Monday, 17 April 2006

New Notices and New Neighbours...

Not having any plans for this bank holiday Monday, I decided to go into work for the day and catch up. (I wonder if anyone's auctioning a life on eBay? Mmm).

Sad as it sounds, going into work on a bank holiday is actually quite good, due to there being no one around to interrupt me, ask silly questions or continually pass technical support calls on to me. It also means I can play ambient MP3's really loud, but this practice always leads me into having the $*?% scared out of me, as someone inevitably comes into work for one reason or another without me knowing. They will see my car is there and come into my office to say hi, but having no idea they are there and facing away from the door, it makes me jump real bad, so I made this sign:

It actually worked too! Two people came into work, and on both occasions they knocked before poking their head round the door to say "Hi". Excellent; I wasn't made to jump and wasn't forced to physically bite anyone either.

(The sign above it is something our Sales guy bought me. I still don't know why, but it looks rather fetching, in a corner shop kind of way)

A couple of weeks ago I had new neighbours move in and I haven't seen or met them yet, but when I got home tonight, there was a guy out on the drive, so I told him to get the hell off my land! LOL, kidding, he was on his drive, so I introduced myself and he seems a very pleasant chap. After the usual politesse, he told me they have a young Cocker Spaniel dog called Meg and right on cue, she shot out of their side gate to see who I was, so some serious fussing was dealt out, while he was trying to tell the dog to get off my drive. I had the upper hand! ;-)

Today, I'm most angry about: Inconsiderate drivers, again. The traffic was a little busy on the way home from work because of Safari Park traffic and a cheeky bint pulled out about five cars back and pulled back in right in front of me before I could close the gap. Grrr... (It's coming people)

Grrr-O-Meter rating: 5/10


Stu said...

Ooh... I'd TOTALLY forgotten about Bank-Holiday Safari Park traffic. It's so nice to have moved :)

DoGGa said...

Yeah I bet. I don't normally go past the Safari Park either, but I wanted to get a sarnie for tomorrow, so thought a short cut was in order.
Cut yes, short, no! ;-)

boo said...

cool sign :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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