Monday, 18 August 2008

Ashes Hollow

When Briton actually gave way to a truly rare bit of sunshine earlier in the summer, a lads and boys camping trip was in order

Half way up Ashes Hollow

The rolling hills nearing the top

There is a glider station at the summit and many were out to play

Ashley sporting his rather fab optical instrument with a lens for each eye, for viewing distant objects

Not ANOTHER rest?

Rich skillfully building a bridge to find a Geocache at the top

Luke (AKA Runtus Minimus) on the precarious planks to the cache

Eew Max - "Who fell ohhhver... who fell ohhhver!"

Harry giving Max a sound beating with a large stick, much to their Dad's despair!

How to clean your child that has slipped over in the mud on his bum...
Big Rich styleee!!!


Once back at camp, it was Andy's pancake time...

Followed by a late night cheese and red wine sesh.

The red wine was courtesy of Mike, seen here proudly showing off the rather delicate bottle of Merlot he kindly blessed us with :]
He even served it to us in coffee mugs - Pure class

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Drivers who do not give enough room when passing cyclists and think it's OK to just squeeze past - GRRR
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 8/10

Today's Top Tip: Motor Bikers and Sports Car Drivers: Remember to give two or three hearty blips of your throttle before switching your engine off, when stopping at the pub. This will kindly remind patrons on the patio that you master a beast, likely to burst into life at any moment, of its own volition!


Anonymous said...

Ow ow ow ow ow ... ow ow ow ow ow.

Love it! :)

Fiona said...

DB are you EVER at home??? Looked like great fun :o)

kat said...

What a good way to clean up a child! I like it! :-)

mellowlee said...

Muddy boys, and giant bottles of wine ...sounds like a perfect guys camping trip to me! My Internetz are being a beeetch, so I will have to check out that video tomorrow! I'm sooo curious.

Linda Seid Frembes said...
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mellowlee said...

hahaha! Loved the video. Very original technique :O)

Kayla said...

So, did the boys find the cache?
What goodies were awaiting?

Lord Hutton said...

Are you insane? Camping with children not your own?
I thoroughly approve of the cleaning technique.
Mike had his bottle. Where was yours?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant fun my friend!! I wish I had come..

Phil said...

Makes me chuckle too... ow :]

I'm at home somtimes yeah :0)

Genius, is it not :)

Top cleaning technique... A visual top-tip!!! Twas a good trip indeed :]

Maybe a womans' touch was needed for the wine? :]

Yeah, we foudn the cache, but nowt good in it - we just singed the book and carried on :>

I know - not right is it!!!
Good fun though and they are all nice children, honest :]
We all shared the wine and had plenty of beer stashed too.

Ah, you're a camping man then Mutley :-)

Rebecca said...

Woo! An extended "Man-date"... That's what I like to see.

Phil said...

LOOOL - "man-date"... very clever :0)

Max said...

I liked the bit about Max in your blog

Anonymous said...

im likin the guy with long blonde hair, put more pics of him!

Phil said...

Hehe, well that's what I sung to him! :]

Phil said...

Hello and welcome Becki!

The chap with the long Blonde hair is my nephew Luke - are you sure you want to see more of him LOL :]

Are you a fellow blogger or how did you stumble across my site?


Jeangenie said...

Come on DogBoy, be a BlogBoy! (D'you see what I did there?)

Where are you, my friend?

Phil said...

BlogBoy - I like it!

I think this blog is over for now.
Cheers for dropping by though.
Take care x

Anonymous said...

'Tis good to see that you are not writing much these days either, considering your last entry was the 18th of August.

How are things anyway?

Anonymous said...

So where are you now you waster?

Phil said...

Haha :0) I'm still out and about doing the usual things, but working more now and not really having the time to blog - I still read yours and the others from time to time, I'm just not active as it were...
I may be back at some point!
Cheers matey :]

Crystal said...

LOL!!! Love all the pics! (And the top tip;o)

Uummm...hello???...anyone there???...Hey Dogboy...You gonna be back???...Miss you!!!!

Crystal said...

Well that figures...Me thinks I need to read the comments before posting. I hear you too. I don't blog like I use to anymore either. Life's just getting busy, eh?

oh...while i'm here..Is there a reason why you changed your profile pic back to the puppy dog???? FANTASTIC shot of you!!! Ya lil HOTTIE;o) Me thinks you need to put it back up!

Jeangenie said...

Oi! Reassure me that you're still alive!

Phil said...

Yeah, life's a little busy right now - I still read all the blogs, I just no longer actively participate...
I changed back to the dog for a change that's all - many thanks for your compliments Crystal *blush* ya lil' blonde hotttie ;0)

Still alive, just no longer actively blogging or participating - I still read yours and the others though!
Thanks for dropping by :x

Crystal said...

Just saying hello! Hope all is well wih u. MISS ur pictures and wonderful stories!!

Phil said...

Cor, I haven't been to my blog for a while now!
Good to hear from you Crystal - I don't really get the time to blog now and do miss it, but everyone seems to use Facebook... Come and join us! x

Anonymous said...

Smiles mate!