Wednesday, 3 May 2006


Yesterday morning, I went for my annual routine dental check up.
Normally, this involves taking an hour or so off work, preferably in the morning, then having my dentist poke in my mouth for 30 seconds, fleece me £15 for the privilege and send me on my way while muttering something about me booking an appointment for a years time.

Now I'm quite used to this yearly visit and have fairly good teeth and rarely need any work, however, yesterday's session revealed some new decay in a bottom right molar. Grrr...
Mr Dentist asked if I would like a filling done today, so I agreed, but only if he could do it there and then, due to work. He said yes, and delighted in telling me he was going to put my mouth to sleep for 3 hours and accompanied the jovial statement with a little chuckle (like Dr Hibbert off the Simpson's).

Now visiting regularly and having much orthodontist work done when I was younger, I'm not particularly nervous about dentists or the idea of a filling, but I really did not expect it, especially having it done there and then and expecting to be out of there in 30 seconds.
He stuck the injection in and prodded about a bit and thoughtfully decided I actually need two fillings, so might as well do them both at the same time! Superb, why not, in fact lets have a party in Dogga's mouth eh! Pfff...
Here's where they went:
He gave me the option of having a colour matched white filling or the usual metal filling, so I told him I wasn't bothered and being as he's the only person who ever looks in there, it's up to him. :->

He installed the usual metal ones and informed me they are more reliable and last longer than the white ones!

He had a rather nifty new system with a camera, complete with 19" LCD monitor, so you could see your teeth up close 'n personal and he showed me the decay on the screen, took a screen capture and commenced work with his assistant poking all sorts of gadgetry into my chops.

After drilling the two teeth, he thought I might be interested in seeing his handy work, although he was sadly mistaken, but as I showed initial interest in the new technology, I didn't really get a choice. Not really wanting to see my two freshly drilled out teeth, he was more than enthusiastic to get the camera stuck right in there and took another screen capture for me. Cool; maybe I could download it as Windows wallpaper! Grrr

He then did the fillings, leaving the before-and-after-drilling screen shots up, which was nice. [Lie]

Anyhow, all was fine, but it did take me until lunchtime before my bottom lip felt like normal size again! (Why does anaesthetic always affect your lips like that I wonder?)

Today, I'm most angry about: My car deciding to throw yet another spaz right in the middle of me manoeuvring onto my drive. It stuck in neutral and refused to budge no matter what I did, kind of Herbie style! Grrr... Is my car trying to humiliate me?

I had two cars squeeeeeeeeeeeeeze past and one not wanting to try it, so they had to wait a few minutes before I could reset the car and get it all working again, but with large warning lights in the form of cogs with an exclamation mark in the middle flashing at me; whatever that means?
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10


Kayla said...

I'd love to have your freshly drilled out teeth as my wallpaper! {Not} hehehe
You tickle me with your writings... I always get a good chuckle or two. :)
Thanks for wishing my friend a Happy Birthday!

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Whatever it is, it sounds expensive! She says, still reeling from a huge bill for a new gearbox.

Anonymous said...

Those lights are all to remind you that the masking tape you stuck over them has fallen off.

b o o said...

ditcha haf a drink & drippedth all over yourshulf *slurp*

Dakota said...

Only £ 15? I went to the dentist recently and returned home with a bill for € 57 :( Maybe I should consider going to the dentist in England, after all it is only a 50 minute flight :)

Phil said...

Ahhh, thank you! It's nice to hear your liking my Blog... I do try! ;->
P.S. I could ask my dentist for the screen captures, should you so desire? TeeHee

Luckily, the car still has a year of guarantee left, so V lucky me thinks!

Of course, well spotted, I'll get the tape out of the shed! LOL

Ayeeee x

Yeah, you’re quite welcome, but British dentist are as rare as rocking horse pooh at the moment. 50 minute flight = 50 month waiting list! :->
€57 phew... That wasn't just for a check-up? Was it? Please say no!

Duncan said...

phil, i pay £57 for a filling and £45 for them to poke around doing check ups :oP not lucky enough to have nhs dentist doh !

glad its not just me that gets problems with cars too, what is it with them ppppffff!

Phil said...

Ouch Dunx!
Yeah, what is it with cars? It died again today at a roundabout. Hazard warnings on for a bit etc... Grrr

Dakota said...

They will do a regular check-up for € 19 but it is very rare that you only get a bill for that amount. They always find something to add. If the dentist is being very thorough, they add € 12 just for an extra poke around, another € 12 for cleaning and € 14 for an X-ray :(

Anonymous said...

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