Sunday, 21 January 2007

E-mails & Accidents...

A few things have cropped up recently that have made me both smile and cringe, so here's a little compilation for the start of 2007...

A Friend's Funny E-mail On my day off, a friend *cough* Big Rich, had gone into my office, turned the power on to use my A3 printer, and then went home and left it on overnight.
Another friend went in to my office the following day and found everything on, so left me this e-mail...

You goon...went in to leave you some grapes (chuck them if you don't want them) and your room was all ablaze.
Well, not LITERALLY, but all turned on!
Well, not turned on, like sexually turned on, but switched on.
Well, not switched on like, in a knowledgeable manner, but powered up.
Well, not exactly powered up in a pac-man stylee but...

Another Friend's E-mail Blunder

This is a classic example of where spell checkers inherently fail to notice context!
A work friend hit the letter 'w' by accident, as it's very close to 's', thus typing whipping, instead of shipping, LOL. This was actually sent to the customer and CC'd to colleagues!!!

Dear Robert
All of the units are currently in stock and can be shipped upon receipt of payment.
Please confirm you are happy with the pricing and confirm whipping instructions and I will issue a proforma invoice.
Thank you in advance.

Best Regards

M### B#########
Shipping Manager
XTA Electronics Ltd

Another Friend's Misfortune

6 weeks ago, a friend of mine bought his family a gorgeous, brand new, £800, Samsung 32 Inch LCD TV, as their existing CRT TV blew up, but the other day, I got this text message...

Alright mate? Is there anyway of repairing an expensive cracked 32 inch LCD TV that has NO accident cover?

It turns out he was playing football, with his eldest son, in the lounge with a knitted ball from his youngest son. The ball had a bell in the middle that became dislodge during the game and hit the TV, shattering the LCD panel! All they get now is few striped lines of colour, as pictured above.
He took out no accident cover (fair enough) but has no household contents insurance in place!!! He's going to be paying, for the now broken TV, for 3-years.
Samsung quoted him £720 for repair! OUCH

...Bonus Blog...

After the landlady of the Tan Hill read my blog entry regarding my Tan Hill adventures, she added a mention on the yellow ticker at the top of the Tan Hill website... COOL! :)

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Loosing both of my recycle bins... Yes, you heard right!
I put them out last Wednesday night, for the weekly Thursday morning collection, but return from work Thursday night and GONE!!! What do I do now???
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 5/10

Today's Top Tip: New Year Diet? Lose weight quickly by eating raw chicken or rancid fish.
The subsequent food poisoning and diarrhoea will enabled you to lose 12 pounds in only 2 days!


Anonymous said...

Ech! I am pretty sure the thought of rancid fish/raw chicken is enough to lose weight from the vomiting that occurs when thinking of it.

I actually posted something new! Woohoo!

Me Myself and I said...

haha! Email blunders. Do people not know the importance of re-reading your emails before hitting the send button?!

I'd be higher on the grr-o-meter if I were you. You take the time to recycle and do your part for Mother Earth's good health, and some juvenile delinquents go and steal your recycle bins!

Anonymous said...

eeks, stinky pish & clammy chicken :-]

anyhoo, those are punny emails. i of course, like the whipping one bestest :-X

Anonymous said...

Nice stories. The number of times I email without checking what I have ritten. (You see?)I should imagine your bins blew away. If your council is any good, they should replace them.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love those e-mails. The first one is very funny and creative. The second one is hilarious. It would have been nice if Robert had answered the e-mail with actual whipping instructions :)

Thanks for the top tip. I am sure that diet will work wonders!

Anonymous said...

So should your colleague now be called the "Whipping Manager"!?

Are you sure Mother Nature didn't take off with your reycling bins...given the weather we've had lately an' all?

As for you pal with the TV, or not as the case may be, thre's a salutory lesson there isn't there!?

mellowlee said...

The email blunders were hysterical, but OMG! Your poor friend with the TV, I could cry for him! Too sad :(

Phil said...

Hehe, a pretty gross top-tip eh! :]

We are all pretty careful at work, but these things happen now and again, although I have been ribbing the 'whipping' manager about it LOL, but I did remind him I once spelt the word shield wrong (i and swapped)on the screen-print on one of our products that gets sold in the 1000s and ship around the world! Oops, it was a few weeks and a couple of phone calls later before I could get it changed. It took a while to live that one down :]

Corkin' spelling there Boo :0)
Ah, so a little BMSM is it me dear? :]

Hehe, I get too confident with e-mails as well, but do try and rememeber to proof read. Eye dred 2 thinc wat I mae hav axedently e-maled ova thu yers! :0)
I've phoned the council about my bins and they are replacing them, no questions asked! Result!!! :]

Now that would have been funny if he had of put something back yeah. It went to Spain or Italy, so they may not have got it?
You can coin that dient the 'Dakota Diet' if you wish! :]

Teehee, yes, that's what I call him now :)
Mother nature took off with my bins indeed, but how they completly disappear, I'm not sure. I've phoned the council and replacements are on the way.
Yes, NEVER PLAY FOOTY IN THE LOUNGE, as his parents used to tell him :0)

Nowt like a harmless blunder to make you laugh eh!
Yeah, it was a sad, but I came up with a cunning insurance plan for him and all is going well so far *evil cackle* :0)

Kayla said...

When a problem comes along..
You must whip it
Whip it good!

I feel your friend's pain about the broken tv screen. Horrible!
I once bought a beautiful crystal case
for some jewelry, and promptly dropped it onto the tiled floor, shattering the poor thing to bits!
I was sick for days!

Ooohh..a mention on the Pub's site.
Now we must be careful of our telling who all will be reading!

Hope all is well, my DoGGa

Anonymous said...

I think you can contact the council and say that you put the bins out as you're supposed to, but when you got back they were gone. Then wait ages while the council replace them :-(

I'm still waiting for a blue bag to recycle paper - it took months and many Tesco bags full of cardboard before they left a yellow bag!

Phil said...

Hahaha, nice Devo pun Kayla :)
Ooh, a complimentary disaster story that, ouch! :[
Yay, all is almost well, if you know what I mean? Take care Kayla!

Code Monkey:
*Code Moneky establishes a psychic link* ... That's exactly whats hppening now, and I'm gaining a nice little collection of recyclables in carrier bags too :[]

Anonymous said...

Ew, I think I'll forgo the diet tip.

Liked your friend's email. That was pretty funny. I admire people that can write with humour.

Hopefully the thief trips over your recycle bins and dings up his knee in the process.

mellowlee said...

Ooooh, I hope the plan continues to work! :o) *plot plot scheme scheme* heeeheee

Phil said...

Yeah, not the diet for me either :[]
I'm sure the recycle bin theif will get their come-uppance, yes :)

Hehehe, on track so far, only next month will tell ;)