Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Electric Bike...

Earlier this year I indulged in some lavish spending and treated myself to an electrically assisted bike!

"Wow, how cool!" I hear you say:
Yes, I think so too, and I can't convey enough how brilliant these machines really are.
OK, I won't bore you with the technical details, but now battery and motor technology has come on a lot, it's viable to use electric bikes in all seriousness, rather than it just be a gimmick or toy...
These beasts really have some serious torque now!

I purchased one of these beauties:

An 'Ezee' Forza

"How fast and how far can you go?" I hear you say:
They are limited to 15mph (24kmph) by law, so it will only assist you up to this speed and then it's all over to your legs if you want to go any faster.
You can get up to 30 miles range out of a single battery charge, but it's very variable depending on how much effort you put in yourself and how many hills you tackle.
Due to the weight and gearing of these bikes, it's not really possible to use them without battery assistance, unless it's along the flat, like alongside a canal, and then you can fly along without assistance, greatly extending your range.

"So how much are these bikes?" I hear you say:
As with all things, you get what you pay for; so you can pay a couple of hundred quid for a cheaper model, that will only give slight assistance, or you can pay up into thousands for a quality model!
Various second-hand electric bikes appear on eBay quite regularly.

I got into such technology when meeting the people behind this:

The Tour de Presteigne is the UK's premier electric bike rally and meeting, along with a whole host of other eco-friendly machines.

I volunteered myself to write a website for them with only a few weeks to go before the event, so please go and visit and I would be really grateful if you guys could put a link to it on your site, if only temporarily, to get our Google position up higher in a short a time as possible :0)

I'm going to be attending the two-day event on Saturday 17th May & Sunday 18th May - If anyone wants to come along, you're more than welcome and you don't have to take part or own an electric bike, the whole weekend is mainly about greener transport and demonstrating the latest technologies.
See the INFO page on the website for a full listing on what's on!

Be there or be... square :]

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Injustices in the world!
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 8/10

Today's Top Tip: Drivers: Save money and the environment by putting much larger wheels on the back of your car - That way you will always be going downhill, thereby saving on fuel!

take a look at


Lord Hutton said...

We have one of those at work. Great stuff. Obviously real cyclists will call you a cissy and a wimp. Good luck with the Presteigne event. That sort of stuff is my job too!

Phil said...

Which electric bike do you have Hutters?

Yeah, I've been called all sorts by 'real' cyclists :] But now I'm not soaking wet with sweat and angry becuase it's such hard work - Happier Phil = electric bike :]

Do you have any plans with such bikes then?
You should come along!

kat said...

These sound like a really good idea for the hills. Good luck with the event. I have added the link to my blog.

Linda Seid Frembes said...

That is one cool bike. I would love to see more people in the US use bikes. We are so car-obsessed that it makes me crazy!

Lord Hutton said...

No idea what bike it is DoGGa. I will go into the basement (where we keep the bikes and the bunnies for experiments) at the office on Monday and check

Anonymous said...

Hey - that is seriously cool, even coming from someone with a pathological hatred of bicycles! Thanks for your kind comments over at my place - I'm not giving up 100% - you don't get rid of me that easily!! Incidentally, what's with the chamnge from Dogga to Dogboy?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff - send an announcement to my mate Nick who runs this site: He has a e-newsletter than he sends out too.

he's on

Tell him Rayya sent you.

Fiona said...

What a great idea! I must say, I do struggle with the image of you on an electric bike. I sort of figured you out as more of a "speed freak" type of person ;o)Good on you though. I will post the link on my site.

Crystal said...

Cool bike! I've never heard of them! Glad you like it. Have a wonderful weekend;)

Toccata said...

Hope you don't get soaked this year. I don't know. I kind of think if you rode one here you might find yourself mocked and ridiculed although there are days I wouldn't mind a bloody motor to help me up St. Charles. I hate that street.

Phil said...

Cheers Kat!!!
That'll help somewhat :)

Yeah, it would do the world of good if larger countries go into these things :]

Hehehe - I look forward to your findings Doctor Hutton :]

Haha, that's good!
DoGGa still works and is around, but due to so many misunderstandings with 'dogging' I deciede to change, and a lot of my firends call me dogboy online anyhow :]

Ah, will do - Cheers Snow :0]

Speed freak - no, not me, but hey you go much faster on an electric bike than an ordinary one - honestly, there's no way someone could kepe up with one, especailly up hills... So now I am speed freak :0)
Thanks for the link!!!

Very cool indeed - You need to get into them into the states :]

No more rain please :]
Yeah, I may get mocked, but great for the environment, no tax, no MoT, no fuel, no pollution, no parking problems, no traffic jams! I'd be laughing more :0)

b o o said...

Happy Earth Day HUGS

Anonymous said...

I am not at all sure about the electric bike idea - don't you feel a bit daft? I do like the idea of a vehicle pulled by geese and ducks in the poster.

Phil said...

Happy belated Earth Day Boo!!!

No, i don't feel daft - These things are very good nowadays and there's no way a normal cyclist could keep up - We are going to have to look into alternative transport ideas very soon and electric bikes will take off - Halfords have just started stocking a model!!!
A vehicle pulled by geese would be better though :0)

mellowlee said...

There, I've added a link above my blogger profile picture :O)

That bike is quite amazing!

Andre Veloux said...

WTF!!!! I'll stick to my sub 7kg carbon fibre racing bike, that is purely leg powered any day!!!

It must weigh a ton that (I am loathe to call it a) bike of yours, how on earth do you get up hill when it's run out of power.

Anyway, did 120km on mine yesterday, how about you!!!!?

Phil said...

Cheers me dear - Yeah, they're great :]

These bikes are electrically assisted Andre; you still have to pedal, especially up hills. There's a battery monitor, so you know when it's getting low, but on longer rides I take a spare.
You have to remember you're in a small minority of very fit people who enjoy excersing and can do a lot - the majority of people AKA me, would loathe cycling that much and I would soaking wet with sweat and be in pain and very miserable cycling 120km, not my idea of a nice time.
The thinking behind them is more of a greener transport, rather than a lazy aspect, hence Tour de Presteigne.
For less able people or folks that will just not get on a bike, this is an alternative option.
I now use an electric bike to commute to friends houses etc, which has got to be better than driving!
I see what you say, but we're not all lean, mean cycling machines like your good self :0)
And they're a lot of fun!

Linda Seid Frembes said...


I'm thinking that you need to post some video of yourself on this electric bike, preferably going uphill backwards in the snow... or something equally challenging. After all, it would complete the collection of transport videos you've posted so far. Let's see - dog sled, SUV, snowmobile.... am I missing any others??

Phil said...

Hehe, an electric bike action video is bound to happen at some point I'm sure :]

Yes, you're right, it has been a bit vehicle based around here recently. Maybe I should do a Dog's top 10 modes of transport LOL although husky sledding would, of course, be number 1 :0)

Kayla said...

Hey DogBoy!
Love the bike. I can always come to your blog and find something cool I didn't know about. Which in itself is cool..:-}
Went to the Festival of Arts in Birmingham last weekend. Lots of art glass, music, mixed media art, and of course food. bought a cool beaded ring set in silver.
Just wanted to stay in touch and say hi

Phil said...

Hehe, well I do try for you ;]
Good to hear you've been out and about and treating yourself!

Crystal said...

I'm missin me some good Dogboy posts over here!lol! Just thought to stop by and say hello!

Kayla said...

I'm missing some dogboy too!
Even if nothing real good or exciting is going on...just want to hear from my pal dogga!

Phil said...

Hey Crystal!
Howdy ho - I will be back soon; I've been busy and out of the country until yesterday, so new posts coming soon.
Thanks for dropping by :]

Hey up Kayla!
I've been out the country and pretty busy, but I'll be back soon with many new posts :]
Thanks for popping in...

Crystal said...

Awesome! Can't wait to hear all about it! Hope your having a fabulous time no matter what your doing!!

Me Myself and I said...

ooh! fun!!

Phil said...

Yeah, back soon, honest!

They're ace fun and I now commute on it. Great fun razzing round the streets and hills are no problem anymore... no sweat :0)

Kayla said...

Miss you Phil

Anonymous said...

Are you still alive me old mucker? Just wondering....

Anonymous said...

Priscilla says that your bike needs a wicker basket on the front & you'll be Mary Poppins !

Anonymous said...

Thought I should warn you, you're 1 away from being Stu's laziest blogger...

get to it man!

Anonymous said...

I swear I know's how grammer should really be...

Phil said...

A new blog post is coming soon honest :0X

Yeah, still hear, just been busy and not got round to blogging whatI've been up to, but I will!
Thanks for dropping by me old mucker :0]

LOL - a wicker basket with a small dog in it? Mmmm :0)

Agh, must get onto it... Thanks for the heads up dude! :0)
What's wrong with your grammer man? Hehe

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, it was right wasn't it!

I'd convinced myself that you're should have been your. But it shouldn't...

Anonymous said...

Too late. You're stu's laziest blogger.

Phil said...

Nooooooo... That's it - New post definitely going up! :[]

Anonymous said...

I should hope so n' all!!..

Phil said...

check out