Saturday, 17 June 2006

You can take DoGGa out of Kidderminster...

...but you can't take Kidderminster out of DoGGa!

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Greek island of Corfu and it was just superb!

Gorgeous weather, fabulous food, fine drink and stunning views - in more ways than one ;->

Best Beach / Location:
Nissaki - This is where I was staying [Quiet north east side]
Minimal 'ere-we-go' brits and souvenir shops, great bars, plus lovely unspoilt beaches and particularly warm turquoise seas.

Best View:

The sight out to Albania's coastal mountains across the Ionian Sea - Absolutely stunning and continually changing.
[Only 1.5 miles at the shortest point across]
[That took a lot of restraint to mention the Greek attendant's bottom at Aqualand, so it must have been a good view]

Best Food / Eatery:

The tastiest food I ate was served at the Mitsos taverna in Nissaki - I tried so many new dishes, I couldn't begin to pick a favoutite.

Best Drinks:
Mythos Greek beer - Approximate consumption = 20 Litres.
Metaxa - Approximate consumption = 0.1 Litres.

Ouzo - Approximate consumption = 0.1 Litres.
Retsina - Approximate consumption = 0.3 Litres.

Most Useful Phrases:
Yamas = cheers
Efharisto = Thank you

Most Difficult Place Name to Pronounce:
Paleokastritsa (pal-e-o-ka-strit-sa) eeerrr or similar?

Best Question Asked:
My niece genuinely asking me if it's possible to absorb things through your belly button as she was pouring sand and pebbles onto her stomach and started to get concerned! Duh... bless.

Best Thing Overheard:
A British guy asking for Woodpecker cider and then genuinely complaining to the Greek waiter when he informed him they didn't serve it! LOL... FFS... you're in another country; either try something new or go on holiday back home in Blackpool. Why did you come away if you want everything to be the same as home, you bland and ignorant Brit!
Sorry about that, but it did infuriate me :)

Most Invigorating Moment:
Getting straight out of bed, one morning, and running out my bedroom doors onto the balcony to shower in a huge downpour! The rain was that heavy and warm, it was like taking a normal shower, but with a much better view!

Most Worrying Moment:
My 9-year-old nephew in charge of a hired speedboat while out at sea on a particularly choppy day!

Best Etiquette:
Excluding my nephews customary messy eating - My bro in law eating a pork rib and putting the bone back on the plate with the other fresh ones, rather than his own!

Most 'Intersting' Moments:
1. On the FIRST DAY, hearing my sister mumble, "Erm guys, I think I've just locked us all out of the villa."
She was correct too, as she had opened the door and left the keys inside - the front door had a Yale style lock and the wind had taken the door... Oops, not so bad eh? BUT I had walked out onto the balcony butt naked, to dry off naturally in the sea breeze after getting changed from going in the pool... Oh!

I found this exceedingly funny, but my sister was a tad more anxious, even though I was the one left stood there in his birthday suit with suitcase and all locked insude.
The best-dressed person was my bro-in-law, sporting a pair of Speedos, so he drew short straw to try and get a spare set of keys from the local shop who owned the villa... Phew!

2. My nephew locking himself in the toilets in a restaurant, and it taking 5 minutes for one of us to say, "eh, have you seen the Runt?" Then upon investigating the male toilets, we discovered he couldn't open the toilet door and was stood there, patiently waiting to be rescued.

3. There was a huge thunder storm out to sea Friday morning and it woke me up at about 5am and after contemplating whether I could be arsed to go for a wee, I decided to go, but half way through the power went off as a huge lightening strike hit close by, leaving me totally in the dark, which doesn't do much for your aim! Grrr

There were plenty more, as you can imagine, but I would here all day.

Most Annoying Moment:
Feeding morsels of food to a stray dog, which had wandered into the restaurant, and a cat was present too, so even though I don't like cats and are highly allergic to them, I offered it some chicken anyway ('cos I'm nice like that), but it just swiped my fingers with its left claw and drew blood immediately from my middle finger! Grrr, I don't like cats at the best of times and now I remember why! The dog was delighted and was polishing off my scraps nicely, but the cat just goes for me??? Grrr

Weirdest Things:
Setting aside many strange creatures and noises, driving on the right hand side of the road and not throwing toilet paper down the loo, as this is not done in Greece! All toilets have a sign and bin next to them for toilet paper to disposed of, regardless of what it's been used for... Mmm nice!

There are so many photos to show, but I had to cut it down to these few and I had also ran out of free space on Flickr!


Today, I'm Most Angry About: Finding a large line of ants stretching from my front door to my kitchen, meandering through my lounge and dining room, like a scene from Disney's 'A Bugs Life'! Grrr
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10


Dakota said...

Corfu is a lovely island just as long as you stay on the quiet side of it. Great holiday review!
I am starting to believe that one of your most ‘interesting’ moments is actually a Greek ritual. I’ve been locked out of apartments/villas a couple of times when I visited Greece. Fortunately…… I wasn’t naked :)

Great photos….. thanks for sharing :D

Stu said...

Beautiful photos. I'm not one for sun+sand type holidays, but it's certainly tempting me now... great pooches you found, too :)

Max said...

Absorbing things through your belly button, may be I'll put that on my CV

Anonymous said...

Jealous! We stayed away from Greece this year due to M's skin cancer history. I have a wind tan from Holland instead of a Greek suntan.

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

See you've got another HNT picture then!? Or should that be FNT?

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

See you've got another HNT picture then!? Or should that be FNT?

b o o said...

your niece is a nutter. you're a cutie & ants are stinky!

Phil said...

Thanks and yeah, stick to the quiet side indeed!
Glad it's not just me having the old villa lockout prob then. ;-)

Cheers! You should give it a go. It's only recently I've started going on these types of holidays and as long as you keep clear of the really 'touristy' areas, there are some great places out there...
The pooches where brill, yeah!

Mmm, give it a go! LOL

Lord Hutton:
Skin cancer = not nice! :(
A wind tan - cool. Can you get the fake version too? :)

FNT? Moi? No! It's only half of me! ;)

Yes, my niece is a nutter!
Erm *blush* thank you...
I've never noticed ants giving off a smell. I'll have to get closer next time and give em a good sniffin'! ;->

Kayla said...

Beautiful Corfu!
Handsome DoGGa!
Good times..what else can I say except take me next time, okay?

Me-ow said...

What a fun sounding trip and a great post. I hope you didn't tell your niece that if her belly button beomes untied she will fly about the room like a ballon.
I agree with the Best thing Overheard. While in Greece, do as the Greecians do (he was probably annoyed there were no fish and chips too)

karen said...

Ace pics – love the one of the plane engine, and of the flutterby, and the HUGE bug! That bug rules! Poor runt boy getting locked in the loo! Get him in a head lock and give him a big sloppy kiss from me :-x

Ronan Jimson said...

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Phil said...

;) Thanks Kayla, but Corfu is much better looking than me!
You're quite welcome to come along next time.

Cheers Phil and LOL, yeah I will warn my niece, thanks for the advice - You only do these things once eh! :)

Glad you like the pics and appreciate the plane ones, as I normally get the Micheal taken out of me for those! :)
The runt has been in many a head-lock since, but no kisses sorry! :->

Stop spamming my Blog you arse! :-P

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