he had spotted the kids hiding behind the sofa cramming the afore mentioned Lindahl's bunnies ears into their mouths with no permission and it was dangerously close to their dinner time.
(The now maimed bunster looked identical to the one on the right above, strangly enough!) LOL

This resulted in a burst of excruciatingly loud crying and two children approaching my sister up the hallway looking to console themselves in Mum with chocolate smeared all around their faces, although it rapidly being diluted by the streaming tears and snot. At this point, and understandingly so, the cat shot out of the front door to get out of the way, so my sister had to rapidly retrieve the monsterous feline from next doors bush, before attending to the kids and the whole situation turned into one of those 'now I remember why I choose to live by myself' moments.

My, now laughing, sister picked up the youngest and said to me, "Sigh... This wasn't how I pictured family life!"
I laughed a lot, and some more, and then a little more at my sis's misfortune and told her that's my reason number 36 why not to have children. (That sounds like a Morrisons slogan)

[* The child, not the egg]

Today, I'm most angry about: Rubbish and inconsiderate drivers. (There's a such big ranting Blog entry regarding this heading your way folks. I can't contain it for much longer! Grrr)

Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 4/10


Sis said...

hilarious! lol!

boo said...

too funny, happy easter :)

oldest neice said...

thats sooo funny im laughing out loud!! they might be cute but they can be little monsters!! c ya sooon

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