Sunday, 3 February 2008

Bredon Hill...

Recent snow flurries appeared to hit everywhere in England, apart from where I live :'[
So if the snow won't come to me, then I go to it!
This time, a jaunt up Bredon Hill.

I managed to capture this elegant ice-feather formation, on the rear windscreen of my car, before the sun melted it.

Snow and... not snow.

View over Evesham from the snowline.

A band of cirrus clouds.

The River Avon in flood.

At the top of Bredon hill, I spotted a rather unique marriage proposal.
I wonder if the inevitable divorce will be announced in such style? ;0]

I loved a thatched roof!

...another thatched roof with an ornamental / deterrent 'thing' on it.

What the heck is that supposed to be?
Eoraptor dinosaur perhaps?

Today, I'm Most Angry About: A friend drawing a 'willy' on my arm, in blue Biro, while I was on the phone. Not too much of a crime, but I completely forgot about it and went to the pub.
Midst ordering a round of drinks, I realised I'm leaning on the bar sporting my new temporary phallus tattoo! GRRR
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 0.7/10

Today's Top Tip: Homeowners: Make the normally mundane task of switching the central heating on a little more exciting by singing "The heating's on" to the tune of the 80s hit 'The Heat Is On' by Glenn Frey, as you are doing it!


Anonymous said...

It's clearly a peacock.
A rubbish peacock, granted.
But a peacock nonetheless :)

Lovely photos!

Rebecca said...

It so is a peacock!
Definitely better looking from afar.

Me likey the ice on the back window, and all photos snow related. (Bit of a novelty for me in the southern hemisphere where the grass is dead and the temperatures are sweltering)

Andre Veloux said...

Inevitable divorce. You old romantic you ;)

Phil said...

You obviously have a keen eye for rubbish thatch model birds :] a niche skill I reckon!
Cheers Stu

Do peacocks generally hang out on rooftops then :0]

Ah yes - being 'down-under' I guess you don't see much snow there :[

Phil said...

Haha - you spotted my subtle cynical view of relationships then :]

Rebecca said...

Actually, they do!

We have them at the university, they spend a lot of time up high.

Phil said...

Ah, well there we go - a peacock on a roof!
Cor, whatever next? :0)

Crystal said...

Dogga, those are such beautiful pictures you've taken! And you should occastionally go back to the marraige proposal site from time to time...just to check;o) Have a good day!

kat said...

Yes, it is definitely a peacock.

Me Myself and I said...

LOL! Great post.

You know, your photos are always so wonderful. You really have an eye for composition!

and on that photo of the phallus tattoo?!! for shame...

Phil said...

Aw, thank you Crystal!
Yeah, I should check back now and then for relationship updates :]

Bah, you people have much better model ornithology skills than me :]

Thanksy youuu!

... the tattoo was hastily removed using saliva and my t-shirt :0]

Max said...

In reply to your friend drawing on your arm; A friend once draw a large male genitalia on the wall of the local blowplex in silly string in the early 1990's.
(with the words "a cock" underneath in case you weren't sure)
Remarkable, you could still see the outline 8 years later.

Lord Hutton said...

I hope you found the geocache which is atop Bleedin' Hell
We regularly stay with chums near Evesham, in one of the Lenches.
It's a big hill, that one, and no driving up.

Phil said...

Hahaha, superb... Reminds me of a time when a friend had a house party and we sprayed the word 'ARSE' on his / his parents lawn in 3 foot letters with squirty cream... as you do... and the following morning you could still clearly read it, if viewed from upstairs, as it somehow turned the grass black over night! :]

Phil said...

Ah, no, didn't know there was a Geocache up there. Oh well... No driving up there; it's a biggy :]

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Phil, I've left something for you to collect on my blog! ;)

Phil said...

Ooh, cool... Is it a dog poo? :0]

mellowlee said...

Those rooftops are pretty cool!
LMAO about the arm drawing! Good to have friends isn't it? hahaaha!

Phil said...

Ah, indeed - I'm normally subjected to such humour :]

Crystal said...

Okay sweet, you got me hooked to all the wonderful pictures and wicked sense of humor, now your not posting...;o) Just kidding! Thought i'd pop over and say hello. Have a good day!

mellowlee said...

Happy Hearts Day buddy boy *HUGS* I hope you are doing well :O)

Phil said...

Aw, cheers me dear!!!
Major life change happening at the mo. All is good and new post coming shoon :]

Happy Hearts Day too dudette! x
...doin' good, back shoon :]

Me-ow said...

Great photos DoGGa, love the frost pattern. I guess that guy was stoned when he proposed. I wonder if they will live in a glass house?

Kayla said...

Oooh..I love the thatched roofs too.
I like the bird up there, it's unique.

Was the marriage proposal "written" with rocks? Does that mean it will be a rocky marriage? Ha Or will she "write" back "Go to Hell"?
We do need to look at your view on relationships....although mine isn't much better, but only for the moment!

Happy Valentines Day DoGGa!

Phil said...

Ooooooh BOOM BOOM :P
Very on the ball Phil!

Phil said...

You like a thatched roof too - I presume you're talking architecture here LOL *sorry* :]

Yeah, the proposal was written in big stones and there were many other things written too, but that was the centre piece.
Yes, my view on relationships is very tainted...

Happy V-day too me dear x

...I've just got back from the pub and the place was full of couples snogging in the corners and equally many girls having domestics over the phone for everyone to hear! :[]

Anonymous said...

I wondered if it was an archaeoptoryx? But I couldn't spell that so I never said it. It didn'ts now here either - but then again it rarely does below sea level....

Phil said...

LOL - close, just one e out, although I had to look it up of course ;]
...and we're not refering back to dyke now are we! :0)