Thursday, 2 November 2006


I think I may be coming down with a cold, as yesterday I felt a little hoarse!

I found this little fella walking around, un-tethered, on a lunchtime walk into town. He was in a field with two other tethered horses, but for some reason, this friendly little equine was roaming free, so I couldn't resist a fussing session and picture with that pun in mind.

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Dry lips - I always get dry lips this time of year when it goes cold. Grrr... Blistex on stanby!
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10

Today's Top Tip: Avoid parking tickets by leaving your windscreen wipers turned to 'fast wipe' whenever you leave your car parked illegally.


Stu said...

Haha! Very good.

Anonymous said...

cherry chapstick :X

p/s u can also think about remote-controling the super-fast windshield wiper. imagine you're sipping your espresso & along comes the ticket guy.... fun!

kat said...

Cute. Dry lips are a sure sign that winter is coming.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Now take care of yourself....get ride of the ho(a)rse :)

Phil said...

Ta! :)

Mm, cherry chapstick. I had some years ago, but couldn't stop licking my lips then, so I chnaged to ordinary! :]
Hahaha, yeah, a remote control for your wipers would be just superb for a wind-up!

Precisely what I was thinking Kat :]

Phil said...

Whoa, you must have posted exactly when I commented...
I think the genuine cold is amounting to nothing, which is great :)

Kayla said...

What a cute miniature horse!
How fun to find him roaming about, wanting a little attention and petting.
Carmex for my kissers!
And Cetaphil facial cream by the loads in the winter

Anonymous said...

Very good advice there, young grasshopper.

'cept where I live there aren't that many illegal parking areas.

Phil said...

T'was a V sute mini-hoss indeed. Carmax you say eh? That sounds like some sort of automobile cleaner LOL :] Don't think we have that over here?

You shoul dbe over here; parking legally is a challenge, 'cos everywhere's illegal :o)

LindzyPinzy said...

hourse! ha good one! love it!

I had some dry lips know when it first starts and you GOTTA GET THE CHAPSSTICK asap? or else it will really burn?..thats what happened to me today. Luckily I got some in time.

anyway hope your houreseness doesnt lead to a cold lol

Bailey's Mom said...

hiya your sense of humor..that just cracked me up!!!

Anonymous said...

Groan...Dogga gets the prize for worst blogging pun of 2006!

Very cute.....and the Shetland is really sweet too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Pfff, silly me…. I meant to say rid not ride!
Glad the cold is amounting to nothing :)

Phil said...

No cold present, COOL! Eye, fingers at the ready on the chapstick. I wonder if they if they do Galstick or lady stick? Chap-stick sounds a bit male biased LOL :]

Bailey's Mom:
Hey up chuck! Glas you liked that little pun :o)

Ooh, a prize... I RULE!
Ah, yes, a Shetland, therefore a pony, not a horse... Darn, you#ve just blown my pun DOH :]

Ah, but that's now a double pun, as in 'ride' a horse... boom, boom, I thought it was intentional - you should have kept quiet :O)

karen said...

Hehehehehe!!!!! I laughed WAY too much I that! Jaysus I've got the giggles now. I loves me a good pun. Brilliant. Oh and VERY cute too xx

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you weren't acting like an ass. I think it's time to pony-up...

LindzyPinzy said...

ha ha galstick!!

Phil said...

Made me chuckle at little too Ms Dee! :-X

Hahaha, nice hairy ass Phil! (I never thought I'd ever say that!) LOL

Could make your millions from that idea! :]

Max said...

You can't get a second ticket if you already have one, so If you had a previous ticket container and stuck that on your window you should in theory be imune. Unless the winscreen wipers knocked it off of course

Phil said...

Ah yes, good thinking Batman! :]

Anonymous said...

I *want* that "horse"!

Phil said...

I've had it and it was crap :0)

Anonymous said...

Ha - I'm going to do this. Really! Excellent advise.