Monday, 10 April 2006

Two by Two...

Straight after work, I went to do my weekly Sainsburys shop in Kidderminster.
This is normally done on the weekend at a quiet time, as I despise busy supermarkets, but I was otherwise detained, shall we say! Making life taste better. See what I did there? ;-)

It was rather busy and the only trolley I could find, was one of those massive ones parents use to shop for a family of five and fill it full of oversized boxes of Persil and broccoli florets (normal size broccoli that is, duh).
There were all the usual supermarket delights going on that I love so dearly, so here's my top 5:

In 5th place:
Screaming child that parent can't do anything with, even after several attempts at bribing with the promise of sweets and then failing that, threats of being put back in the trolley if they don't behave. All of which has zero effect.

In 4th place:
Smelly person, who seems to keep walking past, leaving you to endure their rancid wake on every pass. (Like someone’s fridge I know too!)

In 3rd place:
Hearing a description of your car being announced over the Tannoy. (See March 13th Blog entry)

In 2nd place:
Person who stops to look at something right in the middle of an aisle, blatantly disregarding any knowledge they are blocking the path of everyone with their trolley. This results in them being asked to move several times, in which they do, but only by about an inch, making no difference whatsoever. Grrr

In 1st Place:
Checkout attendant who will say absolutely anything to make idle chit chat, including commenting on what you've bought. Tonight I had, "Ooh, that looks really nice!" It's a jar of coffee for chuff's sake.

Anyhow, while stood in the queue tonight, I noticed something interesting.
Now I normally hate standing in a checkout queue, really hate it, a lot, but tonight the middle aged couple in front of me had one of those massive trolleys full of duplicate items.
They literally had two of EVERYTHING! You name it, butter, bleach, toilet roll, milk, newspapers, tea, bread, sausages, the lot, everything duplicated. Now this I thought was bizarre. I can understand buying stuff for stocking up, or maybe doing an elderly persons shopping at the same time, but they had two of absolutely everything, from fresh produce to tinned veg!
Odd, very odd, but it kept me sane for the ten minutes of queuing hell I normally go through.

Today, I'm most angry about: Forgetting to bid on a mint condition retro handheld electronic game (Grandstand BMX Flyer) on eBay that ended half an hour ago! Whoops.
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 2/10


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