Monday, 22 May 2006


A friend at work handed me this business card the other day*, as he used the service and thought it was great.
What a superb enterpise eh, although it really made me laugh because the presentation is just all so wrong:

1. Dial-a-crate = Classy
I love the way this is coming from the quantity rather than quality perspective.

2. 24 hour booze = Refinement
Booze; not alcohol, drinks, beverages, refreshment or liquor... Booze!

3. Stella-Grolsh-Sprirts = Spoilt for choice
Lager, lager or spirits. I presume 'Lee' provides more selection, although at 3am, your probably not that fussy; desperate more like.

4. Generic clip art of the champagne bottle opening = Elegance
Should this not be someone hurling or fighting or doing something naughty they're going to regret the next day?

Now don't get me wrong, I love my 'booze', probably more than the next person, and I would readily use this service, should the need occur, it's just the presentation that made me laugh.

[* Dogga has business card pinned to his fridge, for such an emergency]

Today, I'm Most Angry About: People giving me odd looks in Sainsburys, that I presumed where focused on my new, rather dapper shirt, but I realise in the check-out queue, my necklace has come undone and is precariously hanging off my collar, looking a bit daft! Grrr
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 1/10


Kayla said...

A crate full of cheap booze at 3am would sure come in handy on those days when one is too plowed to drive.
Awful! Tacky! Do they deliver to the US??

Sis said...

You have had so many 'incidents' at Sainsbury's! Perhaps you should try Tesco!!

Stu said...

Yeah Tesco - with Josie the robotic lady.

We know she's a robot because any time we EVER went to Tesco, from 8am through lunch-time, early evening, 11pm and once at 3am she was ALWAYS there.

Dakota said...

Handy....for the desperate and the needy ;)

kees said...

Hello Dogga. Not been here for a while so got a couple things to say. Firstly - 'dial-a-crate' is genius, secondly - loving the new 'do, thirdly - isn't that me in the background of your HNT entry? Could this be my first (unwitting) HNT entry?! Does having my pale little arms out qualify?

DoGGa said...

'Plowed'! Not an expression I'm acustomed too, but I like it.
I doubt he delivers to the US, but I could ask! ;-)

Yeah, good point. Sainsburys does seem to be a bad spot for me.

LOL! How odd, but Tesco, yeah, maybe I'll give it a go. Sounds kinda fun...

Oh yes! Not that I've ever felt like that.. honest!

Welcome back; I always lurve your comments!
Glad you like the new 'do!
Yes, that is you and yeah, if you ever want to do a double HNT entry, give me a shout! ;->

Kayla said...

~3 sheets to the wind

I could go on and on!
These are the fun ones ;)

boo said...

i would put my hands around u & clip that necklace back on your neck.... slowly. very noice noo pic, love it. oh yes, i r back :)

DoGGa said...

LOL @ 3 sheets to the wind!
I had a whole discussion about its meaning today with a work colleague, but the Internet had to be used to find the real truth. Dogga won, as I was the closest! ;-)

I'd suuure like that. The slower, the better! ;->
Welcome back Boo, and what an entrance to make!
Glad you like the pic. *blush*

sam n dean said...

dial a crate let us down