Sunday, 18 February 2007

Purple & Brown...

My 10yo nephew recently introduced me to two claymation characters, 'Purple & Brown', from the creators of 'Wallace & Gromit'.
I've never seen them before, but boy do they make me laugh.

The creator's sense of humour is genius and so up my street, so here's my top three favourites, but there are dozens more if you just search for 'Purple and Brown' on YouTube!


Chewing Gum:

Burping & Farting:

From Above:

... sorry about the toilet humour!

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Being woke up by my new neighbour's car, that's fitted with an ENORMOUS and VERY LOUD big-bore exhaust, while having a Sunday afternoon nap... He'll also get up for work around 4am Monday morning, so I have that startled wake-up to look forward to as well!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... :[
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 7/10

Today's Top Tip:
Save petrol and the environment by pushing your car to your destination - Invariably passers-by will think you've broken down and help :0)


b o o said...

YAHOO, numero UNO!

purple is my fav color & brown is my least fav.

i can burp on demand as well as burp alongside music.

i know, i'm multi-talented :-X

Kayla said...

What is it about bodily noises that is so darn funny?? haha
I always wondered why you're not supposed to swallow bubble gum!
I like the second video the best..
especially the "wind effects" of the rippling mouths and eyes

Andre Veloux said...

You know what they say, big (or noisy) car, small dick!

Always go my foot or bike if you can!

Me Myself and I said...

Great top tip! (as long as you're not in a hurry to get anywhere. ;)

I will send Ernie over here. She always cracks up at 'potty humour'.

Phil said...

Yeah, number one is just fab!
Wow, burp on demand, I can do that too, but not sure about to music - Yikes you're good :-X

I always think that! I don't know, but it always creases me up too :]
The second one, was the first one I saw and got me hooked on the two characters - The wind effects just make it yes :p

Ah yes, well remembered Andre... I shall waggle my little finger at him next time I see him, LOL :]

Yeah, it would take a while to get from A to B!
Aye, send Ernie over - it'll be up her humour street too then :)

Yoda said...

Very funny :-) I enjoy kids comedies ... Now I have to go and check out all of purple and brown on Youtube!!

Dakota said...

I’m a big fan of Aardman animations. This is just another great project. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Aardman rock, and those are genius.

there are 3 things that will always be funny:
A man being hit in the face with something.
Burping & farting.
Small animal dressed like people.

Phil said...

Yeah, I had to do that too :]
Always remember it's ADULTS who create kids TV programs! That's how I justify liking them anyhow :)

Glad you liked them :]

Aye, genius indeed!
I agree bar small animals dressed as people... That's just wrong and spooky, especially if it's a monkey :0)

Anonymous said...

My computer currently bleeds from it's ears if it has to do Youtube. hence, no comment

Anonymous said...

And following on from what Andre said, my sister used to say, when she lived in the South of France and a loud car with open windows went past: no aircon, poor taste in music, tiny dick

Phil said...

Aw, you're missing out on some very childish humour :0)

Yeah, maybe a 'lil pinky waggle in his direction is worth a shot? :]

mellowlee said...

teeheee! That was awesome! Thanks for posting. I had never heard of them before, but love Wallace and Gromit :O)