Friday, 14 December 2007


I live about 20 miles southwest from the UK's 2nd largest city:
Not having visited 'Brum' for a while, a friend and I decided to go for a bit of a jolly up there and was pleasantly surprised to see how much the city had come on over the years!

There was tons to see and do, and loads of fancy places to eat and drink. I was spoilt for choice shopping and the Frankfurt Christmas open-air market was also on for all your sausage needs!

Some fancy things

A remarkably quiet street for this time of year!

An alternative looking Christmas tree, by day...

...and by night

One of the most impressive buildings is Selfridges
A HUGE department store.
It's a great shop and yes, they probably do 'sell fridges'!!! *oooh* sorry

...and by night

There are some top notch places to dine inside too.
My favourite being the
Ekachai Noodle Bar

The Selfridges escalator system is rather good

I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I spotted they were selling chocolate stars. *snigger* :0]

To finish, we went to see She Stoops to Conquer at The Rep theatre

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Somehow managing to loose my towel between leaving my circuit training class and entering the changing rooms! I retraced my steps and asked staff, but nothing... GONE!!!
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10

Today's Top Tip:
Pop a few tea bags into your home's hot water tank and you can make a hot cuppa anytime by just turning on the hot tap.


Lord Hutton said...

I was in Brummagem only yesterday and very great it is too. But try finding your way out of Bullring/Pallasades. Not a direction or way out sign in sight

Anonymous said...

Is your towel blue? i might know the 'thief'!!

Anonymous said...

Wow... great photos. You've made it look nice! (Which, actually, when you come to mention it... it _is_!)

Phil said...

LOL - I know, it's a right nightmare... Once you're in, that's it, you're in!
I found a way out through a shop's perfume department :]

Big Sis:
Yes, it is blue, so please do tell :0]

Thank you Stu!!!
Yeah, it's sooo much better than it used to be - well worth a visit :]

Jeangenie said...

Selfridges is one of the most hideous buildings I've ever seen in my life. And not just cos it's modern - Canary Wharf, for example, is fantastic. (The Gherkin is obscene though.)

Phil said...

What's that? *puts hand to ear* I think I can hear Selfridges crying LOL :) Ah, you've hurt her feelings!
It is a weird building, but not as weird and the Gherkin indeed, that rox! :0]

Anonymous said...

The snaps are good. Good to see you are getting a bit of culture too! lol.

Have a happy Crimbo!

Kayla said...

What a pretty city. Our Birmingham (AL) is quietly know as a beautiful city..especially the outskirts, surrounding cities.
Love, love, love the Dept. Store!

Kayla said...

And excellent tree!

Phil said...

Yeah, Brum has come on loads, although I know nothing about your Brum really :]

It's a pretty rockin' department store... as far as department stores go :0]