Tuesday, 19 December 2006

A Fairy Tale...

The weekend before last consisted of many things including my circuit training class's fancy dress Christmas party.
As previously mentioned, the theme was 'Festive Fairies'...

Well, here you go folks, the picture you've been waiting for:

Yes, this is me dressed as a fairy with big sis numbah 1...
I'm the one on the right! :0)
I added my own little devil twist to the outfit, accessories courtesy of me buddy Big Rich.

Me and my bro in law - Good Vs evil...

When we arrived, I was a little shocked to see that only about a third of the people had actually made the effort, as everyone else was just in smart casual clothing, or just made a token effort, so I stood out like a sore thumb.

Due to my fake bum and boobs, I was frequently felt up throughout the night, especially when standing at the bar, which was quite regularly, not that I'm complaining though :)

When I got to the front of the queue for the bar, a barmaid got a telling off from her supervisor for calling me a horny little devil! The supervisor had her back turned to the bar, so she didn't realise the barmaid was referring to my attire and not making a pass at me.

After purchasing a beverage, my fitness trainer Dean, whispered something very funny, but rather unsavoury, causing me to spit out a mouthful of beer!!! :]

Going back into the main hall, I spotted a fellow circuit trainer doing this...

Emma, don't drink and walk on your hands - Someone inevitably has a camera at the ready!

These two guys won best dressed and I had to agree. Not only due to their large build but the pink knickers and monkey posing pouch which later got removed and thrown in to the crowd! :-)

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Accidentally* pouring an entire cup of black coffee over myself, while talking to the lovely accountant Helen, who found it most amusing. She did, however, complain that her office now stinks of coffee; which it did!
[* Not on porpoise - I see no fish]
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 1/10

Today's Top Tip:
Taxi drivers. Why not pop into a garage and ask them to fix your indicator lights for you; that way other motorists stand a chance of knowing where the heck you're going.


Stu said...

Yay! Fairies!

Anonymous said...

u are a sexxy devil :)

Anonymous said...

u are a sexxy devil :)

Anonymous said...

Which one is you again? ;->

Anonymous said...

Now that's a party! Brave man in the pink knickers! Brave or insane man with the monkey posing pouch!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, woohoo…….. finally the fairy photo’s. You look red hot in those pic’s :)

Looks like you had tons of fun :)

Anonymous said...

Omigod, Phil, I will never be able to look at you the same again.

mellowlee said...

OMG that was totally worth the wait HEHEE :) Awesome!!!!
Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...


it must be contagious. My work friends and I went as fairy princesses. And if I must say, I looked pretty damn hot with a tutu. I think it was my legs. That's it, my runners' legs.

Nice pics...hilarious as heck.

Rob said...


DoGGa said...

Watch it... These are men faries :0)

... as are you! :]


Yeah, they just didn't give a monkey's! Heheh geddit?

Why thank you my dear! A good laugh was had indeed ;)

LOL, I don't know if that's a good comment or not! ;0)

Yes, they are very daft, but glad you like them. I feel the need to wear it again, so probably will over Xmas.

Hello sir!
It must be something in the air, fairies are being the theme for these things. Would like to see photos of you asa fairy, just to compare note by the way :]

I know, you would wouldn't you! ;)

Anonymous said...

If I am ever forced to go fancy dress, I make sure it is as something instantly removable, like a hat.

DoGGa said...

Ow, you stick in the mud you :0)

Kayla said...

Hello DoGGa!
You look disturbingly sexy in the red devil costume
However, I think you needed a little more padding in the chest area of your dress..haha
And I'm very curious to know what unsavoury tidbit Dean whispered in your ear!

Poor DoGGa being felt up all night..
It's a tough job being the sexy one, but *someone* has got to do it,

Photogirl said...

hahaha!!! Dogga, I love the pics! and those last two gents, looks like the really did deserve 'best dressed'. I have to ask though, isn't it against your training regimen to be drinking beer? ;)

DoGGa said...

Why, well, erm, *cough* thanks! :]
Mmm, yes a little flat chested maybe!
Ah, he whispered something along the lines of going to the gents to do something by himself regarding a pretty girl stood very close to us! Nuff said :0)

Yup, a tough job, but as you say, someones gotta do it! LOL
Cheers Kayla... x

Glad you like the piccies, and yes they did deserve best dressed indeed.
WHAT, against my training regime, I thought it was part of it! LOL Drinking beer is right bicep toning you know! :]

mellowlee said...

Wear it again for Christmas? Excellent!!! I'm sure it will be the highlight of the day! :D

Kourosism said...


A porpoise is not a fish, it is a mammal. I expect this gratuitous and horrific error on your part to be dealt with immediately and with utmost severity.


Jeangenie said...

DoGGa, your boobs need ironing.

*winces at the thought*

Love the taxi-driver hint! :D :D

DoGGa said...

You offering? LOL :]

LindzyPinzy said...

oh my oh my...ahahahahaha lmao!!I havent been here in a while and I was actually thinking about your party and if it happened yet....love the outfit dogga!! and that guys monkey is halarious..looks like a funny and crazy night!

some of my friends go on a houseboat every year and one of the guys picks a theme for one night..last year it was tight and bright, I should suggest using this theme!! halarious

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!!

kat said...

That was very brave of you - you are a good sport. Thanks for posting the pics. :-)

Merry Christmas

DoGGa said...

Glad you like them. Bright and tight LOL, that makes me laugh.
I have another fancy dress to go to yet! :]

Merry crimbo to you too! :]

Hey, glad you liking the piccies! :]