Thursday, 11 May 2006


While sorting through some other Centre Parcs photos, I came across this one from Saturday mornings' canoeing session and thought it an ideal opportunity for my first Half-Nekkid Thursday entry!

Today, I'm most angry about: This Blogspot editing software that continually plays up in the form of not letting you upload pictures, making the text disappear while editing until preview is pressed and always asking you log in, regardless if you've done this like ten times already! Grrr

Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 5/10


Kayla said...

Lovely photo...
Now to take off that lifejacket ;)

Phil said...

WoooHooo indeed!
This sounds like a challenge for next Thursday! Watch this space... ;-)

Stu said...

Haha! Great to see you joining HNT. I haven't dared yet.

Happy HNT, DoGGa!

Although I have to say, Boo's was slightly more... um... interesting :)

Phil said...

Thanks Stu!

It had to be done and Boo inspired me too. Although, as you say, Boo's is a tad more interesting.
I wonder why that is? LOL

Dakota said...

Oh....Wow!! Sexy legs :)

Phil said...

Cor... Between you, Dakota, and Kayla, I'm getting rather hot & bothered over her in little Kidderminster... Phew... ;)

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