Sunday, 17 February 2008

Vocation Vacation...

After much deliberation, and a gentle nudge from an 18 month headache, I've decided to take a career break and resign from my job at XTA as Research & Development Engineer

I've been at XTA right from the very beginning; a grand total of 15 years.
I saw the company start in a friend's spare bedroom and then grow to become a world class leader in audio processors.

An amazing success story and I'm proud to of been part of it, but as with everything in life, nothing can last forever.
I'm not burning any bridges, but I feel it's time to move on to new adventures and break the 9 'til 5 lifestyle.

My fantastic office at XTA

I've learned so much in my time at XTA and have gathered countless fond memories and made so many friends - I wouldn't change a thing!

I'm now enjoying some extended time off and spending quality time with my NBF...


My picture was taken on my last day and I was asked to pose like this!
Why..? See the news story on the XTA website HERE :0]

Also see the 'subtle' editing on the XTA contacts page here

...and they were not lying.
I did indeed receive a commemorative plate!
A superb tongue-in-cheek leaving gift :0)

I also received a handmade card that everyone had signed with lots of touching good luck messages

I even got a helium balloon that I ceremoniously released.

BUT best of all, and much to my surprise, my real leaving present was an iPod Touch!

...aka my NBF...aka my New Best Friend.
Talk about well chuffed!!!

If you've not seen an iPod Touch in action, check out this short clip *drool*

Today, I'm Most Angry About: My body breaking out in red blotches, from head to toe, after eating shellfish*
[* Next time I'll be more considerate - BOOM BOOM 'ahem' sorry]
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 6.7/10

Today's Top Tip: Deaf people: Wearing oven gloves outdoors is an ideal way to stop strangers from eavesdropping on your conversation.


kat said...

I like the iPod Touch.

Have you got any ideas about what you might want to do next?

kat said...
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Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Wow Phil, that's a heck of a step! I wish you luck with your future and hope it all works out for you!

And if you have some spare time on your hands, Greyhound Gap is always looking for volunteers! ;)

Phil said...

The Touch rules ;]

I'm just going to relax for a while and may do some work at my local Blue Cross animal centre and maybe some freelance work - who knows what the world has to offer!

Phil said...

Yeah, a leap of faith, but it had to be done - Thanks for well wishes!

Ooh, now don't tempt me... I'm looking at doing stuff at my local Blue Cross animal rescue centre.

Where is the Grayhound Gap based etc?

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Phil, the kennels are in Stoke on Trent, but we need volunteers for home-checking and transporting dogs all over the country.

Jeangenie said...

Ooh, pastures new, eh?

Surely you're too young for a midlife crisis?

Phil said...

Cheers Angela. It may be of interest if nothing happens at my local centre!

Phil said...

Yeah, pastures new indeed - the grass just looks too greener :]

I think my midlife crisis has started early!!!

Crystal said...

Good for you, change is never a bad thing. You'll do just fine and enjoy every minute of it;) Glad your looking forward to a new adventure and very glad to see you back on your blog;)

b o o said...

15 years! I hope it all works out *hugs*

You know what? I had a pet rat as well. My daddy gave it to me on my 10th birthday, pretty cool eh?

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your future ventures! Definitely exciting times!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations... and good luck for the future! :)

Phil said...

Thanks Crystal!
I definitely needed the change.

Cheers Boo - I'm sure it will work out fine... I hope :]
A friend of mine had pet rats, so I had one. They all lived together in a massive cage. Great fun creatures to have around.

Thanksing Yous John :]

Cheers mate :0)

Linda Seid Frembes said...
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Linda Seid Frembes said...

That is fantastic news. I hope it was a positive decision for you. Always scary to leave a place after so long.

When you are ready to start freelance writing, let me know. The audio/AV trade books could use you humour and expertise!


Anonymous said...

Oh... and there's NO WAY that I'd leave a job if I had an office like that. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil


We hope your luck from now.
Come on Tokyo!

Anonymous said...

From Kunitaka.

Kourosism said...

Congratulations... and you're a brave man!

Anonymous said...

Wow, big changes. You'd best still be at PLASA this year, they gave me a free ticket for going last year and I have no intention of wasting it!

Your NBF is very cool. I expect I'll get a company branded mug when I go! lol.

Lord Hutton said...

Get back to work!
Am very jealous. If I didnt have kids and a mortgage I would have been outta there long ago. The Merman is looking for festival staff by the way

Kayla said...

Wow! You really surprised me with this one.
Now that you're free, you should travel wherever you'd like to go...If it were me, I'd be headed off to Greece. Or you could jump across the pond and visit the states!
Have you thought about working at Tan Hill?
Very exciting times for you, Phil!

BTW, love the commemorative plate :-)

Anonymous said...

haha, i love the subtle editing, v,funny!
and the pic of u holding cutlery!
but i didnt get your top tip lol! cya soon xx

Andre Veloux said...

Darn, got to write it again, due to an error!

So yeah what a heroic and brave decision, especially when they loved you so much. That's rare to leave a workplace like that. You are one cool customer. Gold star of the day.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new life! I reckon you should go to Oz and visit Rebecca.

Me Myself and I said...

Its always tough to leave a job when you've been there long enough to feel like family. Good luck with your new adventures!

Phil said...

Yeah, definitely a positive choice!
...and thanks for the kind offer... will do :]

Ah, now you've gone and made me feel bad :]

Wow, hello Kunitaka!!!
Thanks for the well wishes - I would LOVE to go to japan and may plan to do so now I have more time :]
I'll let you know if I do for sure!
Take care.

Thank you sir :]

Yeah I reckon I'll be at Plasa and maybe on the XTA stand, but onyl drinking their beer of course :]
Will probably see you there!

Sorry, work??? What's that then? :0]
Ah, more job offers... Not heard of that one, but will check it out closer to the time.
Thanksy you!

Yeah, I intend to travel a bit - off to Finland this Sunday, then Centre parcs, then maybe France and then... who knows... :]
I'm also off to Tan Hill soon indeed!

Phil said...

Yes, as I explained... sign language ;0]

Thanks Andre! It took a while to decide, but I want to see what else life has to offer before I retire and it's too late :]

Yeah, I'd love to go to Australia! Ah, so much to do :]]]

Thanks matey!
Yes, it took a while to decide; nothing ventured, nothing gained :]

mellowlee said...

Oh wow, that iPod Touch looks lickalicious! Congrats Phil, and all the best. You must be very excited! :O)

Phil said...

Cheers Mel!!!
LOL @ Lickalicious - I guess you could use your tongue on it too... Now this is starting to sound erotic :P

Aoj and The Lurchers said... ARE going to get that headache sorted out aren't you Phil?

Phil said...

I'd like to yeah :]
I went for CT scan and nothing turned up and I'm taking tablets, keeping them at bay a bit, although they are still there, but more sporadic, which is a good sign! Thanks for asking - any suggestions welcome :0)

Rebecca said...

Nice phone!

Nice change of pace.

Nice send off.

enjoyed the subtle editing...

Toccata said...

Nice nbf you got there! Good luck with whatever the future holds for you. I know you will have many more fantastic adventures.

No advice on the headaches except you take care.

Phil said...

It's not the iPhone, it's the ipod Touch... bascially an iPhone without the phone :]
Yes, I liked it all too!

You're not looking at my NBF now are you? ;]
Thanks for well wishes!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey - good luck with your new adventures! You were clearly very well liked at XTA - and your colleagues clearly have a great sense of humour!!

Any plans you'd like to divulge?

Anonymous said...

Oh lordy - I really should learn to read the other comments, and your responses, before commneting myself! Lots of exciting plans then....!

Phil said...

Thanks graham - yeah, no solid plans yet... let's just see what happens :0]

mellowlee said...

Haha! *cheers*
That would be hilarious, tongue dialing. Could start a fad

Phil said...

I think we're onto something!
Quick - register :]

...although it's not an iPhone, it's an iPod Touch; basiclaly an iPhone without the phone.