Wednesday, 16 May 2007

A Wet & Windy Weekend in Wales MkII...

Day 1:
A few of us got together and went to a small Welsh town called Bala:

We planned to do many activities, but all of them were spoilt due to crap Welsh weather E.G. Rain and wind and lots of it!
The whole weekend was a bit of a disaster, but it was nothing beer didn't sort out :]

Bala lake looking very stormy indeed

The town itself is nice, if not a little rough at the edges, although you have to love the Henblas garage petrol station on the side of a house!

Technology seems to be new around here!
Whatever next?
TVs capable of displaying images?
Speakers capable of making a noise?
(Feel free to add your own...)

Day 2:

A generic DoGGa shot of the miles of country lanes we drove across to get to our first walk of the weekend...

The idea was to climb up here and walk along the Aaron ridge

It started to chuck down on the way up...

About half way up, it really started to pour and someone spotted this huge direction indicator through the rain at the bottom of the valley. Rather cool I thought and it distracted us from the wet stuff for all of 10 seconds...

I the wa back to the car, I spotted this lamb in the road trying to get back to it's mom through a fence, but it couldn't find a way through, so I cornered it, popped it back over the fence and watched the happy reunion, YAY!

Welsh+Toffee+Vodka are three words you would not normally associate being together, but this 'Toffoc' made in Wales is just gorgeous, so we all polished off a bottle on the evening.
(Take note of my rather nifty dog bone shaped keyring! :-)

I found this tiny comedy caterpillar on my leg.

We also played cards for a good while and my luck was NOWHERE to be seen that evening and I got fleeced all I had. My wallet ended up completely empty at the end of the night.
For example, take this jackpot that I was happily shovelling into thinking I was onto a winner... I was not best pleased :`[

Day 3:

On the last day we tried a smaller 2000ft mountain.
I was seriously knackered walking up this bit and if you could zoom in you'd see me flipping the bird to the camera... And I meant it at the time... So there! :0)

On the way up, I was dared 50p to go and tweak the bull's nose ring, but I decided not to even though the stakes seemed appealing

I did however fancy my chances with this tadpole.
Brave aren't I?

I even tackled this newt I found

We all made it to the top just as it started to piss down:
JohnnyG, Big Rich, Dave, Andy, Roy and DoGGa

Today, I'm Most Angry About: My e-mail system going down :(
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 4/10

Today's Top Tip:
Teenagers: Stop your trousers from falling halfway down your arse by wearing a strip of perforated leather with a buckle around your waist!


b o o said...

no butt shot again?

anyhoo u did a stu with that lamb.

incidentally my colleagues & i went to a bar called 'balaclava' tonight for a drinkie. we call it bala for short.

see how great & alike minds think & do similar things albeit different continents?

phillie had a little lamb
little lamb
little lamb
and a salad
and some beer

:-X burp

Pat said...

I don't suppose you know whether Smtihy bought a bottle of Toffoc home with him do you? Sounds delicious.

Shame 'bout the weather, was looking forward to the whitewater rafting photos :( but the teeny weeny caterpillar made up for it, awww :)

Jenny! said...

The lake pic was cool, did you see Lochness? I didn't think bulls actually had nose rings, I thought that was only for cartoons!

Lord Hutton said...

boo nicked all my comments, but nice to see a pic of you and your gurlfren

Anonymous said...

But surley a belt would ruin the 'look', the whole point is that you see their pants! duhhhh lol

Lord Hutton said...

"Wales" would have sufficed as a blog title: the other 3 "W"s would have been implied

Me Myself and I said...

Dogga you have such a fun life! I envy you that you have such lovely adventures. The pics are great!

kat said...

Was there a fence between you and that bull? I would have been too terrified to take a photo of it.

Toccata said...

That camera sign is absolutely priceless. I once saw a sign outside a general store that said, "If we don't have it you don't need it."

I'm with Boo. Where's the butt shot?

Phil said...

*shakes in fear of Boo* sorry, no arse shot this time... AGAIN! :[

Bala bar = sounds kewl!
Like minds alike YAY :0)

Thanks for the little burpy Boo :X

No, the Toffoc was prebiously bought, so no duty free this weekend :[
Yeah, weather was awful, ubt booze and comedy caterpillars made up for it indeed :0)

Hahaha, no Lochness. That lake is in Scotland about 400miles away :0)
But I have been there and didn't see anything :[
Yup, most English bulls will have a ring through their nose cartoon styleee!

Eh, what u sayin' 'bout me noo missus? :0) She was a good catch BOOM BOOM!
Yeah, Welch weather mostly = rain.

Really, you know I never knew that? Thanks for correcting me :0)

Thanks Celeste!!! :]
My life has it's fair share of down points too, I just don't blog about them much :[]

LOL, yes their was a substantial fence between me and the moo-er... luckily! :]

Yeah, the sign was indeed a gem - But I like your too:]
OK, OK, alright already... Bum shot on the next adventure post :)

Dakota said...

What’s next, that’s good question :)

Cars capable of moving?
Trashcans capable of holding trash?
Freezer capable of freezing?
Sheep capable of producing wool?
Glass capable of holding liquids?

Okay enough of that! Another nice weekend…..woohoo! And okay it rained, but hey if you had stayed home you couldn’t have saved the little lamb. You’re a brave and fearless sheep rescuer :)

I love the keyring (now I know where you got the inspiration for your header from) :)

Me-ow said...

That's one rather large sperm cell in your hand there Dogga.
Great shots, love the one about the cameras. So proper.
In NYC it would read something like this
"Yo, we're watching your ass"

justacoolcat said...

Those are some cool looking clouds.

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Excuse me!! Lay off it being the "Welsh" weather. It was pissing down everywhere! So there. Ner.

mellowlee said...

Oooo, could you please send me the bala lake photo? I still have the tree as my desktop at work. I think the lake would be amazing. BTW, the tree got plenty of lovely compliments from co-workers!!

Aw, you are a hero for saving that lamb. He looks so cute, and fat awww!

Phil said...

LOOOL - Great additions there Dakota! 'Sheep capable of producing wool' Hahaha!

Yup, it takes nerves of aluminium to catch a lamb :]

Yes, the keyring was the start of the dogbone logo :0)

Hehehe... errr... wrong colour Phil :0)
Yeah, not enough attitude in our signs eh! :]

Cool Cat:
Hello and welcome!
Aye, they were some menacing looking clouds indeed :]

Yeah, you're right *folds arms in defeated huff* :]

Yeah sure! It's winging it's way to you on the cyberspace highway - AKA I've e-mailed it :]
Aw, that's ace you still have the tree at work, love it - I'm touched! :)
Actually, she was a fat lamb come to think of it... Mmm, maybe she's been feeding on road side junk food scraps? :0)