Thursday, 24 May 2007

KFC Vs Tan Hill...

Some of you may know this story, but for those who don't...

Cutting a long story short, Tan Hill Inn innocently call their Xmas dinner a 'Christmas Dinner Family Feast' as it best describes what it is and no harm in that eh?

Well, Kentucky Fried Chicken somehow stumbled across the phrase "Family Feast" on the Tan Hill website and decided to send them a letter 'ordering' them to remove it from their menu and site as they claim that phrase as their own and further action would be taken if they did not! The landlady thought it was another April Fools prank letter after previously receiving mine and phoned me to tell me all about it :]

Tan Hill didn't stand for this petty stab at them and stood their ground and after the landlady made much British publicity (BBC TV news, GMTV, national papers and even Chris Evens BB2 radio show) KFC eventually backed down!!! YAY for Tan Hill.

If you want to watch the short BBC news video, it's labelled 'Storm in a bucket at Tan Hill' on the right here.
the article can be read here.

Talking of Tan Hill, that's where I'm off to this Bank Holiday for a fun working weekend, so see ya'll next week and have a great end-of-week everyone!

If it's not a bank holiday where you are... UNLUCKY :0)

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Irreversible things! (and I'm not talking about cagoules)
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 7/10

Today's Top Tip:
Spectacle wearers: Save money on expensive handkerchiefs by using toilet roll to clean your glasses with before wiping your arse. NB: Must be done in this order!


mellowlee said...

BIG YAY for Tan Hill!!!!!! Have a fabulous weekend!

Phil said...

Yay indeed! Cheers Mellow :]

Jenny! said...

Oh you gave me the heebie jeebies just thinking about KFC...makes my stomach hurt just hearing the name! Hooray for the little guy!

b o o said...

did u mean like this:

so that you can travel light for your bank holiday?

we get next thu off for vesak day, Buddha's /Siddartha's birthday.

more pics when you get back ok :-X

Lord Hutton said...

*ahem re KFC
Top tip: must try and get that in the right order

Beth said...

Those evil corporate bastards. Go, Tan Hill!

Dakota said...

I hate it when those devilish corporate suits think they can mess with small businesses. Who do they think they are? Hooray for Tan Hill! Have a brilliant weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Have a nice time MrDogga! I like that pub -haven't been there for years!

Toccata said...

Yay for Tan Hill indeed. I cannot believe anyone would think they own the phrase, "Family Feast" how ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

It even got a mention on HIGNFY this week. Fame indeed! :D

Me-ow said...

That is amazing that KFC went after Tan Hill. Soon we won't be able to use the word chicken.
I had posted a small video on after I had taken my family to the Big Apple Circus over the Christmas Holiday that was short and very positive. There was no audio and I had some song playing as background. Anyway...I had labeled it Big Apple Circus some clown from their office saw what I had posted and sent a rather nasty email ordering me to remove it because of copyright infringment. So I remade the movie and flipped the scenes horizontally and added a fuzzy effect and reposted the video as
"Big Apple SuckAss".
I haven't heard from him (yet)

Thanks for the T T Tip.
I had been doing them in the wrong order.
No wonder I have a shitty outlook

Kayla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phil said...

Hehe, I stay clear of fast food, but do very occasionally indulge :[]
Hoorah indeed :)

LOOOL - Err, I was thinking more mental / physical human trauma experiences, but hey, nice reversable 'pants' anyhow, as Merkans would say :]

Oooh, I want a Vesek day too!

More pics on the way and possibly one of my arse :X

*shhh* I know :[]
Yeah, MUST be done in that order - As :Phil: has said, "Thanks for the T T Tip. I had been doing them in the wrong order. No wonder I have a shitty outlook"

Hello and welcome Beth!
Evil corporate bastards must stood up to where possible, so yay indeed :]

Yeah, it's a bit like bullying I think... Go for McDonalds or whoever, but not an unintentional country pub.
A brill weekend was had thanks :]

Ah, so you've been there then! Cool! A nice time was indeed :]

It is a bit OTT, but hey its only done Tan Hill Inn the world of good - talk about busy up there :]

Whoa, now that's really cool...
*what's HIGNFY by the way?* LOL

Hahaha, yes, I remember that you writing about that!!!
LOL on a "shitty outlook" - Very clever :]

Comment Deleted:
Hello and welcome Comment, although I feel your input doesn't have much to do with my post :[]

kat said...

Good for Tan Hill but how ridiculous of KFC - It makes them look foolish.

All businesses who threaten people in this way should be publicly named, shamed and laughed at.

Phil said...

Hell yeah, I think that's happened! :]

Anonymous said...

I am selling KFC Family Feasts and McDonalds Burgers with free cigarettes on my blog....the loons!!

Max said...

I think the makers of Feast icecreams should countersue KFC for use of their brandname

Phil said...

Ooh cool, put me down for a KFC bucket, a MaccyD quarter pounder deluxe and a pack of Berkley! :]

Now that would be a funny twist! :0) genius!

Anonymous said...

Its done Mr Dogga! Natch!