Sunday, 25 June 2006

I am Mighty...

Want to feel mighty?

Copy the link below and replace dogga for your name or anything you want!
[You need sound for the full effect!]

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Being really, really hungry all day!
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 6/10


Dakota said...

COOL! I've got the POWER!! ;)

DoGGa said...

See... it DOES work! :)

Anonymous said...

*makes note to try at home with the sound on

Aoj said...

snorts with laughter!!

kees said...

Hehehe! I've totally got the giggles today and this just set me off again...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just raised my self-esteem. Thank you, Dogga...thank you.

DoGGa said...

Mr Hutton:
Ah, yes, you do that... Nice and loud, as it will make you mighty sir! :)

You little grunter you! :-)

Giggle away me dear
Hehehe, see what I did there? ;)

It solves all sorts of problems, from self-esteem to nerves etc, you name it, this URL fixes it! LOL

Anonymous said...

hahaha! DESTROY!

kees said...

I totally see what you did there! And now I'm giggling again. Oh my aching sides :)

Kayla said...

Go Dogga!
I need this on days when I don't want to get moving.
Love it!

boo said...


DoGGa said...

Mr Hutton:

TeeHee! :)

Yeah, it's kind of a life tool really! ;-)

Glad you like!

Duncan said...

ha, ha..haha...hahahaaaa. the perfume always smells like pot pouri as well !

DoGGa said...

Oh yeah, it does! The sort that grabs the back for your throat, eww!
Thanks for the comment, but wrong post! LOL