Monday, 8 January 2007

Happy 2007 Everyone...

"I hope you all had much festive fun and I wish everybody
a Happy New Year!"

As previously mentioned, my Christmas and New Year was very different to anything I had experienced before, as I spent the festive period living and working at the Tan Hill Inn THE HIGHEST PUB IN BRITAIN! (ALSO... IN THE MIDDLE OF FLIPPIN' NOWHERE)

A superb, unique time was had and I was made very welcome.
I learned a hell of a lot, including just how hard it is to run a pub, but being away from all my friends and family, especially at this time of year, really made me realise just how much they mean to me and gave me the time to reflect upon how much I missed everyone! :]

The Tan Hill Inn on a cold foggy night... My home for two weeks

Inside is a different place, with open fires, an original stone floor, plenty of real ale, animals, folks playing guitar and bonkers people

We had many walkers and cyclists drop by, as the Pennine Way runs right past the pub

Sherbet the dog, with her festive 'Woof Woof Merrily on High' Neckerchief.
Hey, the pub fits between her Gremlin-like ears

One morning, I found myself helping the Landlady give one of the ducks a bath, as it was injured by a customers dog a few days ago

DoGGboy himself, working behind the bar, with fellow barman Nano.
The rather phallus looking green thing is John Smith's Extra Smooth... Honest guv!

Aww, look at Toronto the kitten with Sherbs asleep by the fire on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning was really cold, as the place hadn't risen above freezing for 3 days.
Most of the staff and guests, including Tan, Sherbet and Myself, took a walk on the moors. Note the inch-long ice hanging off the blades of grass

Mike (Landlord), Tan (Sheep) and Tracy (Landlady)

After the morning walk, me and Tracy behaved like naughty school kids, by taking Tan into the side room and dressed him up as Father Christmas and then presented him to the outside world, which caused much hilarity with the guests and passers-by alike

Christmas dinner was a true feast... We got the guests to prepare vegetables AND wash up too... Result! There was a huge selection of food, including good old sprouts, and we were joined by Esmeralda the chicken, but we did not eat her :]

Sunset on Christmas Day

A friend popped up for on Boxing Day and we walked the Pennine way for while with Sherb

After popping back home for two days, to see friends and family and attend a fancy dress party (post coming shortly), I went back up north to help out with two weddings at the Tan Hill...
The first of which had a medieval theme, and as you can see, the costumes were fantastic and they played the parts well too

The one night we had winds peak at 98mph! Here you can see the anemometer's peak level nearly bottomed out. I went outside, but could not walk in it... Truly amazing winds!!!

I awoke the following morning to see Sherb had spent the night at the bottom of my bed.
A true hot water bottle, as she doesn't go cold after a few hours!

The next day was New Years Eve and we had another wedding.
A far more traditional one this time...

This is the Tan Hill's bridal suite... I kid you not!

The barmaid, Michelle, got a 7 week old puppy 'Tinker' for Xmas.
I was initially fooled into thinking they'd bought me a puppy and for a second I believed them, Grrr, how cruel!
...and I was having a bad-hair-day too :[

Many laughs were had, and Tracy never failed to shock me with her antics and phrases expressed in front of customers, but Mike got a classic one in on Christmas Eve while wrapping presents in the bar:

Tracy: "Ooh, are all those for me?"
Mike: "Yes dear, you wanted lots of small presents, so that's what I got you!"
Tracy: "Well I hope one of them contains a diamond ring, as that's what I'd really like."
Mike: "Nope... You've got a ring round your arsehole dear, what more do you want?" :0)

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Recovering from a stinking cold,
AKA ManFlu! Grrr...

Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10

Today's Top Tip: Motorists: Pressing your 'foglights' switch for a second time, days after the fog has cleared, will actually turn your foglights off!


kat said...

Sounds like a very special experience. Excellent photos, as usual.

Ernie said...

I love all of the photos. Your holidays seemed like something out of a movie. I sure wouldn't mind having that little puppy!!!! It is so cute. Exactly the kind that I want. I'm not allowed a dog though:( What is it's name?

Ernie said...

Woops, I just re-read and lil guy's name is tinker. My Bad!

LindzyPinzy said...

wow what a great experience dogga, happy new years again and those are awesome photos, the sunset the kitty on top of the post, all of them!

what kind of camera do you have?

Me Myself and I said...

Looks like a great time! Lots of doggie pics, guess what's what you can expect from a true Dogga ;) Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww! I want da puppy!!!!!

My oldest boy just got over the flu. He had a fever over 101.5 for a week.

So, tell me, how did you quit smoking? All I wanna do is eat when I don't smoke and my small frame can't afford that.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dogga, your pictures are awesome. I don't even know where to start. Your pictures always make me want to grab my backpack and hop on the first plane for destinations unknown. What an adventure you had.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos... and I would love to pay a visit to the Inn. Maybe one day.

Phil said...

Cheers Kat, an experience it was indeed :]

Thank you Ernie. I do partake in some unorthodox outings yes :0)
I would love that puppy too, although I'd prefer a Daschund cross like Sherbet!
Why are you not allowed a dog then?

Thank you Lindzy!!! :)
I mainly use a Pentax Optio S4i, but a couple of these were taken on a Canon 350D digital SLR.

I thought the post lacked dog pictures really... Kidding... I had to restrain myself not to post more and my friends think it's funny how most of my photos, from the trip, are of the dog doing different things :0)

Me too, Tinker was V cute.
Ah, that'll be BoyFlu... The early less potent form of ManFlu.
I quite smoking using Allen Carr's Interactive CD from Amamzon and will power. I refused to be a slave to it anymore and hated stinking of stale smoke. I put on about 1/2 stone and that's went after 6 months... E-mail or call me if you want to chat about it.

Aw, thank you, you're far too kind :]
An adventure it was though!!!

Phil said...

Yeah, it's worth a visit, especailly if you can catch it on a lively night. :] Let me know if you're ever over here...

Anonymous said...

John Smith's Extra Smooth. Is that what she told you?

Glad you had a good time. Loving the pictures.

Phil said...

John smith's - Well that's what they told me... White stuff came out when I pulled the handle anyhow :0)
Glad your loving the pictures Rob; thanks muchly!!! :]

Anonymous said...

Oh that certainly looks like a different, and above all, special kind of Christmas and New Years. Somehow you look very much at home, like you belong there. Good to see you had such a brilliant time. You must do it again sometime :)

Excellent photos!

Anonymous said...

nice green schtick. u need to grow your hair real long or cut it real soon. feel better soon {{hugs}}

Phil said...

Yeah, it is a magical place and fun place. All the staff are fun and easy going and I love having all the animals around, of course!
I'm going back with friends to help out again soon hopefully.
Cheers Dakota :]

LOL, yes, my thoughts exactly; it's beggining to annoy me and go all curly GRRR. I have an appointment with the lovely Gemma at Gianinni's next week. :]
Feeling a lot better today, thanks {{boo}}

Anonymous said...

Top post, doggboy. What an experience. The bridal suite looked excellent. You do get around, old chap.

Stu said...

That's an amazing experience! I almost popped up on one of the days but it's a good job I didn't - looks like it might have been when you weren't there!

Good work that man! Love the cat on the post :)

Anonymous said...

There's something postcard-sy about this place. It makes people want to go there.

the photo with the kitty/signage is great.

Phil said...

Lord Hutton:
Thanks Hutters! It was a real experience yes.
The bridal suite was funny, but it wasn't funny when I took it down the following morning, after Tracy asked us to start clearing the barn, and she asked me to put it back up so she could show customers! Grrr, but I'm au fait with tents from camping, luckily... I'll get you yet Daly!!! :0)

It truly was yes! Aw, that would have been cool to just suddenyl urn up, but not so much if I wasn't there (Wednesday / Thursday) :0)
I'm rather pleased with Minty the cat on the post pic... Right place, right time photo :] Thanks!
Catcha later Stu...

Yes it is, and they sell a variety of post cards up there too, and t-shirts and mugs and caps etc...
Minty on the post is a nice pic yeah, and as I said to Stu, a right place, right time photo :]

Kayla said...

The photos really tell a story.
From the first one showing the outside of the inn, it looks dark, cold and gloomy.
Next, a contrasting indoor photo where it looks like you are dancing!
I love that photo of you :-)

The bridal suite is interesting..
not exactly what I would have expected had I been the bride! No choice but to be cozily lying together in that tent!

Tan makes a jolly Father Christmas (nice dress up job!), and the photo of the sunset on Christmas day is absolutely stunning!

Sherb sleeping at the foot of your bed is too cute.
I'm sure you've heard the expression "it's a three dog night"? Meaning it's so cold, you need 3 dogs in the bed with you to stay warm?
Fabulous photos DoGGA..
What wonderful memories to treasure

mellowlee said...

Oh YAY , lots n lots of photos! So excellent! The puppy is a lot smaller than I thought, and could tell her size in the pic where you are holding her up. So cute! I really love the pic of the dog and cat sleeping my the fire. It doesn't get much better than that does it :O) I will come back and look at the photos again! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Great photos!

Phil said...

Yeah, it is a bit story like.
An odd wide angle photo with me in it, in an odd pose. A friend took it with a wide angle lense.
Hahaha, never heard of "it's a three dog night" :) but I'll sure be using it from now on, so thanks for that. :]

Thanks me dear!
The puppy was very tiny and very light too. I got so many 'ahhhs' when walking round collecting glasses with puppy in hand :]

Code Monkey:
Hello and welcome!
Thanky you very muchy Mr C.Monkey :]

Anonymous said...

I saw a picture of you today in the Observer, but the caption said it was fucking Chris Martin!

Anonymous said...

wow, what a wonderful experience :-)

Happy new year, Dogga!

Phil said...

Oh, for chuff sake, that god dam Chris Martin stealing my identity... AGAIN! :0)

Cheers Yoda!!! :]

Anonymous said...

pot calling the kettle black :-X

are u over your cold? hugss

Phil said...

Ah, I see, LOL. Thanks for clearing that up :]
Yeah, cold over now, cheers me dear!
Virtual hugs always help :0)

Anonymous said...

Shari and I were going to go get hypnotized sometime soon.

What the hell is 1/2 a stone? Freaky English language! :p

Phil said...

Ooh, cool! Good luck.
Freaky language, English... Just remember where you 'Merkans nicked it from :0)
1/2 stone is 7 pounds.
I weight just over, 11 and 1/2 stone which is 161 pounds. :]

Me Myself and I said...

DUDE! It's time for an update already...


Phil said...

DONE!!! :]