Friday, 8 December 2006

The Tan Hill Inn - The Best Pub In Britain...

The weekend before last, a friend and I went to stay at the highest pub in Britain, The Tan Hill Inn.

It's 1732ft above sea level and is literally in the middle of nowhere. The nearest house is about 3.5 miles away (take note of the lack of plural there!) and getting to the pub requires navigating miles of baron Yorkshire moors on little twisting country lanes.

After checking in, and appreciating shelter from the 75mph gusts of wind, I habitually headed to the bar, to quaff a pint of beer.
The landlady, Tracy, and a barmaid were sat chatting at the bar and this is what happened...

Me: "Hiya. Two pints of 'Old P' please."
Landylady: "Yeah, sure, help yourself."
Me: "Hehe..."
Landylady: "..."
Me: "..." *smile*
Landylady: "Well go on then!"
Me: "What, really?"
Landylady: "Yeah, I'm not doing it for you!"

So, I go round to the other side of the bar and pull myself a pint:

LOL... Look at that face! I'm like a child on Christmas morning!

I inevitably messed up pulling my first pint, which gave much ammunition to the staff for several 'giving bad head' jokes :[]

Later on in the evening, a sheep strolls into the pub, as they do.

This is the local ovine occupant 'Tan'

After some food and many more pints of real ale, I sat by the fire and made friends with the resident dogga Sherbet.

Ahh, a pub, a friend, an open fire, a beer and a dog to fuss... HEAVEN!!!

The next day I went out walking on the north Yorkshire moors.

A superb time was had and I want to go back as soon as possible. Highly recommended!

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Tonight is the night of my first 2006 Xmas party... Yes folks, the 'Festive Fairies' fancy-dress one! Grrr Post coming soon to a blog near you :0)
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 0.3/10

Today's Top Tip:
Drill a one inch diameter hole in your refrigerator door, as this will allow you to check the light goes off when you close it.


Stu said...

Yay! Sheeps in pubs!

Looks like a great place... might have to pop up there meself :)

Anonymous said...

I told Shari you remind me of Chris Martin.

I didn't actually read this post, I just looked at this pictures.

I am too restless tonight to sit here and read.

In fact, it's killing me to sit here and type this comment so I am going to go now.

mellowlee said...

Wow, loved the photos! The last one was amazing. I saw a rainbow a couple weeks ago and it stopped me dead in my tracks. :)

Anonymous said...

In what country, in what city, do fantastic things like this happen? I would like to visit it.

and yes, I agree with kinda look like Mr. Paltrow.

Anonymous said...

that was me...guggenflurgen.

blogger is acting funny. and by funny, i mean stupid.

Anonymous said...

DoGGa, trust me you can start believing. Your pictures are sweet. (Sweet in case it needs clarification is a high compliment from where I come from!) I think I like them so much because they all look a little different from the norm which makes one want to take another look.

Anonymous said...

Our country's great when it's not being messed about with and 'improved'. It's good to know there are still places that are resisting the modernisers. Pah! for Progress and the 21st rotten century!

Anonymous said...

sheep! thats some kinky bar.

karen said...

Aw I love it how my blogger buddies are here!! Yay!! Hi Mel, hi Toccata!

I'm searching my tiny brain for a 'sheep walks into a bar joke'. Can't find one. Round of applause for getting 'ovine' into a blog post!

Great pics - wot no cow torch pic? We totally missed a trick there, cow torches go to a music video shoot. Damn.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect place. Great blog

mellowlee said...

heeeheee Hi Kees xo

Anonymous said...

Nice one, dogboy. How does a pub like that survive? I recommend the Warren House on Dartmoor (equally isolated) and the Turf Hotel near Exeter, inaccessible by road, and in the winter, they too, tell you to help yourself.
Nice pictures.

Ernie said...

I love it, simply love it!!! I want to visit a pub like that.

Phil said...

Yay, indeed! It doesn't happen often enough I think :)

Haha, Chris Martin, superb. Well, I wouldn't complain about sharing a bed with Gwyneth Paltrow :]
Yes, go rest you nutter!

Cool! We've been getting loads of them recently :]

Britian / United Kingdom, Northern England, Yorkshire, is where! :]
What is it with me and Chris Martin, LOL :0)

Aw, thank you! I do try and it's good to see I'm getting through to someone :]

Yes, very true... Some things need updating, other do not; The Tan Hill Inn being one of them. :]

Trust you :) I see your beastiality side coming out in you here LOL

Hoorah, it's a party at Doggboy's blog today ;)
" A sheep walks into a bar and says bah. The barman says, are you taking the piss?"
I just made that up LOL
No cow torch, I know, it was with me too! Sherbet took the limelight I'm affraid.
Haha, Yeah, we should have slipped in a cow torch in the background somewhere! That would be the best cow torch shot EVER! :X

'Perfic' indeed. Cheers Max :]

It survives from it's fame I guess, becuase it really isn't anyones 'local'!
Ooh, I'll look out for the others.
Thanks Hutters :]

Hey there Ernie. Yeah, I love it too and if you ever come to the UK, I'll meet you up there :)

Anonymous said...

I think I may have driven past that place on holiday in June. I wish I'd stopped now!

Me Myself and I said...

oh! I want to pour my own pints too!! Looks like a neat place. I want to go to England again.

Phil said...

Wow, spooky. Yeah, you should have popped in :]

Yay for pouring our own pints. England does rock at times :0)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was very sad to hear that he was married to her.

So... can you sing like him? I heart his voice.

Phil said...

I can't sing or dance for toffee (as you may see soon?) but I sound OK when I sing to myself in the car :0)

Kayla said...

Hey DoGGa!
What a cool pub.
Sounds like a very laid back place to hang and chill. I saw a beautiful rainbow over the mountains of New Mexico once.
I know the photos don't do it justice.
Ewe (hehe) do look like a kid at Christmas pulling your beer!

You do resemble Chris Martin, but I think you also look like the guitarist from Hot Chip.
My humble opinion, for whatever it's worth

kat said...

Nice pub.

I like your top tip. :-)

mellowlee said...

I can't wait to read the Festive Fairies' post...seriously! *on the edge of her seat*

Phil said...

Hello mate.
The pub is seriously cool, in both senses of the word!
Yeah, rainbows are great and it's impossible to capture their true grandeur.
I never thought about me and Chris Martin until this post LOL
I just need someone to be my Gwyneth :0)
Hot Chip, oh dear me *ahem* :]

The pub really is superduper!

Just got to get the pictures off my mates camera and it's going up tomorrow hopefully :]

Andre Veloux said...

Now that is what I call a pub thats worth visiting, or cycling too!

Phil said...

Yay, well worth a visit, but it would be one serious cycle up them there hills :]

Anonymous said...

Aww. that makes me sad.

Why the hell isn't my picture showing up ???

mellowlee said...


Ernie said...

P.S. I love the b&w pic that you have on your profile. It's hot!

Phil said...

Blogger is being very naught and misbehaving. I can't log in most of the time now :[ Grrr

Post coming onthe weekend. I now have the pictures, I'm just off to do a gig :]

Aw *blush* thank you! :)

mellowlee said...

Oh kewl...but you do know that the suspense is KIiiiiiling me right? hehe.

Anonymous said...

quit getting drunk & post something!

Anonymous said...

quit getting drunk & post something!

Anonymous said...

quit getting drunk & post something!

Anonymous said...

quit getting drunk & post something!

Anonymous said...

0o0ops blogger was cranky & NOW i look like a stalker on cuckoo juice!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful time. I love a good ale, especially an IPA. Isn't there a country western song about the Sheep always looking better at closing time???

Is it really 1732 ft? That's not terribly high.

Wow, I'm craving a brew now, I have to get one when I leave SK today.

Hi Boo, I always LOVE being underneath you :-)

Phil said...

I will try not to disappoint :]

Hahaha, OK, you got my attention, you comment whore you :0)
Post coming tonight X

Hahaha, I'm not under Boo any near often enough... Or on top come to think of it! LOL
Yeah, I need a beer now too... Luckily I'm off to the pub for a bit tonight.
Yeah, all what I say about the pub is true, it's high alright!!! :]