Sunday, 6 January 2008


I've been on a few adventures over the festive period, one of which was a lads' walking weekend in Clun

We all stopped the night at The White Horse Inn.
...and also got slightly rollocked by the waitress for eating our own monkey nuts! Oops
Take that any way you wish - LOL

Check out this old door I found round the corner from the pub.
What a lovely knocker :]
The town had lots of character and history, including it's own castle!

The toilet in my room was fitted with a macerator and stuck to the cistern was this ambiguous label...
Please do not dispose of the following items [anti-clockwise]:
1. Asteroids
2. Broken rolling pins
3. Half finished works of origami
4. Windsocks
5. Candy sweet lips
6. Pairs of oars
7. Miniature Roman arenas
(A little specific one may presume, but rules are rules I guess)

The next morning - All geared up and ready to take on a 10 miler!

It was bitterly cold and ice clung to everything

A frozen fence

Razor blades of ice on a thorn bush

Funky patterns in a frozen puddle

Some of the walk followed Offa's Dyke* (the ridge on the right side).
A 1200 year old, 177 mile long line of historic defence!!!
[* Huh huh huh, I said 'dyke']

Looks like one of these moles has learned the art of fortification.
Now that's impressive! :0]

One man and his dog - A fab carving I found along the way

Holly bush with berries - Relatively rare round these parts

A sheepy hill, "Baaaaaaaaaaaaah"

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Having to spend £99.99 on a new car battery :[
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10

Today's Top Tip:
Sharing accommodation? Take a picture of yourself naked and looking surprised then pin it to the bathroom door.
That way, if anyone bursts in on you, they won't get such a shocking surprise.


Anonymous said...

No dogs on this trip? I'm not sure the wooden one counts...

No lasting damage the doc reckons. The usual whiplash and some internal bruising to the chest.

I felt the need for a close inspection of the rear end of a bus...

Phil said...

Yes, there was a fab farm dog, but I got no pictures! :[

Ooh, nasty!!! Hope you get better soon - I presume the car's a write-off?
Perhaps today's top tip should of been, "Do not inspect the rear end of buses when travelling at speed" :0]

Anonymous said...

Yep, definite wrte off.

That's a good top tip!

Me Myself and I said...

cool photos as usual! your description of the items on the bathroom sign is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I have a tip for you... not anything regarding your post... but when exactly do I comment in regards to your post? Anyway, if you are feeling down, play Shai's "If I ever fall in love," and sing it at the top of your lungs. It will make you feel better. Trust me, I just did it myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh it also makes my 4 year old run away and leave me alone.

Phil said...

Oh well - at least you get to choose a new motor! :]

Thank you dudette!!! :)

LOL - I'll have ot look that one up! Cheers :0]

Kayla said...

What the heck is the "roman arena" really supposed to represent? Ha..the answer will probably embarrass me.

I've been in ice storms in Oklahoma,
and man, are they fierce! However, very beautiful. Small ponds were frozen in such a matter, individual tree limbs coated in ice..even areas where each blade of grass was coated in ice. Marvelous to look at, not so great when your electricity goes off!

Love your new Phil himself photo!

Phil said...

LOL - I have nooo idea either! Looks like a headache tablet? :]

Ooh, ice storms, cool... literally!
Hope you got some photos?

Glad you noticed and like the new piccy Kayla :0]

kat said...

Love the mole hill (fortress) and the razor blades.

Phil said...

Ah thank you madam! :]

Lord Hutton said...

Why dont they just say "don't put shit down the toilet"? Oh. I see.

And it isnt pairs of oars, it is canoe paddles.
Welcome back!

Phil said...

Erm, isn't it kayak paddles? :0]

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Welcome back to Blogland! That carved tree is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Great pics Dogga! Love the toilet by the way... Its odd isnt it the rules people have? At least you could dump used condoms and razor blades though!

Offas Dykes is small isnt it? Were the Welsh all midgets?

Phil said...

Cheers me dear!
There were many other carvings too, but that one was the best. :]

Cheers mate!
Yeah, my thoughts too - nowt like taking a dump in peace :0]

LOL - I think Offa's Dyke was originally 8 feet from trough bottom to mound top! Split the difference... 4 feet... must have been dwarves! :0]

Jeangenie said...

I'm all shivery now having looked at those fabbo pictures of the frost. That one of the thorny twigs clearly showing which way the wind had been blowing is a corker!

Toccata said...

Just came by to see your picture of the holly. I really liked the picture of the funky patterns in the frozen puddle. Used to love to break the ice on puddles when I was little. Truth be told still do.

Phil said...

Aw, thank you Jan! Yeah I took loads of the thorn bush ice :]

LOL - I love to break the ice in puddles too!
Similar holly picture eh :0]

Andre Veloux said...

Good fun, where was the beer?

mellowlee said...

The carving in that tree is just way too cool!!!!

Phil said...

'Twas very good and there were several more, but that one was the biggest and best :]

Rebecca said...

Oooh I liked the photo of the swirly puddle!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant photos! Understandably I approve of all these frosty shots. It looks like a fantastic walk.

Phil said...

Hi! Cool - I liked standing on them afterwards and breaking them too :] naughty, but nice!

Aw, thank you muchly!!!
LOL, yeah, you'd fit right in :]

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed your trip to my home town although it is like living in the time of the arch it is very beautiful

Phil said...

Hello and welcome anonymous?

Yeah, Clun's just so laid back and has lovely surrroundings. Not a bad place to live I reckon :]