Sunday, 27 January 2008

Four by Phwoar...

A few months ago, a friend and I took advantage of a free
Mercedes M-Class off-road driving experience course.
Basically the chance the rag the arse off expensive motors that aren't yours and take them places you'd never dare drive your own car :]

The course took place in hundreds of acres around this manor house

The lovely shiny Mercs awaiting a good soiling

We all had some very posh nosh with the lord of the manor

Ahhh, the upper claaass humour - oh how we all laughed*
*Inserts tongue into left cheek

Now for a bit of postprandial action!

388bhp and being told not to let the power off no matter what, just keep it straight, is remarkably good fun!

Tearing up the country side.
If the car looses traction, it pre tensions the seatbelts pulling you right back into your seat as the car anticipates you hitting something.

Driving through dense woodland is quite scary (for fear of damaging the car), but these beasts have many tricks.
E.G. If you need to make a tight, turn on a sixpence, turn: You stop, turn the wheel to where you want to face and then floor it - it puts all the power to the back wheels and cleverly spins the back end out to line up with where you're pointing the front wheels!

Bewildered cows wondering what us humans were fannying around at!
(In bovine tongue of course)

Nowt like getting a car filthy dirty, safe in the knowledge you don't have to clean it afterwards!

There were a few sections that were really slippery, but after making it up this boggy incline myself, I did the gentlemanly thing of getting out and filming those who couldn't :0)
[Watch the wheels intelligently try different things]

Lesson learned: 4 wheel drives like this very much can go off-road with normal tyres, if driven correctly!

Today, I'm Most Angry About:
Reversing into a car in town...oops...and the person was in their car at the time...double oops...and I wasn't driving my own car; I was driving a friend's car...triple oops!!!
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 7.9/10

Today's Top Tip:
Gents: Putting your mouth and chin inside a pint glass, sucking the air out and then removing it quickly, is an excellent way to give yourself an instant 'Homer Simpson style' five o'clock shadow!


Linda Seid Frembes said...

I did a course like this at a BMW event once; it was fantastic! You did a great job on the photos and the picts.

Phil said...

I bet it was very similar course - it's amazing what the cars can actually do.

Crystal said...

LOL! Love the pictures! Some of them didn't come up but from the ones that did, it seems you had a blast!! Well, except that part about backing into someone's car...Snickers...I think we've ALL done that one. Have a good day;)

Phil said...

Thank you dudette!

Good to hear I'm one of the masses for reversing into someone LOL :0]

Kayla said...

You do have quite the sneaky grin on your face.. The acreage is beautiful. More fun to leave your tracks in, I suppose!
Whatever happened to the fellow who was stuck in the video? The tire action is very cool..I see smoke at one point.
Pillows like that make me want to puke! Too posh cutesy.
And very cool how the car will turn on a dime by pointing the wheel in the wanted direction and flooring it! Amazing experience

Andre Veloux said...

You're a right Jeremy Clarkson at heart aren't ya!?

Phil said...

It was fantastic fun in a beautiful place.
People got stuck a few times - the car in the video managed to reverse and get a better run up :] after much tyre smoking of course!

LOl - Yes, I am :0]

Lord Hutton said...

You are SUCH a boy, dogboy. Such concern for your environment too;-)

Phil said...

Ah, now you've gone and made me feel guilty! :0]
Yes, probably not the most environmentally friendly thing to of done, but I couldn't resist the invite, and I'm normally pretty good with eco-friendly things.

kat said...

I take it you got some pleasure from filming the stuck car. :-))

Me Myself and I said...

oooh! that looks like a blast!!

and by the way, you are driving on the wrong side of the car!! ;)

Phil said...

Yyyeeesss, mmmwwwhhhaaahhhaaahahaha :}

Twas a blast indeed!!!

*pokes tongue out at 'wrong side' comment :0]

Max said...

Let's off road!

Phil said...

OK, your garden or mine? ;0]

mellowlee said...

WOOOO! Looks like much fun Dogga!!!

Phil said...

Much fun oh yeah :}

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had lots of fun...! If this was a Mercedes event you would have thought they might have been a bit more wary about including hills and things that it couldn't get up!

mellowlee said...

Hey there :O) Gled tagged me with this ~ ♥ earlier today, so I am passing it on to you! *huggle wuggles* Hope you have a fantastic weekend. I am getting GIDDY for the monster trucks haha! I hope they have good tunes!

Anonymous said...

You've been given an award, you lucky person you! All the details are over at our blog when you get a moment....

Anonymous said...

I did something similar at the "Festival of Speed" one year...great photos as usual Mr.D!

Phil said...

Graham & Co.:
Hahaha, yeah true, but it's all down to how you drive it and it was woman driving who got stuck in that video, of course ;0)

Cor! how many coffees have you had today lOl :]
*huggles wuggles* to you too my friend!!!
I hope you have a blast...

Phil said...

Ah wow!!! My first ever ever award ever :]
THANK YOU - That shall live on my sidebar forever!

Mr. M:
Thanksing you!
'Festival of Speed' eh - I presume that had absolutely nothing to do with amphetamines then? LoL :]

Anonymous said...

wow, some people get all the fun!

Phil said...

...apart from the bit where I reversed into someone :0]