Monday, 26 March 2007

Running The Tan Hill Inn...

Last week I helped run the Tan Hill Inn while the owners and most of the staff were down in London attending the Publican Awards 2007.
I felt very privileged to be left pretty much in charge of the place and did not take the responsibility lightly, so put everything I had into it and it all turned out just fine :]

Myself, Andy and Rachel ran the place like clockwork(ish) and a superb time was had:

Upon arrival, Tan Hill was a windy and snowy scene

Who's the barman in the kewl hat?

The Old Peculiar clock, hung above the till, does actually make sense after 3 pints of the stuff, honest guv.

Tracy's Hagland - If we get really snowed in, this is our ticket out!

On my first morning, I should of guessed something was likely to happen, but did not expect to have a 'snowball wakeup'. This little jape was concocted between Andy and Rachel and I thought both of them were funny as f*** :0)

As you can imagine, I was glad to see Sherbet the dogga again, YAY!!!

It's true - 3 rings and it goes in. There are a few jars full of pickled phones on the bar :)

Andy actually washing up :0) *kidding*

One of the many responsibilities is looking after the chickens - So I round up the hens to put them somewhere warm for the evening and make sure they are fed.

Also, there are a few ducks to keep warm and fed too, but I have concluded that ducks are actually more stupid than chickens! Aww, how cruel, but they are cute.

Minty the cat making himself comfortable behind the bar, but he was soon 'removed'!

Toto the kitten outside the pub on a sunny afternoon

Ted Moult from 'that famous 1980s Everest double glazing advert' where he drops the feather by the window. The advert was filmed here and that is the actual feather used. How cool!

The hound really knows how to go straight to my heart by doing the classic sit up and beg manoeuvre, normally perfectly executed when I have food.

Here's Martin, a guest staying with a friend for one night. We found out it was his 21st birthday and Rachel made him the sign above his head. It was a riot* I tell you!!! A fireman's helmet was just the start *on the contrary :[]

I bought Sherby a new toy - She seems to like it :)

Jet fighters were practicing overhead one of the days and I caught this nice shot [the plane doesn't look like a blob when bigger]

The beautiful Rachel playing guitar and singing one afternoon, captivating the whole pub.

A chicken flew in through the open window one lunchtime, much to the surprise of the customers and that was further added to by me not batting an eyelid. The hen was soon being fed and fussed by everyone though

Aww, the hound asleep... She's all paws :]

The obligatory mooning shot on the Pennine Way... Sorry, but you knew it was coming, right?

Extreme close up of Sherby's nose... A wet nose = A happy hound

Rachel lit by a Sunset

Gosia, resident staff and the in house Polish pianist... and she's very good!

This sign was replaced by a modern one the day after I took this!

Ooh, yet another one of the dogga, how did that get in there?

Last, but very much not least, Tracy the landlady - Although I'm not sure the word 'lady' is something I would whole-heartedly associate with her :0)

A moody tan Hill sunset

Anyhow, I'm flying out to Germany today folks, to attend the Musikmesse and much more in Frankfurt, so see ya'll in a week.

Today, I'm Most Angry About: My car refusing to start this morning, as the battery appears to be voltage shy... Grrr... and then my PC at work broke, then my printer and then my PDA... What a morning that was - I was in ever such a good mood!
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 6/10

Today's Top Tip: Chavs in Vauxhall
Corsas. Attach a lit sparkler to the roof of your car before starting a journey - You drive the things like dodgems, so they may as well look like one!


Me Myself and I said...

cool photos! (and of course there was a bum shot ;)

looks like fun!

b o o said...

oy, some pics are dejavu. but you can never have enough pics of your bumbum :-X

kat said...

I like the pickled mobile phone idea. :-)

Phil said...


Thank you! The post would not be complete without a bum shot :]

Yeah, def been there before :0X
And as I said to Celeste, the post would not be complete without a bum shot :]

Hehe,it makes some customers nervous :)

Anonymous said...

Of course, they could get a phone jammer.
Nice pics, lucky man.

Andre Veloux said...

Wow! That hat is getting more like some kind of mutation from the Disney club all the time. And Ted Moult, yes I remember him, a sad tale!

Great pub though. Don't suppose I'll ever get there unfortunately.

Dakota said...

A new serving of “Tan Hill” fun. Thanks for sharing another adventure :) Lovely place, great photos!

mellowlee said...

As always, such FABULOUS photos! The one of the cat, Toto, is especially nice. The pickled mobile phone thing is too funny. :O) I hope you have a great time and bring us back something good! xo

Anonymous said...

That picture of Rachel is absolutely gorgeous!

Phil said...

Ah, a phone jammer yeah :]

Hey, you leave the hat alone :)
Yeah, poor Ted has long past now :[

Another Tan Hill adventure indeed. Glad you liked the photos :]

Aw, cheers matey! A fab time was had indeed - I just wanna go back :]

Thanks Sarah - The subject is pretty gorgeous too, or is that what you meant? :0)

silver horde said...

Great photos. I went to that pub back in the eighties, thanks for the memories!!

Phil said...

Silver Horde:
Hello and welcome - Ah, glad you liked the photos - That must of been a right blast from the past seeing those then. That's a long way to come to the best pub in Britian... :0)

Me-ow said...

Rachel is a cutie

Phil said...

She's very petite and polite :]