Sunday, 20 January 2008

Letter to 13-Year-Old Self...

I be tagged by Hutters and Kat to write a letter to myself aged 13:

Dear Phil,

This is a letter to you from "the world of tomorrow"!
Well actually it's just you aged 30 in the year 2008.
I'm not going to say too much, but here are a few things I think you should know.

Obviously you're alive, so stop feeling like you're not going to make it past the age of 19, because you very much do and in good health too.
Things are a bit rough now I know and it's not going to be a smooth ride, but trust me, things slowly get better.

It's not easy for you at school at the moment. There are a few nasty people in your year and although it goes against your ethics, please feel free to punch them in the face (really bloody hard) the handful that are making your school life a misery. It may get you into trouble, but you regret not ever doing it.
Don't let them get you down any longer!

Anyhow, you soon end up making friends with whole load of cool people, both inside and outside of school, and have a ton of great times with them all, some of whom you're still good friends with to this day.

Don't smoke... EVER!
Oh, and don't admit to something one rainy dinnertime - You'll up end up with an unsavoury nickname for the last 6 months of school!

Don't worry about not having a girlfriend either, you soon get your chances with more than your fair share, although you end up getting hurt lots too.
Go along for the ride if you wish, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Try harder in your upcoming exams. You could of done better, so put some more effort in lad.
Saying that, you gain a brilliant career and end up very sorted in life, so keep your head down for the last few years at school, as you're about to embark upon one hell of a rollercoaster of life, experiencing truly amazing things and visiting wonderful places around the world.

It's never going to be a perfect life, but it's going to be pretty good!

Take care of yourself,

Phil x

P.S. The 'millennium bug' - nothing happens.

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Drinking too much whisky last night :[]
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 5/10

Today's Top Tip:
Bare patches on your lawn? Simply stop mowing a patch at the side and let it grow to a significant length. Then, with a rake, sweep it over the bare patch to create a realistic look of healthy growth like football's
Sir Bobby Charlton and TV's Robert Robinson!


Photogirl said...

I love this post! What a fab idea!

Photogirl said...

PS I can't believe you are suggesting a "comb-over" for your lawn! hahaha

DoGGa said...

Glad you like it - I thought it was a good idea too :]

Comb-overs are very versatile!

Linda Seid Frembes said...

This is a great letter to yourself, but the highlight is definitely your top tip of the day. A comb-over = fabulous!

:phil: said...

What an incredibly honest terrific post. I don't know if I'd have the balls to be so frank (Phil).

Great lawn tip. Gee, I wonder if it works on anything else...

DoGGa said...

Hello and welcome :]

Thank you very much!
And yes, you can't beat a comb-over for comic value.

Thank you Phil!
...and don't call me Frank :0)

Jeangenie said...

LOVE the gardening tip! LOL!

Crystal said...

Just wanted to say that your letter was very good! I got tagged to do it last week and have been following the tags around seeing what everyone has written. To me, it was a hard letter to write but well worth it! Hope you didn't mind me stopping by;)

DoGGa said...

Made me chuckle too :]
Glad you like it!

Hello and welcome Crystal!

Thanking you muchly - It's fun hopping around the other letters indeed.
Feel free to stop by anytime. You're more than welcome :]

Kayla said...

Very moving letter, DoGGa.
I feel I went through some similar things, and definitely wish I had hit the books harder and done better on exams.
I didn't have too much angst in school, or in love until much later in life. Yes, I wish I hadn't fallen so hard the first time I fell in love. But, your experiences make you who you are today, and I think we both made out pretty well!

And, of course, I'm dying to know what "something" you admitted to that rainy dinnertime night!

Toccata said...

That was awesome. The teacher in me wants to say, now Dogga no hitting but the survivor of youth makes me say go for it. Bloody hard I say!

Andre Veloux said...

How could you spoil the millenium bug, that was one of the funniest non-events ever!

DoGGa said...

Thank you Kayla!
We all have regrets or things we wish we had done differntly, but as you say, doesn't that just make us who we are today!

LOL - you'll just have to work out "something" was :0]

Aw, thanks Toccata!
I think a punch or two wouldn't of hurt... much :] although part of me thinks it's good that I restrained myself!

LOL - Yeah, probably the biggest fuss about nothing I've ever lived through :]

Anonymous said...

i feel v.sorry for you :(
that one thing u admited to is on a past blog right? xxxxx

DoGGa said...

It might be... whoever you are??? :]

Lord Hutton said...


DoGGa said...

LOL no! Or was that an offer? :0]

Rebecca said...

I liked the bit about wishing you punched those people in the face, and that you managed to slip a Futurama quote in there.

DoGGa said...

Thanks, although the Futurama quote was inadvertently slipped in :] where is it?
I love Futurama...

Gledwood said...

I'm glad I never got tagged with that one... writing to my 13 yr old self?!? Only advice that springs to mind is HANG YOURSELF BEFORE YOU GET ANY OLDER!!!

DoGGa said...

Hello and welcome!

LOL - Nice advice :] although you're still here aged 35, so it can't be that bad!?!
...or was that adivce for me? *arf*

mellowlee said...

*smile* That is an awesome post Dogga!

DoGGa said...

Thanks Mel :0)

Anonymous said...

You might have advised yourself to invest in a few Microsoft shares rather than spending all your money on beer..

DoGGa said...

LOL - Good idea... and also not to open a Northern Rock account :0]