Monday, 29 January 2007


I heard on the news this morning, that YouTube want to encourage creativity, so they are going to start rewarding / paying people, who upload brilliant videos. What a great idea!

Well, I think this guy deserves a little reward for this peice..:]
A Human beat-box with a twist*. Quite remarkable what he can do with his voice, especially merging from a female voice to a male voice at the start!

This is precisely what you need in your Monday.

[* Shamelessly stolen from Omally's Blog]

Today, I'm Most Angry About: The ability alarm clocks have to speed up time. Minutes get shortened to seconds, when between snooze alarms and before you know it, half an hour has passed and you've got to get up. How mean :[]
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 1

Today's Top Tip:
Rappers - Avoid having to say "know what I'm sayin'" all the time by actually speaking clearly in the first place!


b o o said...

when u snooze u lose, know what i'm saying :-X

Dakota said...

Brilliant video, thanks for sharing :)

Kayla said...

Awesome video! And a cool way to make extra cash.
I wonder how this guy started making his sounds in the first place?
A hobby that really progressed into a skill. Talented.

Great tip for rappers, yo
Ya heard me?

Me Myself and I said...

haha! Wicked video. I wonder if he REALLY did all that with his mouth?

Phil said...

Ayeee :X

No probs, it is great! :]

I 'erd ya, mofo! :0)
He's done loads of stuff, but this is the best. Search for 'Beardyman' on YouTube and all sorts will come back.

I beleive so, he appears to be a pro or well known beat-box guy, so I reckon so! Search for 'Beardyman' on YouTube and all sorts will come back from him. :]

Anonymous said...

If my useless PC would play Youtube properly, I would be qualified to make a comment. As it is, roll on my birthday and my new laptop

Phil said...

Ooh, cool, new toys for your b'day!!! :]]]
View it later, it's cool

Unknown said...

You theiving swine! :p

Were you feeling lazy today, mateyskip? :)

Phil said...

Hahaha, yeah, it was too good not to share with others... :]