Friday, 5 May 2006

Weekend Break...

This morning (very much not with Richard and Judy) I'm off for a long weekend break to Centre Parcs in Longleat:
I've been to them all many times before (including the Oasis one), all of which are great, but Longleat is the best one, in my humble opinion.

There are several family members and friends going, totalling 10!
It should be a bit of an action type break with many activities, much eating and boozing, and a few laughs thrown in for good measure!

I'm now off to sit on my suitcase in a vein attempt to get it closed. For some reason, I've got loads of stuff with me, somehow... And I'm not even female! [Kidding] (That statement should get me into trouble) LOL

Today, I'm most angry about: It taking me 3 attempts to make a cup of coffee this morning... DOH... poor that one away... Grrr... Oh, for a naughty words sake... poor that one away... Grrr... Woot, I got one at last! Yay
All of this is can be blamed on one single powerful force of nature I often frequent with: 'Muppetry'
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 1/10


Dakota said...

Have a great weekend break :)

Aoj said...

What a gadabout you are! Have fun!

boo said...

have fun but why do u need a suitcase just for a weekend?

i don't like biscuits but i love tea, is that better?

JG said...

Have a lovely time - but what on earth can have been so wrong with the coffee that it had to be poured away? No coffee? No water? Nobody adds sugar if they don't take it. Or did you forget to boil the kettle?

Kayla said...

Not a coffee person at all, so it's just fine with me that you tossed it! :)
Hope the weekend was grand.

DoGGa said...

Cheers! A great weekend break was had.

TeeHee. Thank you!

Thaaank Yooou...
Ah, a suitcase! Because of doing many activities from swimming, to walking, to badminton, to eating out of an evening, you have to cover all of the clothing needs. Shirts to walking boots, rucksack etc, so it's worth using a small suitcase for the four days.

Yeah, tea is cool... Or hot... normally hot... ahhh, you get what I mean! ;-> x

Ta muchly.
Coffee, OK! First I made a decaf by accident, simply by picking the wrong jar, when I wanted 'full fat' [caffeine].
Then, I decided to use one of those in cup ground coffee sachets and got dropped it in the cup when taking it out. Ground coffee everywhere, so had to pour it away.
I then used full fat granules and got one! Woot. Thanks for your concern though! :)

I've only just started dabbling with coffee and caffeine after having many years off, but I do like a nice strong espresso to wake me up some mornings.
Yeah, the weekend was grand thanks.

Full blog report coming soon folks. Watch this space... well not here in the comments of course, duh!

Oh, and thanks for all the comments people. It was nice to come back and see them from you all!

boo said...

its definitely HOT :p

Kayla said...

Hi Dogga!
Happy Wednesday :)

DoGGa said...

TeeHee... Mornin' Kayla!
Happy Wed-nes-day to you too. :)

Anonymous said...

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