Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Spray & Pray...

A couple of my friends were bought white water rafting experience tickets for Xmas, so a few weeks ago they decided to use them and add on a few liggers e.g. me :]

All kitted up and ready to go!
Why I look half the size of the others in this picture I'm not quite sure, although notice I'm the only one who has any slack meterial around the waist.
(Roy: stop holding in your stomach and pushing out your chest; you're not fooling anyone :0)

Having never done this before, I was quite nervous to start with, but after the first couple of rapids I was soon loving it

The second run down I opted to go in the front - it really is the place to be when doing this, but you do get maximum soakification

On the windowsill of the rafting place, I spotted this amazing coloured moth

The weather was dull the next day, so we went on a low-level walk

The path skirted all the way round a small mountain giving stunning views for minimum effort! RESULT :]

Bilberries were growing in abundance, so I was scoffing them on the way round

It's always the ones at the back that get eaten alive first ya know

Foxglove AKA Digitalis, although they look pretty analogue to me :]

Two jet fighters practicing a dogfight through the valleys
Woof, bark, growl, snarl... NO, not that kind of dog fight!

Spinning the camera while taking a shot gives a great effect

Top of a random tree

Bottom of a random tree

The walk ends at a large scenic lake

Lily pads on a rainy pond

Then the pub for tea...
So that's why it's called Red Snapper - wow!

...and to finish, a late night card / drinking session.
Maybe there's a decent hand at the bottom of my whiskey glass..? Nope! :[]


Next, I'm off to do monitors for the main stage of 3-day festival in Wales called Sheep Music!

See ya all next week - Take care folks x

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Arriving at work this morning and realising I'd left my phone at home; especially after yesterday when I'd forgotten both my phone AND iPod! GRRR
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10

Today's Top Tip: Single men: About this time of year, it's better to try and cop off with girls called Holly, Carol or Noelle; They are likely to have a birthday around Christmas, by which time (let's face it) the initial passion would have died down and you'd have probably split up, thereby saving money on Christmas AND birthday presents!


Anonymous said...

Great photos Mr D! I have to ask you why you sign up for these horrible adventurous things? The pubs open at 11.am - and you can stay all day. I like the idea of a Random Tree - I wonder what its little fruits would be called?

Anonymous said...

Hay! Im second!

Phil said...

Thanks Mr M!
Nuts adventurous friends is normally the cause, but not everytime and there's always a pub visit at some point suring the day too :]

LOL - A Random Tree yes... The fruits would be called 'Rogers' of course silly.

You're first too!

b o o said...

thats a bootiful moth and a nasty looking pish

have a good time at the festival

btw, those suits looked kinda gay :-X

Lord Hutton said...

Gay suits? Where's the bumshot?

Nice photos. You do get about.

My girl is called Holly, but her birthday's in March, so definitely 2 presents

Phil said...

BTW the suits did look a bit gay yes, but they feel nice :X

AH yes, well spotted, no bum shot this post - I'm slacking again :]

We've passed March, so still safe until Xmas :[]

Cheers Mr LH

Jenny! said...

Your photos are always amazing! That moth looks spray painted! I love all of them! YOu guys looked pretty hot in your wetsuits!

Phil said...

Aw, thank you! :]
That moth looks photoshop'd yeah LOL.

Oooh, most people said we all look gay in the wetsuits, so thanks for offering an alternative :0)

Dakota said...

Woohoo….wild water rafting is soooo amazing (and wet)! I did it in the States once and had the best time ever.

Were you there with two sets of brothers or do they look-alike by accident? Weird!
Kind of a weird moth too, never seen anything like it.

It’s a shame the weather wasn’t cooperating a bit more, the photos are great but I guess a bit of sunshine would have made them even more beautiful.

Have a great time at the Sheep music festival and don’t forget to celebrate and act silly (the only way to get the t-shirt ;)), I guess this is the best venue for it :)

Jenny! said...

Skin tight wet suits... are so not gay!

Anonymous said...

Wise words in todays top tip - if I find a random girl called Bunny do you think I could cope with her until Easter?

Phil said...

Graham & Prince:
Hello and welcome!!!

LOL - I think if you were dating a called 'Bunny', spliting up with her before Easter would be the least of your concerns :]

If she were called 'Solstice' then it would be a real 50/50 gamble!

..This could go on for ever...

Anonymous said...

You get all the fun don't ya? I'm gonna have to do White water rafting sometime.
Wetsuits look foolish (proof: http://robpannell.com/blog/?p=16) but they are awesomely good at their job. I love mine when I'm out not catching any waves.
How did you get so many pictures of yourself rafting? do you have a very fast running friend on the bank?

mellowlee said...

Oh I couldn't stand a whole day without my phone and iPod! Fabulous photos. I just may be requesting one of them for a new desktop, is that ok? My line is going down in five minutes for them to work on it, so I am making this a quick comment. I'll be back later! xo Take care!

Me Myself and I said...

Love the foxglove pic!!

I am going to try and forget about "today's top tip". grr


kat said...

Never seen a moth like that!

Phil said...

LOL - You had snorkel and mask though too :]
Wet suits absolutely rock when it comes to British waters - I too have my own, but will purchase a new one soon that's full length and thicker.

Haha, no, my friend Maureen had a camera and was sat outside the centre that the river runs past!

Nor me, I drove back to home and got them :]
Thank you and yes, just drop me an e-mail and I'll send a photo or two over!
Hope your line is OK...

Thanksing you! I got three good ones and it was really hard to choose which one to post.
Top tip *snigger* :]

Nor me - I didn't photoshop either :]

Kayla said...

Hello there DoGGa!
I've been white water rafting once, and it was a sublime mixture of fear and exhilaration. Although I enjoyed the experience, I'm not sure I have the guts to do it again! ha
As for the wetsuits..HOT HOT HOT

The photo of the foxglove is incredibly beautiful! I set it as the background on my computer.

Max said...

I've been Kiyaking, but never rafting.

Looks great!

Andre Veloux said...

I thought I had replied to this and made some joke about you being the little guy in the photo. Maybe you are just standing way in the background ;)

Phil said...

Hiii ya!
There's probably much better rafting available in the states - Britian isn't really known for it's white waters, but we do have plenty of wet suits, as it's so chuffin' cold in the sea!
Glad your liking them though; that makes it about 50/50 for hot or not :]
Aw, cool, glad you liked the flower!

'tis good fun indeed :]

Hehe, yeah, I put it down to an odd optical illusion!!!