Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Resourceful Wrapping...

This evening, accompanying many other tasks and chores, I wrapped a present for my Niece's 13th birthday tomorrow. Yay...
[Let the irrational mood swings commence]

Now being male* and having no female around the house, I assumed I had enough wrapping paper in stock; even after my sister had offered me some, and I just passed the offer off saying, "yeah, I've got plenty in Sis."

I also did the male thing of leaving it until 10pm this evening to wrap it.

OK, so put all of this together and add a few beers... What do you get?

This, is what you get...

Now don't laugh! It was this or Merry Christmas paper, so I though I would justify my creation with it being environmentally conscious, as it uses up the two non specific wrapping paper bits I had left over, that other wise would of gone in the bin.

I'm rather proud of this, and my Sis #2 went halves with me on the present, and trusted me to wrap it, so I feel some sisterly love is headng my way, especially as both papers are silver, it's perfectly wrapped and I only messed up writing the gift tag twice; luckily getting it correct on the third and final gift tag.

[* Although not according to Kayla's Blog's Brain test]

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Sellotape! Grrr! Dagnammit Sellotape! Grrr! Sellotape and it's magic disappearing end! Grrr! Sellotape and its 'stick to your arm hair' magnetism! Grrr! Sellotape and its refusal to be broken unless human teeth are involved! Grrr! Sellotape... I love you...

Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 1/10


b o o said...

love u too. sellotape can be very fun *wink*

p/s your resourceful wrapping looks very "industrial"

Kayla said...

What's going on here??
Looks like a girl wrapped that present ;)
Only teasing you Dogga..I actually appreciate your resourcefulness.
{WoW! that is one long word}

Enjoy the birthday bash :p
Eat cake for me too!

Anonymous said...

Very original! Shows imagination!

Anonymous said...
Men are *good* at wrapping gifts ...

Stu said...

No Gaffer-tape? :)

Dakota said...

Very creative wrapping :)

Phil said...

Hehehe... I've never thought of using Sellotape like that, but I'm willing to be shown!

I'm sure there will be cake, so will do! I'm glad you’re on my kinda thinking with the wrapping!

You misse off 'could try harder'.

Hahaha! You win! Now that's funny and thanks for sharing. LOL

AH, yes, I had some in the shed too. I also could of used some masking tape and attached the tag with white electricians tape. Darn! ;-)

Glad you think so too! :)