Friday, 19 May 2006

Peroxide and Parking...

This morning I went to have my hair 'styled' and dyed / highlighted / lowlighted or whatever they call it!
Now, I have never done this before and usually go for a short back and sides at a local barbers - cheap and cheerful.
However, recently I thought I would pay a few quid more and go to a professional stylist at Umberto Giannini's in Kidderminster.

On my last visit, my stylist Gemma, said I may want to consider some highlight thingy's, so I thought hey, why not, you only live once!

Here's the result! They are subtle, as I told her I didn't want to look like a bleach-haired chav, but you can just see the mousey coloured highlights on top! Rubbish photo really though, but they are very much there - honest, and I have taken plenty a ribbing from fellow employees at work today! "But Am I Boverd?"

Anyhow, from having my hair Peroximafied, I went straight to circuit training and COMPLETELY FORGOT to get another parking ticket, resulting in mine running over by an hour and this excess charge ticket being under my drivers-side windscreen wiper when I returned to my car. Grrr

I know I'm in the wrong, but it does annoy the crap out of me to think how much I have stuffed into those machines over the years and how many times I have over paid because of not having the right amount of change etc. Grrr
I now have to write a cheque for the grand sum of £30, because of my mistake... Whoopee!

Today, I'm Most Angry About: All the times I have over paid for a parking ticket or bought a parking ticket, even though I'm only popping into a shop or something, because I'm honest like that, and then getting fined for when I genuinely forget. Grrr
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 7/10


Kayla said...

You look fantastic Dogga!
Love the style and what I can see of the highlights ;)
Well worth the $$ to go to Umberto's.
What does "Am I Bowered" mean?
Obviously not up to date on my British expressions :)

I'll join you in the Grrr over the parking ticket! Up the Grrr o'meter a few more notches!

Have a beautiful weekend

bluepaul said...

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DoGGa said...

Ahh, Thank you Kayla! Your too kind!

"Am I Boverd" comes from a Sketch show over here, where a stereotypical schoolgirl with attitude says "Am I Bothered" (pronounced 'bovered') to just about anything anyone has to say to here. Very funny, but you have to watch it. The sketch is from 'The Catherine Tate Show'

Have a good weekend yourself and watch you parking time!

Grrr-O-Meter officially knocked up a notch! ;-)

Sis said...

I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking of your parking ticket!! So unfair!!

Having seen your hair in 'real life' I can confirm that it looks 'ab fab!!'.

Stu said...

Phwoar - what a dish! :)

DoGGa said...


Get yer coat... You've pulled! LOL

Dakota said...

Wow! I love the new hair style, you look yummy. Absolutely fab :)

Duncan said...

phil, how many times did i see you at work on friday? didn't even notice! i'm starting to worry, am i blind ???? :oD

does look hip and trendy though. i love the results a hair stylist can get after they toss your hair about with some salad tongues and then chuck some bleach on it.

JG said...

*goes to chill with yesterday's picture*

DoGGa said...

Thanks! *blush*

That's because you didn't see me in the afternoon, else I would have shown ya! LOL


Kayla said...

Good morning Dogga!
I am working long hours this weekend :-(
Am I bovered?

Lori said...

Hello Dogga,
I am visiting from via Kaylas blog.
Nice highlights.

DoGGa said...

Hi Lori and thank you!
Nice to meet you and feel free to drop by anytime...