Monday, 15 May 2006

How Did I End Up Here..?

Now, I must profess; occasionally I tend to go into times of spontaneous randomness or I go into sporadic dream-like states, whereby my consciousness seems to temporarily shut off and gives complete control over to my subconscious or some other random part of my brain that reckons it can handle the running of a human beings' body for a little while. [This isn't an illness, it's just part of being me ;-)]

This frequently happens when I'm driving, but not in a dangerous way; I just simply diverge from the planned route and end up heading in a completely different direction, meaning I have to make a U-turn ASAP once I realise.
Now if I'm with passengers, this never fails to stupefy them and many of my friends will vouch that I will just drive in a straight line* until told otherwise, once I've gone into one of my 'Dogga moments'.
What normally happens is: After going over a junction or roundabout, I pick up on the sudden cease in conversation accompanied by a slow turning passenger head in my direction, complete with confused frown, as if to say, "where on Earth are you going..?"

Anyway, on the weekend, I believe I excelled myself when picking up booze from Sainsburys for the weekend.

I was meandering around with a small trolley, trying not to run over the 'heavy petting' couples whose concentration was more on their tongues than their feet, and I thought OK, I have everything now, but I should get a bottle of white wine, for stock at least, but that's now down the other end of the supermarket.

So, I turn around and head off in the wine direction, but a 'Dogga moment' must have kicked in along the way, as the next thing I know, what I can see is this:
Yup... I'm stood, along with a few other shoppers, right in the middle of the pet food aisle, with dog food to my right and cat food to my left... OoooooooooooooooooooohK... How did I get here?

THEN, I realise I'm squeezing these, as if feeling for their freshness or something: WTF! I let go of the dog chews and I feel completely disorientated, as I genuinely have no idea how I got here and have never been in the pet food section in my life, as I don't, and never have owned a pet, other than a hamster etc when I was younger!

I felt most peculiar, like a small child would who has found themselves at the top of the stairs after sleepwalking for the first time; feeling like they'd been magically transported there.
Now I know there's a known phenomenon, with broody women, who will do a similar thing with baby goods; but is it really possible for me to be broody for a dog?

I would love a dogga and always have done since childhood, and I pine for one now more than ever. I'm a real dog lover (as you may of guessed), but due to my work and gadabout life style, it wouldn't be fair on the canine to be left alone for long periods of time.

It's rather concerning though, because what am I capable of when I go into one of 'my moments'?

Any suggestions people..?

[* Not literally, I would crash. I will just keep going until an unfamiliar T junction or similar shakes me out if it]

Photos courtesy of always-keeping-my-digital-camera-in-my-pocket-for-such-an-occasion.

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Going through all of my CDs, trying to find a couple of missing discs that may be hiding in the wrong cases, but then, after half an hour, spot the missing blighters sat in a neat pile, out of their cases, waiting to be rehoused, on a shelf! Grrr
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 1/10


Kayla said...

It's the animal in you crying out..wanting to be heard!
Or not... :p
You really must want a dog. Maybe a small one that could travel with you on occasion?

Max said...

Maybe you should tie one of those flashing lights they have on police or ambulances to you head to warn people of potential pet food related dangers?

Stu said...

Heh... every time we used to pass the Dog's Trust place in Evesham, Sarah used to have to shout "NO! You can't have one!"

Otherwise I'm _sure_ I would have, you know... just stopped in for a look.

But yeah... I know our lifestyle wouldn't suit a dog, so none for us. I have to make do with donating to the trust for now.

boo said...

its not nice to squeeze things in public, even in doggism moments.

Dakota said...

How about a Sony AIBO? Okay, it isn’t the real thing, but it is a dog…..ehmm sort of ;)

I have the tendency to go into a dream-like state too. Occasionally it happens when I am in the company of a lot of people, at a party or an occasion like that. Somebody says something, or I hear a certain song, smell a certain smell and I am off. When I return to the “real world”, I can’t remember what was said or what had happen. I never found myself squeezing dog chews (or anything else for that matter ;)) though.

I am not sure if there is a solution for this. Stay focussed all the time?!
Hmmm… I don’t think that will work, it sounds more like an impossible task!

DoGGa said...

Hehe, yeah maybe there's a side of me that craves dog chews! Ooh, scary!
Ah, a small pocket dog, yes.

LOL! Top idea... Like it! :-)

Yeah, I know you have a dog thing too. And of course you would of 'just looked' ;-)
I too donate to the dogs trust by direct debit every month.
I sponsor a dog called Cindy!

Depends what it is your squeezing I suppose. Although, dog chews; that's a grey area! :-)

Phwoar... A Sony AIBO, yeah, yeah, yeah. If they didn't cost about £2000, I would have one for sure.
The AIBO will now recognise your face and even write it's own Blog using a WiFi link.
You can also remotely control it, across the net, and have it walk around your house using its built in cam! Way cool!
I'm gonna should check eBay for a second-hand one!
LOL @ you going into similar 'Dakota Moments' too. ;-)


Kayla said...

Good morning Dogga :)
Love your photo courtesy!
"Photos courtesy of always-keeping-my-digital-camera-in-my-pocket-for-such-an-occasion."

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