Tuesday, 22 August 2006

The Answer...

So, the answer to the lyric game, for those who didn't Google it, *slapped wrists* is...
DRUM ROLL - 'Devo - Smart Patrol / Mr DNA'

What an absolute brilliant song and album this is off, 'Duty Now For The Future'!

Just watch the first minute of this video, to see how obscure they were and spot the potato-I-found-in-the-gym related lyrics:

Ooh, I thought I had lost the keys to my house this morning, but found the front door was unlocked and had been all night and the keys were on the outside. Must have been from when I came back from shopping last night. Whoops!

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Getting another rubbish nights sleep! Grrr... It makes me feel retched and I slept much better in a tent in the middle of a wet field on the weekend! Grrr
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 6/10


Dakota said...

Ehmm......I am at a loss for words ;)

karen said...

Yeah I googled it :{ Like 'em tho, and their outfits.

YOU LEFT YOUR KEYS IN THE FRONT DOOR!!! Round here you and all your belongings would have been well and truly stolen. Then you might HAVE to live in a tent. At least you'd get some sleep :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I think you should wear some shorts like Devo's got goin' on.

By the way, I have the money now, and I intend to ship out the beer either tomorrow or thursday along with the cookie recipe.

Also, I'm planning a trip to the UK for next spring... will you be my tour guide? :)

Phil said...

Does madam approve of Devo? :]

They're great... Devo rulz! :)
I've done the key thing a couple of times and left my car open many a time too.
Luckily my house is very over looked in a small avenue and very few ruffians pass by though you see.
I live opposite a proper 'curtain-twitcher' as well, which always helps! x

Yeah, Devo shorts can be arranged! I can do similar glasses too and top thiking about it. Oooh, in fact I will...
Doggboy in fancy Devo dress coming soon.
Cool, looking forward to the beer and loosing my cookie virginity. :]
You're coming to the UK eh. Yeah, I'll be your guide!
Is Troy and children coming?

Anonymous said...

Fool! I left my keys in the door of my car once, off Brick Lane in the East End. They were still there when I got back!
(OK it was a Skoda Estelle Rapid)

Anonymous said...

Skin tight Shorts! That is so very wrong!
Good track. We were all mad in the 70s

Kayla said...

Oh my word!
I haven't seen Devo in ages..
I forgot how "out there" they were!
I'm kinda diggin' the short shorts ;-)

Dogga! I could have sneaked (snuck?) into your house last night and you'd been none the wiser. Your subconscious wouldn't let you sleep..it was trying to tell you to get up and retrieve your keys!

b o o said...

should have snuck into your house :X

Dakota said...

Okay, I listened to the song again and second time around it’s better. Thumbs up!
Btw, I don’t know why, but their music reminds me of the Talking Heads.

Phil said...

Yeah, I must be more careful, but I live in a nice area where people leave their front doors open in the summer etc.
Aww, a Skoda Estelle Rapid, LOL, I would have nicked it if I'd of spotted the keys! :] (kidding)
Mmm, nice shorts yeah, but rockin' track yeah! YAY!

I've only recently really got into Devo, but I love em now, and everyone likes the shorts! :]
Ah, yes, perhaps it was my subconscious not allowing me to sleep - good thinking!
Ooh - you sneaking into my house. Now THAT is something I would NOT call the police to. ;]

Hi and welcome back. I've seen your comments about a little, so I guess you're around, which is a good sign. Hope you're feeling / getting better.
Eh, and what a comment to come back with, in true Boo stylee. I would have no complaints about you sneaking into my house Boo, presuming you were not steeling everything anyhow LOL! :x

It's a grower and very written.
Thumbs up = HOORAY!
I think it's the singing style that's similar to Talking Heads.
Psycho Killer... What a track.

b o o said...

a "grower" just makes me think of....

Phil said...

How rude... Naughty girl! :-]

Anonymous said...

Ok, so where's the Devo get-up? I want pictures!!

Phil said...

Good things come to those who wait!
Actually, it will be very rubbish, but you can still wait... :]

Kayla said...

Hello there Dogga :-)
I tagged you, but only if you'd like to play!