Monday, 7 August 2006

Festival Aftermath...

I still feel as though I need to go into some sort of summer hibernation to get over the serious lack of sleep that was achieved at the weekend's Big Chill festival.
Set aside my own late night overindulgences, the people camped to our right were the noisiest little devils ever and on the first night, they eventually turned their high fidelity stereo off and went to to bed at 6:30am, and pretty much matched it the second night.

Saying that, a fabulous weekend was had working with the engineers, the weather was stunning, the bands were superb, the crowd friendly, the showers a godsend because of the heat, and I got to see a few friends I hadn't seen for a while. Ooh and drink lots of beer, yay...

This years Big Chill festival posse consisted of (Left to right as usual) John, Dogga, Sheff, Dave, Andy and Roy.

View of the main stage and dance / performance arena from the side of the camping fields.

Same view of the main stage, but looking from the other side.

One of the perks about being in the live sound industry... an access all area pass! Basically access to clean loos with no queuing :] although there was work involved too... I forgot about that bit, darn!

One of the things I like about being at a festival, is that anything goes and very few people really bat an eyelid to it too! Take this man in a green day-glow tutu and purple angel wings for being a good example...

Here's another example... Oh, hang on, that's Dogga and Andy at the bar!

How about this guy in a Mr Scruff pinafore, large Elton John styleee glasses and a top hat. What's going on here then? There seemed to be more men dressed up than women this year!

...Or can someone tell me what's going on here? I couldn't figure it out and neither could anyone else for that matter!

After missing the first set due to massive crowd, we all went to see the Blue Man Group.
What a stunning performance of art and music. I've seen them before in London for their full show, but this cut down festival half hour slot was still very entertaining!

So... Does John look camp with his 'manbag'???

Late night drunken digital camera warfare with Ben, the main man from the big blue Club tent!

See this point? ...It's rubbish!

The best offer of the festival was found at the general stores. What a bargain!

Dogga making very large bubbles, with a group of complete strangers in the middle of a field at 2:30 in the morning. A bit of a mystery-bus experience and a 'I-dont-remember-that-photo-being-taken' moment upon return!

£4 could buy you a floating flare thingy, that seemed to be incredibly popular with the punters. They were very good and did fly off for miles and gain a hell of a height, but I thought they were a bit dangerous given that there's tens of thousands of people below and flammable tents to match!

OK children... Let this photo be a lesson to you regarding the evils of alcohol! OK... So what the heck am I doing here folks? What an absolute nob!!! Some random woman decides to take my camera and insists she's going to take a picture of John, myself and Sheff and this was the result! *snigger*

Sparks, on the main stage, playing a 3 hour set until 2am... It was a bit arty at times, but cool nevertheless.

I couldn't help but ponder over a plastic cow outside our neighbours tent, so eventually I plucked up the courage and asked what it was. The girl told me it was her torch and was more than happy to show me that when you pull the trigger on it's back, its mouth opens, the light comes on and gives out a loud "moo"!
How incredibly cool... I've just got to have one... :]

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Itchy stubble! Why does it get so itchy if you dont shave for a few days? Dagnammit!!!
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3.7/10


Ameratis said...

Just found your blog. Enjoyed seeing the sights of the Big Chill :) My favorite though had to be the point of rubbish...rubbish is a fantastic word that is not used often enough here in the states.

The Imp

Anonymous said...

After the eager wait for a post about the aftermarth of Big Chill I assume it has taken this long to get over the hangover (oh and lack of sleep from the neighbours!) I feel I need to add a few bits:

* DoGGa was the only drunk member of Digital Camera Warfare - I'd only had a single beer...
* In relation to the above point, I won this war with this photo: :D

and the following question:

* What 'work' did DoGGa actually do at the festival (now having the odd drinky doesn't count...)

Anyhow good to see those you guys - and remember - I slept on a propper bed with a hot shower with no queue every morning!!!


Kayla said...

Oh dear..
The man in the day glow green tutu and puple angel wings has stolen my outfit for this weekend...
What to do? ;-)
Nothing like an outdoor festival to bring out the strange and unusual.
You do look a bit clueless in the bubble blowing photo..haha
Good thing you're a young pup, can survive without sleep for a while, unlike us old fogies!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so do the fairy wings on the guy with the tutu signify something? haha

And you're lookin' mighty fine yourself, Mr. DoGGa.

P.S. The beer will be sent out soon. Check the blog for updates!

Dakota said...

Hooray, another best bits post! I love the photos…. especially the one of the fairy in the tutu. Oops, I mean the angel of course ;)
Another favourite is the rubbish point one and of course I like the one of the wasted DoGGa too. LOL! You look like a completely different person :) Looks like you are possessed by an evil spirit or something ;)
Oh, hold on…it must have been the beer!

Anonymous said...

when did this "work" happen? while i was asleep I guess.

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

OK, who else is old enough to remember Sparks the first time round!?

Dogga, could we swap lives for a week or two please? I think you need the rest and I need the fun!

karen said...

I trust you found out exactly where to get a cow torch from. I should like the details e-mailed to me stat. As a matter of urgency.

Arctic Monkey said...

Im sooo jealous you saw Blue Man Group! Damn 'n' Blast you! Well im jealous you went to The Big Chill in general!!

Anonymous said...

Once the teeny noisy ones had gone to sleep, you should have returned the favour with your own sounds.
Or stood behind their tent and made very evil and threatening noises (before running off)
Or torched their tent.
I worked at Glastonbury a few times, and the advantages of a private, functioning toilet and sink cannot be exagerrated.
Last year at the IoW festival, M and her sister and their friend took themselves off to Newport for the hairdressers and lunch in M&S. That is Class.

Anonymous said...

Once the teeny noisy ones had gone to sleep, you should have returned the favour with your own sounds.
Or stood behind their tent and made very evil and threatening noises (before running off)
Or torched their tent.
I worked at Glastonbury a few times, and the advantages of a private, functioning toilet and sink cannot be exagerrated.
Last year at the IoW festival, M and her sister and their friend took themselves off to Newport for the hairdressers and lunch in M&S. That is Class.

Anonymous said...

Bollox. Sorry about the twiceness

Phil said...

Hi and welcome!
Glad you enjoyed the Big Chill post and yeah, the rubbish sign made me chuckle too - I just couldn't resist. :)

Yeah, some serious lack of sleep delayed the post Ben, but I hope it didn't disappoint upon arrival.
#1 Yes, I may have been the only inebriated one in the warfare.
#2 Oh, you won the war with that little gem! :]
#3 Work, hehe, if I didn't drink, think about all the bar staff unemployment :]
(See John G reply below too)
You can stick your Winnebago; there's a place for men and a place for boys!!! ;) Good to see you too and maybe catcha in London next month?
(After not knowing how to spell Winnebago, I accidentally came across this scary link... :[)

Mmm, Kayla in a tutu and fairy wings!:0
Yup, a festival sure brings them out and I always say, "So where are these people in everyday life and what do they do for a living?" :]
I'm recovered now, but the big three o looms over me, so not that young anymore. ;[

Fairy wings signify anything... erm... nope, not to my knowledge.
Aww, thanks Sarah *blush*
Hooray - looking forward to the cold one! :]

Hooray for a best bits post indeed!
Yeah, fairy, you're right, not angel. *dogga makes note to self*
I do look completely different under the influence at 2am, but luckily I scrub up OK! ;)
Nowt like the evil beer spirit to bring out the good in someone on a photo eh?

John G:
*Dogga gasps in shock* :]
1st Photo: I'm clearly looking after the elders of the group.
2nd/3rd Photo: Site surveying
4th Photo: A crew pass = WORK.
5th Photo: Talent spotting.
6th Photo: Keeping bar staff and Red Stripe in business
7th/8th Photo: Erm... Pass
9th Photo: Researching other aspects of the audio industry.
10th Photo: Fashion critic.
11th Photo: Branding for XTA - I stuck that on Ben I did!
12th/13th Photo: Entertainment research.
14th Photo: More XTA promotion... Is Kate Moss working when she walks down the cat walk? Oh yes, I believe she is! :)
16th Photo: Economical balloon flight research.
17th Photo: Yet more XTA advertising.
18th Photo: Sparks educational art research.
19th Photo: Possible future electronic markets XTA could branch into or OEM? Moo!

Have I justified myself yet? :P
Catcha next week...

Erm, not me, I don't really know Sparks at all, so it was a bit of an education for me.
Yeah, I'll swap lives for a bit, as long as I get to look after your dogs too? :]

Awww, yes, I now have a cow torch in my possession! You would LOVE it too and I may divulge the source of these superb devices, but what's it worth? :] xxx

The Blue Man group are just great! I saw them in London in January and the show is a must see. GO SEE IT!!! :]
The Big Chill was great, shame you couldn't make it. x

Hutters #1:
What a great plan. I should have used our neighbours cow torch to freak em all out! :]
Decent toilets at a festival is a must, "hear, hear!"
Hehehe, now that sounds a class fest!

Hutters #2:
You've just said that! :]

Hutters #3:
Apology accepted. It could have been a thriceness! :-0

Dakota said...

Okay, I confess, I remember Sparks, Aoj. They were brothers weren’t they? One of them (I think it was the keyboard player) had a Hitler hairstyle and moustache. He also wore his pants way up high (or was that just a fashion style at the time?). The other one sang, was considerably shorter, had high hair or curls (can’t remember) and was sort of sharply dressed ;)

Phil said...


A right pair of nutters I reckon!
At the Big Chill, Sparks projected a picture of a keyboard and one pretended to play it, while the other just stood there. Odd! :]
Check the link...

karen said...

Oh I see, like that is it? I'm sure we can arrange some sort of mutually convenient deal, especially if you throw in one of those flying flare things. I can't believe you've got one already!! I want one NOW *stamps foot hard* x

Kayla said...

Have a fantastic weekend DoGGa!

Phil said...

I have the King Cow Torch... being the creator of this trend... if you get yours, you HAVE to send me a picture of you with the torch and you can be Queen Cow Torch. I have a friend who's got one already and he's got people buying them now.. LOL.. what have I started? :] x

Morning dudette... I sure will and you! :)

karen said...

Deal! Woohoo! Queen Cow Torch!! I'm on this

Anonymous said...

one act you didn't mention that we saw was the femme de jour lily allen. I sent your link to a few people in the office so they could see the pics. a couple of them were worried that it was going to be a rude site. Perhaps some of your American correspondents could tell us if "dogging" has the same meaning in the US of A?

Phil said...

My pleasure your majesty! xxx

John G:
Ah yes, the lovely Ms Allen.
I'm now addicted to Smile :]
How annoyed was I when Dogging and being a Dogger became a nickname for such activities. Everyone now gets the wrong idea and 'DoGGa' is all to do with canines that's all, Grrrr, NOT best pleased! :[
I don't know if 'Merkans would know that euphemism; I shall pose the question! :)