Friday, 9 June 2006

Word of the Week II...

...And for this week, we have:

Wonderful Word of the Week:

growler // n.
1 a person or thing that growls, esp. slang a dog.
2 a small iceberg.
3 a euphemism for "something anatomical" [;->]

Rubbish Word of the Week:

tummy // n. (pl. -ies) colloq.
the stomach.
[childish pronunciation of stomach]

Ewwwwwww... Stomach, mid-drift and even belly are OK, but tummy is just plain wrong!

[Disclaimer: I have many favourite words, and equally ones I do not like.
Years ago, I got ribbed at work for declaring this thought, especially as I would confess a new disliked word everyday and for some reason, this caused much hilarity with co-workers. My colleagues would then teach me a new 'word-of-the-day' as they were uni buffs and I was teenager.
It's not that I like or dislike a particular word because it's meaning (real or not), It's just how it sounds when spoken that does it for me or not!]

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Having less energy than normal at circuit training for no reason and finding it really tough going, especially in this heat.
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 4/10



Love the picture of the pooch...never knew that "tummy" was actually slang.

I saw that you dug ambient music. If you get bored at any time, check out this thing I'm working on:

It's fairly odd...not any stranger than say the Orb I guess.

boo said...

i like tum tum best. there i said it :P

Kayla said...

Hi DoGGa,
Naturally, you would like the word "Growler" in each of its definitions ;)
I never knew "tummy" was slang either!
Leave it to the DoGGa to teach me something new...Merci

Third of Never has a new song posted for 24 hour only on their myspace..check them out, it's worth a good listen

JG said...

Erm ... 'mid-drift'? Surely you mean 'midriff'? ;) And when I were a lass people got slapped for saying 'belly' - that was a very rude word!

JG said...

Mind you, 'mid-drift' is certainly appropriate when one reaches a certain age and level of fitness! :O

Javier said...

Have you watch the "Da Vinci Code" the movie? is it the same story as the book?
I didn't really get the main idea of that movie, I might have to go and watch it again!!

DoGGa said...

Third of Never:
Thanks for visiting and commenting...
I've visited and had a good listen while cooking tea! I like it, although a bit different to what I normally listen to. I'll pop it on tomorrow too while I'm working round the house!

Tum tum eh. Are they not indigestion relief tablets? ;-)

LOL! ;->
That's what word of the week is all about...
Third of Never... See above!

Ah, you got me! Serves me right for rushing a Blog entry on a Friday evening before going out. But yeah, LOL, I do circuit training to fight the 'mid-drift'! Hehehe...

Hi ya!
Ah, no, I dying to go see it after loving the book so much and yes it is a film based on the book!
I bet you were well lost, not having read the book! :-0