Saturday, 24 June 2006

Word of the Week IV...

Wonderful Word of the Week:

dog-eared // adj.
1. (of a book etc.) with the corners worn or battered with use.
2. To make worn or shabby from overuse.

Definitely not one of these following examples:[Now that's cute... No, it really is!]
Rubbish Word of the Week:

tot // n.
1. a small child (a tiny tot)
2. Brit. a dram of liquor.
3. tr. (usu. foll. by up) add (figures etc.)

Eeewww... Reminds me of an aunty 'pushing the boat out' at a relatives party when being offered some wine and them saying, "Ooh, go on then, but just a tot!" *shudder*

[Disclaimer: I have many favourite words, and equally ones I do not like. Years ago, I got ribbed at work for declaring this thought, especially as I would confess a new disliked word everyday, and for some reason, this caused much hilarity with co-workers. My colleagues would then teach me a new 'word-of-the-day', as they were uni buffs and I was a teenager. It's not that I like or dislike a particular word because it's meaning (real or not), It's just how it sounds spoken that does it for me or not!]

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Deciding to trim my sideburns with my hair trimmer and doing the sensible thing of testing the length set on the trimmers by gently running it across my right arm first... Grrr, I now have 6" x 2" bald patch stretching down my arm!
Too short was the answer, but better my arm than head I guess.
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10


Stu said...

Haha! Pic 2 is the best picture of a dog in the world ever, anywhere.

Phil said...

*agreed* :)
...and is that a Malamute?

Stu said...

Tough call... doesn't look as evil or skinny as a Husky, so I'd say it probably is.

Dakota said...

Over here we use the word ezelsoor which translates to donkey-eared. I like dog-eared better! Wonderful word even better pictures :)

Awful Grrrrr moment, but at least you saw the bright side of it ;)

Phil said...

Ezelsoor = Donkey eared! Like it...
Yeah, I'm quite tempted to use the bunny eared dog as my profile pic :)

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