Wednesday, 19 July 2006


OK, this is getting ridiculous...
I'm sat at my computer, writing this blog entry in my underpants, because it's 30 degrees centigrade in my house, despite all the windows and doors being open and fans on full pelt. Even my PC is reporting unwonted internal temperatures of 41!

In Stourport-on-Severn, on this record breaking midst heat wave Wednesday, both my car and the digital thermometer in my office saw 40 degrees centigrade / 104 Fahrenheit being exceeded!
(And yes, the external probe was in the shade)

The officials didn't report it quite that high; more like 36.3 in London, but how can you argue with a Maplin £14.99 digital thermometer compared to the Met Office's high tech gadgetry eh? Pfff, I ask you!

Either way, it's certainly very different to the nipple hardening -30 degrees C I experienced in the Artic Circle, northern Finland, earlier this year!

It's actually getting quite oppressive now, and I've started using some hints from this useful guide here!

A One Off Summer Sight:
On the way home from work, I spied many a broken down vehicle, presumably because of the heat, but the best thing I saw was a minor smash between two cars at an island, close to my home. Not too out the ordinary eh, but the car worse off and obviously at fault was full of women in bikinis!!!
Honestly, there were five scantily clad girlies (not that I looked that closely of course :]) all stood around inspecting the damage of the car infront. I almost inadvertently left the road myself, while thinking, 'if I'm going to be involved in an accident myself, please let it be like that!'
"Now if Carlsberg made car accidents, they would probably be the best car accidents in the world!"

Today, I'm Most Angry About:
A fellow circuit trainer jokingly (but truthfully) pointing out that I had only done 10 repetitions of a particular exercise instead of 12 specified by the instructor. The instructor overheard her say this to me and made the entire class do the whole 12 again and announce to everyone what happened and that it was all my fault! Grrr and I pay him for this too - LOL - You can tell he's ex army!
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10


Anonymous said...

Ok, so I am retarded and I won't allow my mind to do the math... what is 40 degrees C? We go by Fahrenheit here... and it was damn near 90 today!

Dakota said...

Oh….that’s a very useful guide DoGGa! Thanks for that link :) I am going to try some of them as soon as the heat returns. Today conditions are a bit better over here. We are even having rain……rain?!?! Yup, rain! Well a few drops count as rain doesn’t it?! :)

Keep (your) cool or revised the north of Finland in the next few days….. It’s only 13 ÂșC over there today :) Oh and keep your eyes on the road… don’t want to end up in the paper as “Death by bikini clad hotties” now do you? ;)

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Some great ideas there but the only problem I've got is that OH won't have the fan on when he goes to sleep as he says it's too noisy. :(

So were you a tad embarrassed at the gym then!

karen said...

Buono estente! Pethethethe, hethethe sminki pinki Boutros Boutros-Ghali!

Given past posts (and subsequent comments) you don't think anyone's actually going to believe you own underpants do you?

It was crazy hot here yesterday too but then last night there was a gorgeous rain storm and it's right nice now, maybe yours is on its way :)

Phil said...

I've edited the blog so you have both formats now! :]
Hot where you are too then eh.

Yeah, a bit better today, but I can feel a sweat breaking, so I may just have to go and sit outside a pub this evening!
LOL @ “Death by bikini clad hotties” I can see the headline now! :[]

Ah, the old fan noise problem: Make him sleep on the sofa! Teehee
No, not embarrassed at the gym, as my trainer and I often banter and it certainly wouldn't be the first time he's done stuff like that.
The other people in the class are fun and easy going and just they never got caught! :]

LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA "Buono estente, thethethe Chris Waddle!"

True, I do own a few pairs of pants, but just for lounging about in really and they were soon taken off anyhow. Commando Phil rox! ;]

Anonymous said...

Holy shit that's fucking hot!

Phil said...

Couldn't have put it any better myself!

Anonymous said...

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