Sunday, 25 June 2006

Eight on the Severn...

This fine Sunday afternoon, eight of us (and dare I say it that included children) got together to go on a river cruise... Well, kind of a makeshift cruise, but more like a rather fun river Severn dinghy trip!

To be honest, a few of us have done this several times before, but usually it's a bit of a lads evening and we'd be a lot more inebriated (to within a safe limit for messing on a river, of course) and definitely unaccompanied by kids.

We set sail, *cough* randomly floated and paddled occasionally when we had to, from Arley and docked at Trimpley reservoir, taking a couple of hours to complete the trip with a few stops here and there...
[Mart, DoGGa, Nephew Runtus and Duncs inflating our vessels]

[Some dodgy Dudley family, AKA Mathew, Rich, Priscilla and Ashley, pumping up their huge dinghy]

[My nephew 'Runtus' and Duncs chillin' in their rather over inflated dinghy - See the deflated dinghy on the right in the first picture? Well look what over enthusiastic inflation of hot rubber does for your 'end']

[A burst of speed after some rapid riding]

[A quick beer stop... err, I mean breather!
Prescilla, Mart, Duncs, Andy, Ashley, Runtus, Mathew and big Rich, soaking up the high life]

We all made it back safe and sound and enjoyed quite roads, as everyone is setting themselves up in front of a TV for some important football match of some sort?

Last year, a few of us did this one summer Tuesday evening and Duncan's mum* (visiting from Kuala Lumpa) decided to join us, but it all started to get very drunk on the way down the river - In mid conversation, Duncs used the expression 'like a badly packed kebab', thinking his mother would not pick up or understand such terminology, but she replied with, "I prefer to use the expression, 'like a ripped out fireplace'!"
Duncan's face drops with horror, but the comment caused an almighty uproarious moment of laughter, of which I found it hard to breathe!

[I've got a thing for Dunc's mom! ;->]

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Andy throwing a cupped handful of cold tap water at me, in the loos, which was not only a shock, but I had to hold in a naughty word due to children being present and it looked like I had wet myself. Grrr
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 0.5/10


JG said...

You're on the way to becoming acceptable to join the KKK (Kineton Kanoe Klub). But you'll need to ditchthe inflatable and get an open canoe.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad that you were only 1/2 angry about looking incontinent.

boo said...

u sure u did not wet yourself? looks like u have loads of fun.

p/s duncans mom eh :p

DoGGa said...

I wondered where you where going with that comment then! Phew
Ditch the inflatables... Pfff :)

Hahaha... Yeah, only half a point awarded 'cos it was a laugh regardless and so warm it dried within minutes. It's just another entry in my 'little black book of revenge' anyhow! ;-)

Erm, I think so? It felt cold and not warm anyhow. :)
Duncan's mom indeed ;> Hehe

Dakota said...

LOL! Great pictures, even better story!

Looks like you had a fun filled day out :)

ned said...

You stop for beer?

DoGGa said...

Thanks! ;-> x

Yes, we stop for beer, but also pass cans around while on the river too, and then we have beer afterwards too. It often starts with a beer as well, while we inflate our crafts.
So actually stopping for beer is irrelevant really! :)

Duncan said...

excellent entry philz ! couldn't have put it any better :o) you might get your wicked way with my mum one day you never know..haha

DoGGa said...

Hehehe Duncz

Max said...

Excellent! I've kiyacked down the severn from bridgnorth to arley and back on the steam train

DoGGa said...

Hehe, we were all talking about that very thing on Sunday! How bizarre eh!
Will have to give it go - I like steam trains!