Sunday, 28 May 2006

Pushing the Boat Out...

Yesterday, I spent £8 getting into the Crick boat show!

Ah, now remind me why holding outdoor events in the UK can be a bad idea! No, hang on, it is a bad idea and let me remind you why:

Yup, the weather was awful as normal, and experiencing all the muddy Glastonbury festivals, I'm beginning to think I live in the wrong country! Anyone want a Dogga out there..?
Seriously now... Any takers? [I'm well house trained] ;-)

Anyhow, having been on two canal boating holidays and loving it, I've got a taste for these boats and their associated laid-back lifestyle, so I wanted to see some really nicely kitted out examples and how much they cost. It's great to see so many very nicely kept boats in one place and it's truly amazing seeing some of the really very fancy ones.

I went on board a local-to-my-home-town-boat-builders-boat, which was gorgeous and utilised blue LED lighting in the wine rack, in the bath and up the stairs, giving the already very modern boat that extra phwoar... but not cheap! :-(

There were many attractions and animals around, including these two young Buffalo called 'Richard & Judy', and the nice owner let me in with them for some fussing:

I blew £1 and decided to indulge in one of their Buffalo milk strawberry milkshakes, which was pleasant, although a little cheesy shall we say! Mmm, OK, the milk is a tad 'strong', but hey, I finished it and was glad I tried it.
But then... I then stumbled across the beer tent and what a choice they had. Mmm:

Ooh, I came across a headless man in one boat too! He's very quite and just gesticulates a lot really, but he seriously knows his stuff when it comes to canal boats: I found many cool boat related gadgets and accessories, although it was good to see the punters using a bit of ingenuity too, like this guy's make shift, carrier bag dog coat, seen here being positioned: I also found the most drenched and sad looking dog at the show... Awww: I received a few occasional smirks and pointing fingers myself, while perusing around the boats, although I have no idea why! Perhaps it was something to do with what was written on my umbrella? Who knows... Bar the rain, a good day out was had, if not a little soggy and muddy at times, including when I trod on a joint in the metal track road and it shot a jet of cold muddy water up my leg, litterally up my leg, betwen my boots and jeans causing me to squeel ever so slightly... Grrr... Fluke shot!

Today, I'm Most Angry About: New pre-packed pairs of curtains at B&Q specifying their size as 90" X 72", but not specifying if that is each curtain or the total! Grrr, annoying.

Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10


Dakota said...

Looks like you had a fun day out ;) I love the pics, but the one from Glastonbury is a bit horrifying (I have seen worse taken at Glastonbury 2005), you don’t want to be in that tent :)
Oh, I live in a wrong country (qua weather) for outdoor events too, so ……………….;)

Anonymous said...

Great day! Didjoono proper mozzerella's made from buffalo milk? And mud? You should see it when there isn't a drought!

Anonymous said...

You look pretty damn dashing in that pic in the side bar , I WOULD!
My other half reckons you look like you have just got out of bed .

Phil said...

Yeah, you must get your fair share too!
Oh, I have Glastonbury mud pictures to make your jaw drop, it was just a funny one from the net. Ah, it's not on this year, but next year, lets hope it's not muddy! Fancy coming?

I didn't, no! Mud? Err, ohhhK! Mmm, cheese!

Mr F:
You would? Cool, thank you! Any lovings good lovin' LOL...
Just out of bed eh! But who's bed we ask ourselves? x

Dakota said...

Hahaha, DoGGa, be careful, I might take you up on that offer ;)
I love festivals like that!

Kayla said...

Very cute photo of you DoGGa!
Looks like a great time despite the rainy weather :)

Anonymous said...

i've just found out what happened to that umbrella i bought at glasto

Phil said...

Hi Ya!
LOL, yeah, Andy myself went through and salvaged any useful items from around your tent and the brolly was one of them! Very useful too. :)