Saturday, 23 February 2008


Last week I went on a 'Learn to board in a Day' course at the Snowdome.
Apparently "The UK's premier real snow centre"!

Much to my surprise, I was actually snowboarding at the end of the day... gingerly... but snowboarding.

I go skiing every year, but I've finally had enough of having four things to worry about and having to wear ski boots that can only be described as torturous.
Snowboarding, although considered 'the dark side' by skiers, is a lot nicer and the boots are just big comfy boots :]

Is that a plank of wood strapped to your feet Phil... Hmm... Yes it is!

Tomorrow morning I fly out to Lapland to continue my snowboarding and embark upon many other exciting adventures.

See y'all soon...

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Teenagers who feel it's obligatory to shout things at cyclists!
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 7/10

Today's Top Tip: Dog owners: Never lose your TV remote control again. Simply Sellotape it to the back of your hound, and hey presto... Whistle and the device is at your beck and call!


kat said...

Enjoy Lapland!!

Phil said...

Will do captain! :]

Crystal said...

Question: Why is it considered "the darkside" by skiers? I ask this because i've never done either...

I like the tip for today, LOL! But what if the master of the hound is a woman? Hhmmmm?;o}

Phil said...

I'm not fully sure, but I just think it's one of those Mac and PC things - motorists and cyclists etc.

If the owner of the hound was a woman, she would strap the contents of her hand bag to the dog instead! :0]

Lord Hutton said...

Lapland is great. All those laps! Wrap up!

Crystal said...

LOL!!! I was thinking more like letting the guy strap the remote to the dog as planned. When the man goes to call the dog, the woman makes her own command. The dog understanding the womans command, comes back with the remote PLUS a beer to go with it, leaving the man to watch girlie TV the rest of the time!!! Wha? It could happen;o) Have a good day!

Linda Seid Frembes said...

Great to see you are already making the best of your new-found free time!

Anonymous said...

Wow, lapland.

3 questions:
Can I come? Can you pay? Can you convince my manager to give me the time off?

Andre Veloux said...

That's great news. We are off "skiing" all next week, and I have booked a week's snowboard lessons.

Anonymous said...

I wrote about indoor snow boarding a while back - I dont think people believed me! Watch out for the Laps - they are an angry folk.....

mellowlee said...

My friend tried snowboarding once....she couldn't walk the next day, her muscles were so stiff!

Have a great trip XOXO

Toccata said...

Indoor snowboarding? What the heck?

I have always been a skier and the first time I tried snowboarding(outside on a mountain) I thought, "How hard can it be?" Let's just say I have a war wound scar to remind me, "Pretty damn hard!"

Phil said...

LOL - I had so much sitting to do :0]

Haha... ahhh :]

Oh yes!!! Plenty of stuff to do now :]

1. Yes
2. No
3. Maybe

Oh, cool - I'm sure I will catch up you on how it all went "skiing" :]

Indoor snowboarding or skiing etc does sound odd!
Yes, the Finns are a touch 'stern' :]

yeah, I ached everyday too :)

Haha, yup... see Mutley's comment above :]
Ooh, ouch, hope you didn't hurt yourself too much. No injurys for me this time, luckily!!!

Thanks ALL!
I very much enjoyed myself.
Post coming soon :]

Me Myself and I said...

I've never been to an indoor snowboard hill! Very neat indeed.

Phil said...

Yeah, it's very cool when you have nowhere to snowboard in your country. There are several in Britain.
They've got a massive one in japan too. :]