Sunday, 4 November 2007


No, this isn't a post about my hard disk size, although I am running out of space on my 80GB SATA drives, due to too much... I'll stop! :]

I haven't been to a gig in a while, so in true OCD all-or-nothing styleee, I went to see Kula Shaker and then Underworld the next day, as I'm friends with the people doing the shows and they use XTA gear.

It was good to catch up with some people I hadn't seen for a while and we all ate out at a superb Thai restaurant in Wolverhampton called 'Made in Thai' - Highly recommended if you're in the area!

Access-All-Area Kula Shaker pass!
I saw Kula Shaker many years ago, when they first became big, and I thought they were just as good this time round.

Kula Shaker's dressing room containing their monitor engineer Jamie.

As you'd expect, there were class A drugs and loose women everywhere as you can see :0)
Cups of tea, a can of warm Guinness and many Doritos were actually consumed instead, courtesy of the band, which makes it taste nicer.
Nice tea-bagging action there Jamie; knees bent, back straight, no drips!

Kula Shaker from FOH.

Me old mucker Mike on lights and video.


Next up, Underworld in Birmingham...

I've seen Underworld many times and one of my most memorable gigs was seeing them in Manchester years ago, although I hadn't seen those fab inflatable light-tubes used before.

Frontman Karl Hyde is actually a resident lad from Bewdley and you'll often see his mum attending their local gigs and a guy I work with dates his niece!
Whoops, I've just blown their coolness factor haven't I? :]

My friend John at the helm, while they do their most well known track 'Born Slippy', used in the film 'Trainspotting'.
That got the crowd going somewhat!

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Discovering my old steel bath is worth only £3 to the local scrap merchants, who's advert reads: 'Scrap Metal Collected for Free - Top Prices Paid!' :[
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 0.5/10

Today's Top Tip:
Motorists: Honk if you hate noise pollution!


Kayla said...

Kula Shaker is one of Jon's favorite bands. (Third of Never).
I'm glad to see a new post from you!
I've been sooooooo busy with work I haven't had much time to blog or cruise my friends blogs.
I love Thai food, although I think we get the "Americanized" version of Thai.
Would you believe it was only this year that I learned what "tea bagging" meant?! Lori in Florida's sister explained it to me. :0) Blushing now...

DoGGa said...

Oi, stop your honking :0)
Ah, I wasn't sure if you would know Kula Shaker over the pond, so that's cool!
You'll have to come to the UK and experience British Thai :] It's probably like American Thai, only a third of the portion size LOL.
It's good to see such obnoxious phrases are pretty global :]

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Welcome back to Blogland Dogga!

DoGGa said...

Why thank you maam! :]

Lord Hutton said...

Yay! for Kula Shakr! Nice tyo see you back, Doggboy!

DoGGa said...

Cheers Mr H! :]

Andre Veloux said...

Kula Shaker always were brilliant. Pity they never seem to venture into the chunnel or a cross channel ferry. I knew they had reformed, just can't get to see them. Can you have a word?

Underworld? Surely there were class A drugs everywhere. Isn't that what its all about?

And yeah, glad to have you back.

DoGGa said...

Yeah, I'll have a word with Crispian and tell him to pull in f'in finger out and do a European stint :0)

I had a beer at Underworld, as I was driving, does that count LOL!

Cheers Andre :]

Photogirl said...

hola, and welcome back!

"nice tea bagging action" .. hahahaha

DoGGa said...

Thanks Celeste! ;->

Max said...

I got a/the Kula Shaker cd - thought the had split up in the 90's.

DoGGa said...

Yeah, I've got 'K' Kula Shaker CD, from the first time round - Govinda etc...

They did split, but reformed last year I think?

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Good to see you back old chap! Kula Shaker - now there's a blast from my past. Great band, it's a shame they seemed to disappear from the mainstream with their brand of ethnic (or ethereal?) rock.....

DoGGa said...

Nicely put sir, nicely put! :]

:phil: said...

how is your friend with "loose tea"?

DoGGa said...

LOL - I have no idea :o)

mellowlee said...

I haven't listened to Kula Shaker in a while, I must hunt down some new stuff! I think they did a song on the soundtrack "I know what you did last summer" called "Hush" I love that song, whichever CD it's on.

DoGGa said...

'Hush' Is a great track yeah, although I'm not sure which album it's off! :[]

snowqueen said...

I'm jealous - I'd love to see Underworld - whenever I'm feeling a bit miserable or when I'm on a high I play Cowgirl which is my fave track. Those light tubes are brilliant!

DoGGa said...

I've seen underworld many times and I think they're great!
Cowgirl is also my favourite track :]