Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body...

This is a slogan I spotted this morning while watching Blue Peter, bleary-eyed, just before leaving to go to work. I haven't seen Blue Peter for years, but I was stopping over at a friends' house and they only have 'poor peoples TV'*, so I wasn't exactly spoilt for choice.

The presenters had gone to Manhattan and the male presenter was trying out some sort of test at the NYPD. There was a brief shot of a bunch of officers all doing press-ups and I noticed a huge sign was hung at the back of the gym stating 'Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body', so I guess this is kind of on par with 'No Pain, No Gain', but with a little more grunt!

Reluctantly partaking in circuit training classes three times a week to A: fight the flab and B: lessen the guilt of not doing much in the way of excercise, 'no pain, no gain' is a saying I'm grugingly accustomed to. My fitness trainer is an ex-army fitness instructor and he was breifly telling me today, that he loved it when some of his militant colleagues where physically sick from his tough training regime and he used to have a sick list to check people off... Nice!
He then informed me this was especailly rife in the morning, as it was directly after breakfast!

I don't think I'll be telling him about the new slogan I spotted for the mean time, although I tend to train with several friends, so I shall be slipping this comment in now and again when it looks like one of them is about to pass out! That should make me poplular.

[* This is what my neice and nephew call terrestrial TV, as they say all their school friends have one million TV channels at their disposal and they have access to four! Not even channel 5!]


Pookledo said...

We could never get channel 5 living in Kidderminster either.

Anonymous said...

Today we had sky plus installed so we no longer have 'poor peoples TV'! We can now hold our heads up in society! Kids are no longer ashamed of us!

Phil said...

Excellent news sis! :-)

Anonymous said...

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