Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Centre Parcs...

I have returned from my long weekend break to Centre Parcs, in Longleat, bruised and absolutely shattered, but an outright cracking time was had.

The 9 of us (10 in my last entry, I know... I made an ickle mistake) got on really well and made great company.
Many laughs were had, lots of activities where taken part in [some extra curricular] and we all ate out every night, swilling plenty of yeast 'n' malt brew and fermented grape juice, adding to the merriment.

The Pool:
This has to be one of the best parts of Centre Parcs, as there is so much to do in the pool, from relaxing in the outdoor hot tub [;->] and playing in the wave machine, to throwing yourself down slides at break neck speeds and going down a large rapids flume outside. Also, daring one another to go into a cold plunge pool they have. (Mart never went in...wuss.. Rightly named and publicly shamed now though! See him below] :)
So much fun was had, although mainly because we were all acting like big kids and racing one another down slides etc in the usual lads 'n' laddettes type of way.

We purchased a waterproof 35mm camera and got some good shots.
Here’s most of the crew about to enter the rapids:

From left to right: 'Mart', Duncs, Dogga, Kees, Nephew, The Silver Fox, Niece.
(Missing Andy, who's taking the photo, and my sis, whose back was too bad to partake)

Dogga underwater

Dogga, Kees, Silver Fox and Duncs baring the cold plunge pool for a photo. [See the sign in the background] You would not belive how quickly we exited after the picture was taken! :-)

Two of us decided to use The Silver Fox as a human body board, by piling on top of him down the large rapid slide, riding him (for want of a better expression) to the bottom! He was not best pleased, but didn't really have much of a choice in the matter. :-)

Revenge was had though, when three of us decided to race down the afore mentioned water slope (head first), but, unknowingly to me, they let me start slightly early so they could grab my trunks and pull them down, leaving me to helplessly slide down the open air shute with my bottom on show to all, much to the amusement of the rest of the party and many other onlookers. :-O Luckily, I'm not of a shy disposition and it wouldn't be the first time my bare bum was bared to all! Inevitability, it will not be the last either!

10-Pin Bowling:
We all decided to book a couple of lanes and have an hours worth of cocktail-fuelled 10-pin bowling. Ahhh, we got through several pitchers of Pina Colada, Tequila Sunrise and some other concoctions, which could only of kept the bowling ball going in a straight line… But did it? Waaaay

10-pin Bowling Tequila Sunrise Fuel

Andy going for a serious attempt at a strike...

My Niece using laser guidance

Regardless of the alcohol, I won, although there's no proof, as the scores are not kept or printed, but I got 115, wiping the floor with all the other scores, honest! Shhh… TeeHee…

Jump Zone:
Not really sure for the true name for this, but it's something I did for the first time last year, so I knew what to expect and what to do, but there where four others who had a go too, who had no idea just how disorientating and tiring it is.
It costs £5 for 3 minutes, which seems a short time, but beleive me, you couldn’t go on for longer, as it really is excruciatingly exhausting.

I managed to do the maximum 3 forward rolls in one jump, which requires some serious height and makes you feel like your going to pass out after completing. LOL


Kees and my Nephew were playing in the sand, building and burying stuff, although I have no idea what this contruction was about! ;-) However, I found it made a rather conveinient beer can holder while taking the photo...

Dogga, not being able to control himself, and giving in to having a go on the kids zip line! [See my Niece looking a tad impatient, as I take three goes in a row... Oops]

Duncs giving my Nephew a piggyback, who thought it was most entertaining to moon the rest of the party without the knowledge of the transporter! How rude; He doesn't get that from my side of the family... Honest! You'd never catch me performing in such a way in public.

Hahaha, that reminds me! My Neice was after something to read at the other challete, but the only magazine around was New Scientist. We all commented on how boring it was*, as it has no problem pages, so my Niece added, "Yeah, true, but it would be a bit boring anyhow, as it would just say someting like: Dear New Scientist, I can't get my experiment to explode, please help!" LOL, very quick! Not quite the juicy goss you would normally expect.

Safari Park:
On the last day, we left early to visit Longleats’ Safari park.
I love all the animals and always really want to get out and fuss them all, much to the bemusement of my sister, but I reckon I really would be severely savaged if I tried to do so. :-(

We had two carloads going round, and I caught a naughty monkey ripping off the window seal on the Silver Fox's car, much to Kees's surprise, if you look closey at the passenger seat!


[Many photo's had to left out of this Blog entry, but it had to be severly edited to keep it's size resonable]

[* I actually like New Scientist]

Today, I'm most angry about: Waking up at 5am this morning [as normal recently] and my mind going off on one, thinking about stuff, not allowing me to get back to sleep. Grrr
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10


Kayla said...

What fun!
I love a wave pool..cute shot of you underwater ;)
Looks like the Tequila Sunrise was flowing well..that pitcher is making me drool! I'm curious as to how well (or how poorly) you bowled under the influence. hehe
Way to go doing 3 forward rolls on that treacherous looking machine!
Scary..I'd likely lose my dinner :-( What a lovely trip you all enjoyed!
Invite me next time? ;)

Anonymous said...

centre parcs was ace!! and the safari park!! i want to go back!!

Phil said...

Dogga * Blush * at underwater comment!

Cocktails and 10-pin bowling makes for an interesting game, yes! :-)

Yup, a brill time was had, and yeah, you're quite welcome to join us next time and there was a spare bed going!

Phil said...

Me too Niece! :-)

Jeangenie said...

5am's a rubbish time to wake. I've come to know it well recently.

They've got a couple of those bouncy contraptions in Stratford - (un?)fortunately they've been busy when I've been past. :)

Phil said...

Oh no! Perhaps you have too much on your mind too?

You should give the bouncy thing a go and Blog it! Hehehe