Thursday, 25 January 2007


Last month, my buddy Big Rich had a fancy dress bash!

Vampire Rich

Fairies DoGGa and Andy and on the left we see a rare, but nice surprise appearance from Steve
(Note the severe lack of fancy dress though... *tut, tut*... Named and SHAMED)

Wanting to get my monies worth and it being a different crowd, I wore my nice red fairy outfit again, but with a subtle difference.
Big Rich's wife,
Priscilla, for a laugh, got me a leopard skin thong for Xmas.
Now politeness dictates we should wear an item of clothing someone has bought you, when in their company, so I thought it would be rude not to sport these little numbers when in the presence of Priscilla...

After a few beers, off came the fairy outfit... Eat your heart out Steve-O!

Bonus bum shot! :0)

Priscilla looked a tad horrified and wouldn't come near. She opted to stand over the other side of the hall, but that may have been because she was with her parents, teehee :[]
A fun night was had and yes, the fairy outfit did go back on for the journey home!

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Pouring yet another cup of coffee over myself... What's wrong with me? Do I have a drinking problem or what? That's twice in one month!!! Grrr
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10

Today's Top Tip: Bomb disposal experts' wives... Keep your husband on his toes by packing a lump of plasticine and an old alarm clock in with his sandwiches!


Kayla said...

Half nekkid DoGGa!
Nice bum..
You put Steve-O to shame!
Remind me you to serve you a few beers if I am with you in person...
I'll be sure to have you out of your clothes that way! hahaha

when drinking coffee, be sure to be fully dressed to avoid horrific burns!

Anonymous said...

OMG! those leopard prints are so MILF. please don't ever wear those again. PLEASE :-X

Anonymous said...

Missing your mouth is a sure sign of a drinking problem!

Anonymous said...

Seeing that was enough to make me miss my mouth!
*tries to flog pics to dodgy website

Anonymous said...

Clicking on your sight first thing on a Friday morning is a pretty good way to start the day! lol What was Priscilla thinking!

Phil said...

Cheers Kayla :0)
Cor, I don't think I put the leopard-skin-thong-god Steve-O to shame, but give me enough beer and I'll try my bestest...
Ooh, yes, no coffee was drunk in the making of this blog entry; thanks for the tip! :]

So 'MILF' LOOOL hahaha, what a rather rude acronym Boo; naughty girl!
Never say never, or ever in this case :0X

Yeah, I think you're right. Thanks for the confirmation :]

What were you putting in your mouth at the time of this blog viewing? LOL
Ooh, if you're trying to flog them, I'll give you the full res versions and we'll go halves on the profit! :]

Well, it could have started your day off either well or badly; I'm glad it started well :0)
Ah, I just think Priscilla didn't think about the consequences LOL :]

Me Myself and I said...

hahahahahaha! I can see your bum!

I used to spill coffee on myself all the time too. It was a phase that last a couple of months. Soon, your coffee spilling phase will be over too :)

mellowlee said...

Ohmygod, I really needed a good howl like that. You are too funny! What a cheeky guy. XD

I always spill coffee on myself when I am A) wearing something white 2) on my way to an important meeting or C) wearing something new. It's such a pissoff!!!

Thanks again for the grins! xo

Anonymous said...

OMG…..How could you wear those shoes with that outfit. You must have known they didn’t complement the leopard skin thong. That combination is a big NO, NO! ;)

Anonymous said...

*eyes boggling*

Phil said...

Photogirl / Celeste:
You are taunting me with your pseudo random blog names...
I am taunting you with my bum :]
Ooh, I'm glad you can forsee my coffee problem ending!!! :]

Hehe, glad you are on my wavelength with the humour there...
It's not just me with the coffee then :0)

I know, I know, the shoes were a bad idea... I shall check with the shop assistant before comencing with such fashion travesties in future :0)

Mine too :0)

kat said...

Ha ha - you brave person!

Phil said...

It was worth it for the laugh :]

Me-ow said...

Dogga, I will say you have balls (and I think I may have seen them too)
Fun photos...

Phil said...

LOL, whoops, was I 'showing' without knowing? :0)

LindzyPinzy said...

nice bum!!!!!
those leopard prints are halarious!!!

Phil said...

Hehe, tthhaannkkss... :]

Anonymous said...

My nightmares will have a strange new twist having seen these pictures.

I'm telling my therapist on you!

Phil said...

Hahaha, yeah, I should have started the post with a warning really :0)