Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Lights, Camera, Action...

So, the most amazing thing happened to me last Thursday; as previously mentioned, I got myself a part in a music video...

Well, it turned out to be two music videos and a lot more than just an extra stood in the background!!! I'd unknowingly let myself in for a WHOLE lot more...

What happened... A very abridged version:

On Wednesday afternoon, I received a phone message from Kees's boyfriend, the Silver Fox, telling me I had to contact Kees urgently regarding a video shoot!
Being a tad intrigued by this, I did so straight away and she told me she had been browsing the 'Nick Cave and the bad seeds' website (being a huge fan) and followed a link to his new band:
This is where she spotted a small link saying:
'Be in a Grinderman video! [View More]' and clicked on the link...

She applied and was contacted later and asked to send in a picture of herself. They got back to her asking if she had a boyfriend, as they needed a couple...
Silver Fox was away in France at the time, so she asked if I would do it!
She sends off a few photos of myself, but hears nothing back.
At 7pm, my phone rings and it's Kees telling me the production company (Factory Films) had called her and informed her we've got the part and to be in Central London for 10am!!!
OMG, I was bouncing around my house with excitement... I couldn't even eat from the excitement!

I was then calling and texting Kees, arranging the next day, but this message stood out as a particular favourite! Don't you just love it when your mates volunteer you for stuff without asking you first? LOL - Luckily I'm not shy like that!

The next thing I know, I've read my briefing and I'm off with a suitcase full of clothes at 5am driving towards London.
I met Kees at the services, just outside Reading, and I drive us to Heathrow airport, ditch my car, and we catch the tube across to the other side of London...

9am and we are on the London Underground... There's no point in hiding Kees, you're gonna have a much bigger camera in your face soon :]

The Tower of London viewed far too early in the morning :[]

This was our venue! A three-story rundown pub in central London, The George Tavern.

After confirming who we were at the entrance, we were rushed inside to see a mass of cablalling and equipment everywhere, loads of crew strewn about the place and saw eight other extras. We were then hurriedly told what to wear and asked to go see the make-up artist! WTF... me... make-up? :[]

Kees having her make-up done.... I had several sorts of powder applied with brushes and sponges and my hair done! A very odd experience, as I've never worn make-up before... Well, not unless it's a naked Sunday of course! *I jest*

Mr Nick Cave himself (the guy with his hand on his hip) and many members of the crew crowded round.
Rubbish picture, I know, but I wasn't supposed to take any at all.

After being fussed all over and briefed on the director's lingo, the ten of us were sent upstairs for the first shoot and Nick Cave thanked us all for coming and shook our hands - A thoroughly nice chap, as were the rest of the band and crew.

This was upstairs; a very old and neglected room, but it had loads of character, so perfect for the video.
[I wasn't allowed to take photos when the band were there, but this gives an idea to how the room looked]

We filmed many scenes, where I was told to walk back and forth infront of the camera, as it went in and out from the band, while others danced etc, simulating Grinderman playing at a dirty house party.

The director was John Hillcoat and he was telling us all what to do and where to look and giving us cues etc. A very nice chap to work with. (Not that I've done this before)

The cinematographer was Benoit Delhomme, a very generic French arty type who looked at me as if I was dog shit and held a light-meter at my face like I was an inanimate object.

Later in the day one of the other extras, a young American woman, got told to stand and laugh insanely for another part of the video or song.

Me and Kees even did a few "raunchy scenes" containing just the two of us... Enough said :)
I had to do a solo shoot too, which was a tad scary! They set up the camera facing some old mirrored tiles, above a bath, and I had to undress myself while they filmed my reflection!

11pm arrived and we were back on the tube, completely knackered and in shock and I landed back in my bed at 4am!

The first video we were in (for Grinderman's debut song 'No Pussy Blues') is going out on TV and Intermaweb in a couple of weeks. They are going to send me a DVD, so I'll link or post the videos when I get them.
After all this, you'll probably just see the back of head for about one second and that will be it LOL! :[]

[* I can't dance for toffee]

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Blindly and stupidly putting my hand into a bag, I took away with me on Thursday, to find my razor and finding the wrong end! I received three perfectly parallel cuts across the tip on my right middle finger... Grrr... Damn you Gillette and your triple blades... Boy did it bleed :[
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10

Today's Top Tip:
Deter goldfish from having sex by throwing a small bucket of air over them when you catch them in the act!


Anonymous said...

o0o0o0h i love me an empty comment box!

u had me at 'naked sunday' i jest not. poor thing with the nick pingers :-X

Photogirl said...

wow, what a crazy-fun story! do you think us Canadians will ever see the video?

Anonymous said...

Wow! How exciting!!

Can I have your autograph please, mister!? ;)

DoGGa said...

DESTROY the empty comments section Boo :]
Fingers have healed nicely now thanks :-X

I still can hardly beleive it actually happened.
If you get music chanels like MTV or VH1 on satellite or cable then yes. It will also be on teh internet anyhow :)

Exciting indeeeeeed!
Yeah, sure, singed pic is in the post to you :0)

Anonymous said...

Dwaarlling! How Marvellous.

Kayla said...

I've heard of Nick Cave, but have never listened to any of his music.
The "No Pussy Blues" sounds kind of campy. Man and electric guitar kind of thing, maybe?
You and Kees in a raunchy scene?!
This I have to see.
And although I have seen you practically nude...haha...The mirror scene sounds interesting.

Your description of the frenchman had me laughing!
I can envision his cold arrogance.

Very cool experience, DoGGa!

DoGGa said...

LOL, yes, we did get called darlings a lot! :0)

No Pussy blues, is very much like Nick Caves early stuff, then he went a bit more like The Doors.
Yeah, I have no idea which bits of the filming they will be using, but should be quite steamy in one of the vids - LOL, you now get the motion picture of me nearly naked too :0)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... interesting tip.

And what do you mean say Warwick and aluminum and garage in English? How else would I say it? In Spanish?

Anonymous said...

WOW! I can’t wait to see the video :)

DoGGa said...

Haha, no not Spanish, I mean you would pronounce stuff in an American way. Let's call over Xmas and I'll explain and you can make me chuckle :0)

Me too!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Good fun!
I once kidnaped Rob Lowe when I was an extra in a film

DoGGa said...

Wow, really? What film?

mellowlee said...

OMG, now I'm even more excited to see the video!!! (jumping up and down) Oh em, hello, just came in from Kees site :) It's really something to see the photos you took. I'm sure all of Kees' Canadian blog buddies will have the video pasted on our blogs too. *wincing at the razor cuts* I could actually feel that OUCHIE! :(

Anyways, Im glad you posted those photos, that was great!

Anonymous said...

Just took a stroll through some of your previous posts. You take awesome pictures! That one of the tree set against the periwinkle blue sky with the moon is amazing.

Thanks for posting the pics from your adventure with Kees. Cannot wait to see the video.

DoGGa said...

Hi and welcome Mellowlee!
Yeah, I'm still excited to see teh finished results.
I thought I'd post the photos as it woul dbe nice to compare the scene in the vid, when it comes out.
Cheers... :]

Aw, wow, thank you. I've had a few comments on my pictures now... Maybe I need to start believing in my ability :0)
I'm hopefully getting a Canon 350D digital SLR soon, so more pics on the way.
Can't wait to see music video too!
Thanks for dropping by :]