Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Potato, Potato, Potato...

While getting changed before my lunch-time circuit training class, I spotted a little spud.
No... it wasn't my 'little spud', it was a real tattie just sat there, minding it's own business, on a clothes hook!
How surreal to spot a solanum tuberosum offspring in the male changing rooms at Kidderminster's leading sports and leisure facility *snigger* The Glades Arena!

It reminded me of these lyrics, so 10 house-points to anyone who gets the artist and a gold star if the song and album is named too:

"afraid nobody around here understands my potato
guess i'm only a spudboy looking for a real tomato"

Now I'll be impressed if anyone gets this and NO Googling allowed! :]

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Noticing a 'SOLD' sign go up on my, currently vacated, neighbour's house joined to mine. Grrr, the detached house privileges are about to end... Grrr!
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 5/10


Stu said...

My guess without googling is Ian Dury, Mash it up Harry from Mr Lovepants.

Stu said...

Ah... I guessed wrong. The real answer is an artist/band that I've never heard enough of but always tend to like when I _do_ hear them! (Ambiguous comment for those who still want to play!)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, odd one - sure you didn't put it there to have something to blog about...??!

Dakota said...

Potato, spudboy (mr. Potato head?), tomato?? Nope, it doesn’t ring any bells!! Guess no points for me then….tssk I am pointless ;)

Phil said...

Good guess Stu and what an album title eh! "Mr Lovepants"
Yeah, my lyrics are from a bit of an odd band, but what a genius album it is off. :}

Hahaha, yeah I often carry a potato with me for such time as I'm desperate for a Blog entry.
Now the potato idea has been exhausted, I now carry a pomegranate with me, just in case! :]

Mr Potato head... What a leg-end.
Aww, you're not pointless and it is a hard one this. I'm not talking about a recent chart hit here! ;)

Anonymous said...

A band I have always tried to avoid (now that last word surely contains 3 of the letters in the name of the band?). You are far too young for that!

karen said...

Oooh you very well know how much I love a good lyrics game but I have absolutely no idea :(

Did you hand the spud into lost property? Someone will be kicking themselves when they get home, it's very annoying leaving your potato at the gym xxx

Anonymous said...

Ok, see this is what happens when you work 2nd shift... you miss all the new posts, and then I don't get a freakin' chance to guess! DAmmiT!

Ok, not that I really knew that anyway.

Kayla said...

Talk to me. I'll try to understand your potato. ;-)
What a funny lyric!

Phil said...

Ah, you get it or Google it?
They're a great band, genius! ...and yes the last word does! :]

It's an obscure one. Hahaha, no that would have been funny to hand it in and then get a friend to go ask for it, saying he'd lost it! LOL
I wonder if the they would ask for a description before handing it over? ;] x

You're not too late, no one's submitted an answer yet, but I doubt you'd get it. :-)

I think you understand my potato anyhow Kayla :]
That lyric is positivly normal compared to the band their other stuff... Honest! :]

Anonymous said...

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